Wednesday, March 31, 2010

damn that ebay

and its daily deals! a family friend got me hooked after tales of getting things for $5, and free shipping....every day they post several "daily deals" that ship for free, and are lots of money off. fridays is the $5 deals...but they have good stuff all the time.

last week, i got "the blind side" on blu-ray for $17. which is awesome.

so what have i purchased today?

oh hello adorable jessie steele apron. i know you're normall $30...but i am tres glad to be have your green and blue gorgeousness coming to me for a solid $15.

so i'm all "alright hales, no. more. internet. shopping. at least for today, okay??"

which was all fine and well and good...until....

i get an email that i can get GLEEEEEEE, the best show ever (and now peabody award winner, thank you very much)....for $13. $13!!! i was all pumped its on sale at target this week for $18, and was gonna get it friday...but $14 is way better =)

if you might be able to score these deals for yourself!

to quote our vice president

i have quite the weekend planned next weekend...but i need some wardrobe advice!
see, saturday night i'll be dining here. for those of you NOT in the know, or just don't really follow golf....that's augusta national. and yes, i'll be rocking my new lilly, which is SO appropriate.

then sunday, i'll be here.
AT. THE. MASTERS.'s the most prestigious uS golf tournament. it's also the first return of one mr. tiger woods, after the whole "oops, i did it with a LOT of skanks and got caught" scandal.
the masters is, to quote one joe biden, a BIG FREAKING DEAL. i am soooooo excited to be going, especially for FREEEEES and especially since it's one of those things so few people get to experience. or they pay BIG BUCKS to do.
thing is...i have NO clue what to wear. polo shirt and shorts? khaki pants and sneaks? gah i am so lost...and i don't know anyone who's gone, so i'm not getting any help!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

need a treat...and to NOT blow your diet?

these are AMAZING. that is all =)

getting ready for warmer weather

with some internet window shopping!! damn that new york and company, and their emails.
how stinking cute is this sorta ruffly dress?? love it with heels, love it with flip flops, could totally throw a cardi over it, or just a chunky necklace on the weekend. it comes in at least 5 colors i think. i'd have to try it on, to make sure my goodies aren't flashing all over...but all in all, i love it. and might have to google a coupon and go get it =)

i also LOVE this maxi dress. i tried it on in the store, and it is SO. CUTE. but is it weird it only comes to my ankles? is that a normal length of maxis? i never know these things...mostly because i'm all legs, so nothing is the same length on me as it would be on normal-height peeps.
so what do you think of my possible wardrobe additions? would you wear either? are you like me and willing it to get warmer so you can rock summer wear?

Monday, March 29, 2010

i need some good vibes

happy monday my lovely ladies (and gents, if there are any of you...but with all the shoe and dress talk, probably not).

i hope you all had a great weekend...and now i need your assistance.
see that handsome dude? as we all know...that's the hubs (seen here at my best friend's wedding, with me, the maid of honor. i had to totally throw down at this wedding and regulate the other bridesmaids who were trying to go against my girl's wishes. i don't roll like that...remind me to tell you that story later).

anyways...he's got a phone interview at 2pm today that could mean big BIG changes for the D household. more travelling for him, more being alone for me. but more chances for him to show off his amazing computer skills, in an environment much more challenging than the one he's in now...and with much better compensation. which means he'd finally be making what he's worth. and i could take time to find something i WANT to do, instead of searching for anything else than what i'm doing now.

so if you could say a little something something good the universe for me, i'd appreciate it! ya'll rock =)

and you know what else rocks?

OMG. i watched this thing and cracked up about 3 times at walgreens, waiting for them to fill my birth control prescription. which apparently...they didn't have down to refill automatically!! seriously walgreens?! you think i wanna call you every month to make sure i get no little ones? how's about you go ahead and check that box, mkay?

also...totally contemplated making a video message to send to my father, the biggest filet o' fish commercial fan ever.

also....seriously thinking of getting him this for his father's day present. even if it means my mom will KILL ME.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

late-night "window" shopping

which really means my computer windows, while the husband takes the pups outside. my first mistake....typing in cuz it never ends well, i always want about a bazillion things. i found no fewer than THREE long gold key necklaces i want.

and then...there's this.
i've been on the hunt for a new purse, my one from last year, the handles are getting raggedy, and the liner has been torn for months, and the pocket for my phone is coming unstitched because it's satin fabric. i like the shape of the bag...but i'm also getting a little tired of it. because i'm a one purse kinda girl. no swapping around for me...i gotta keep the same thing. which is why i always get a color! brights make it so it doesn't have to match.

so what do we think of this purse?? i like that the straps adjust so i can make it a little longer if i need to. i don't LOVE the zipper tab things on front...but for $25 i can deal. or cut them off or something.

but should i keep looking? bite the bullet and get this one?

Friday, March 26, 2010

it's friday, and even i'm in love!

The It's Friday, I'm In Love Series

oh you know what time it is...our lady summer's inspiration to mull over the things that make fridays oh-so-special.

so here goes.

1. seeing an awesome truck, almost just like this on my way to work. even though it was outside a little old lady's house...i loved it. i might have loved it more because i always see that old lady weilding her leaf blower like a mad woman!


mmmm, mark =) i love his version of "sweet caroline", which i totally rocked out to this morning, even though it's the shortest song on the album! just a few weeks now ya'll!!

taking these 2 guys to "relay for dogs" tomorrow. it's a fundraiser for the american cancer society, and even though bo's bro keno (say that 5 times fast!) can't come along, since he doesn't play well with big dogs, it should be a fun time. i'm sure luke (my parents' chihuahua, names after one paul newman's infamous role) will be bossing peeps around. cuz that's how he does.
wanna bet how many times i get asked if bo can talk, or if he smokes cigars? everyone loves to think my little man is like the pug from "men in black"....which, if we're being honest, he TOTALLY probably is.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

a little DIY fashion

i'll admit...sometimes, i'm a fickle crafter. i'll buy supplies...and then just not get the necessary inspiration to use them. so they sit, and they wait.

and sometimes, it all works out for the best. i'd had these grey glass beads for at least a month, maybe more....just sitting. and waiting.

so tuesday on a trip to hobby lobby, they had chunky clear beads on i bought 2 kinds, planning on knotting them on ribbon by themselves.

but then i thought "yo hales, clear and grey will look awesome togehter".

and the result?
this chunky triple strand wonder. the pic is blurry...cuz i was pretty much too lazy to go get my real camera. the ribbon is black and white striped, and i can wear it closer to my neck, or real long!

what do you think? especially for all of...$10.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

just when i tell myself i'm gonna quit

i have spent a decent amount of money this week. and i told myself last more. none. done until next tuesday when i get paid. maybe a little weekend trip to goodwill or something...but i was gonna be good.

until i got an email from VS. for $10 off any purchase before friday.

so i caved....but its a great deal, promise!!

see this oh-so preppy plaid swim top? it, and the matching bottoms (not the ones pictures, i hate ties) will be headed my way.

for $17 total. SEVENTEEN!! i couldn't pass it up, this pattern and about 3 others were on clearance for $9.99 a piece. and i already have 2 suits in the same style, but different patterns, so i know i like the fit.

even if i don't look like the model...but she's got crazy eyes, so i think i'm okay.

now it needs to be warmer so my pool-owning peeps can open it up and i can laze on a float with a beer!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

TMI tuesday

i'm gonna share a couple things i probably should keep to myself...but i'm not gonna =)

here's my ensemble for today
1. it really bugs me the buttons on the cardi are silvery, so i wear silver jewelry....but the rivets on my boots i'm wearing with it are gold.

2. the white parts of the dress are a little....translucent. so i had to search through the undies drawer for my nude ones...cuz i HATE white/nude undies. i'm a bright color/fun pattern girl all the way. well....this particular pair MUST have been from the back of the drawer....cuz i'm pretty sure these drawers are from when i was a WEE bit smaller. i feel like my rear is at least 1/4 on display, so to speak. ugh, annoying!!

also, this?
cracks me up. while i LOVE keno (on the left), part of the reason i love him so much is because he keeps bojangles (on the right) occupied so he's not driving me bananas being an attention whore.

and yes, i'm the mom who encourages the sibling rivalry and tries to get them to tug of war with each other. it's just so funny watching them wrestle!!

what's your TMI confession of the day??

Monday, March 22, 2010

really? it's monday?

was spent being a good wife. at least saturday morning was....cuz see, i live by the airport. and once a year...that airport has an air show. and once a year, my husband gets giddy like a 4 year old on christmas morning...and i "get" to go with him. walking around and looking at old planes...yeehaw.

it's not AWFUL, and the weather was pretty perfect.

saturday night we went out to dinner and then out to celebrate one of my BFFs getting into an ultrasound program! wooooooo!!! plus...we ran into some of my work peeps...and one of them was TOTALLY into we'll see how that works out =)

sunday, i went to target...and got this.
gah i am so. freaking. excited. to watch it!!! didn't see it at the theaters...but i love love LOVE animated, old-school disney movies..and this seems like a flashback to that. wooooo!!

also, this....
is about to get REAL abused at my house. i can't wait to get to painting my super cheap goodwill finds and show them to ya'll...i just LOVE the bright glossy yellow!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

it's friday, and i'm in love

The It's Friday, I'm In Love Series

first off...i LOVE automatically having something to write about fridays, since the lovely summer decided to share the friday love with all of us.

so what am i loving today?

*the gorgeous weather...even though i don't have a window in my office. i know the sun is out there!

*speaking of...i love driving to work, wayfarers on, rocking out to some yin yang twins and cash money millionaires circa 2003.

*i love that my boy luda makes ANY song better. justin bieber = lame. bieber + bridges = awesome.

*i love that we're borrowing my dad's big 'ole F150 this weekend...cuz i like driving it. makes me feel cool.

*i love ice. cold. water. so yummy!

*love having leftover pizza for lunch!

and finally....
*LOVE my outfit today!!! new blazer, argyle sweater tee that's been patiently waiting in my closet for months, super fun pearls and crystals necklace...and skinny jeans that you can't see. and grey pumps. LOVE.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

why my dad is better than yours

because, approximately 2:22pm this afternoon, he sends me a text message.

and that text says::

"gimme back that fillet-o-fish, gimme that fish! what if it were you hangin up on this wall?if it were you in that sandwich you wouldn't be laughin' at all!"

gah i love him.

you're gonna get pinched...

unless you're wearing green!!


see, i married myself an irish boy (6 months ago today!! holy cow!!) so i get to celebrate by proxy now =) plus...the red hair (from a bottle) helps too.

and in honor of this glorious holiday, i give you the single greatest news story ever made.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

the damage is done

believe me when i say, i had the BEST of intentions hitting the mall last night. rolled up to the new york & company, with the intention of getting ONE thing.
gah, i love love LOVE this scarf!!! it's got tiny little dots, like paint splatters...i can pretty much guarantee i'll be rocking this ALL spring and summer.

so i see this as soon as i walk in....i shoulda just kept my eyes on the register and paid.

but no...i let my eyes wander.

and i got this dress. gah i love love LOVE it too!!! i have a dress with almost the exact same cut, sans pockets, so i know i'll get major wear out of this. adorable with pumps, so cute with tights in the winter time. and the print is TO. DIE. FOR.

i also finally jumped on the slouchy blazer trend...even though mine isn't very slouchy, cuz i'm a tall girl. but the sleeves do roll i figure i'm good.

and they didn't have this dress out yet in this color...
but isn't the eyelet fab?! they had white...but i didn't wanna try on another thing in fear of buying more!!
so my dress, scarf, blazer and 3 necklaces set me back $115. not too shabby, right?!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

only 1 thing making me feel better.

i have a feeling it's going to be one of those weeks.

my boss will be gone until next tuesday. and for most jobs...that's awesome news. for sucks. because lame-ass reporters try and slack off because there's no one here to get on them about crappy stories and phoning in their efforts.

which makes my job suck.

so bare with me if i'm a total bia this week.

but the good news? i did score an ADORABLE top from target!
oh my gah, i LOOOOOVE this peacock feather print. it's the new liberty of london line, which i have been patiently waiting for for like...a month. and yes, i made the hubs come with me the day the line debuted to get my goods.

they had a TON of cute floral print dresses and tops...but none of them were really cut right for me. and i'm still sad they didn't have this or the pink peacock print in a scarf. I WANT ONE!

they have an adorable home line too, with cute little boxes and mugs. it's CRAZY sold out online...but if you have a target near you, check it out!

and if you see a peacock print scarf anywhere, let me know!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

who do YOU love?!

The It's Friday, I'm In Love Series

oh how i love summer.

not the season silly, the girl!! from b is for brown of the button to go check out her awesomness.

anyhoo, i'm jumping on board the "friday, i'm in love" train...with a little store about how i ended up Mrs. D.

you see that girl? she's all of 23 years old...just a few months out of her only real long-term relationship with a boy she though she'd marry...turns out, he'd be the only guy to truly break her heart.

and that boy next to her? he got coerced by that girl's friend to come join them on a little night on the town....but in reality, only a computer malfunction really made his mind up to leave the house.

that's're seeing the VERY first photo ever taken of me, and the hubs. note my slightly glassy look...i was a few cocktails in at that point.

and he doesn't drink. it's a wonder we ended up together!

so how did we get from that day, to this one?

ahh yes, the glow of a girl who FINALLY gets to plan the wedding she's been dreaming of for more than a year.

we became "official" in december of 2006. we started looking at rings in february of 2007.

and he proposed march 21, 2008. THAT'S A LONG TIME TO WAIT.

you can check out the whole story HERE, but here's the condensed version, after he told me he had a meeting downtown and i was supposed to meet him there friday before dinner.

Him: i might have lied to you about something.
Me: what?
Him: there's no one inside (pointing to the building he said he had a meeting in).
Me: why not? (hello clueless girl!!)
Him: ::gets down on one knee:
Me: ::in my head: omg omg omg omg omg.

and then, 18 months after that date, we got here.

to the best day of my life (so far). our wedding. almost 3 years from that first picture.

i can't wait for more!!

so what are YOU loving this lovely friday??

Thursday, March 11, 2010

clearly i have a problem

cuz i just bought ANOTHER "leather" jacket. bringing the total to 3.

but could YOU pass this up?!
i love the cropped length, and the back has quilting like a legit biker harley-riding dad is probably gonna be prouder of me in this outfit than anything =) or at least try and get me on his hog for the millionth time.

the best part? a solid $24. REDONKULOUS.

it's from the kitson shop on hautelook of course....don't tell ruelala, but i think HL has better deals =)
CLICK HERE for your invite if you don't already have one!
so, what should i wear this beauty with first?!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

this is how i feel.

i am ANNOYED. so very annoyed.

because i have coworker who runs his mouth about EVERYTHING. no matter the topic...he's got something to say, loudly i might add, and he's "always right". doesn't listen to, or respect anyone else's opinion.

which is normally fine, i ignore it, because it's usually about something meaningless.

today, it wasn't.

my work is a part of a campaign pushing for early colorectal cancer screenings. and he decides to announce that he thinks people "catch" it because "of something they ate. they must be really unhealthy".


until you have not one, but TWO of your favorite people on the planet be taken away from you because of this disease....people who lived good lives and gave back and made the world a better place....until THAT happens to you, don't say a word. because the people they left behind, who miss them EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. will hear you. and be offended by your ignorance. be offended that your family is untouched, while mine has lost 2 of its most important members.

ugh, i am trying not to sit here and seeth, or cry at the memories...but gah. i just wanna punch him.

Monday, March 8, 2010

anyone got a spare $100?

you'd get a solid $15 back....cuz i NEEEEEED this.

from Heistjewelry's etsy shop, it's a personalized graffiti nameplate necklace. i am dying.

and no, i don't want "dawg" and randy jackson are NOT that tight. but hales? YES. PLEASE.

$85 is a little steep....but it's also just. so. cool. and way cooler than regular nameplate necklaces, like the ones i LUSTED after when i was a wee middle school girl. i know you know the ones i speak of...mall kiosk, gold wire bent into your name, perhaps with a rhinestone for your birthstone??

so yes, hales NEEDS this. needs.

what would yours say?

rockin' giveaway

you want this kickass banner? saying ANYTHING at all you want? hows about "holla at your girl"? or "get the eff out"? or something a little classier...if that's your vibe ;)

see, my super rockin girl Mrs. Prepperoni is hosting a pretty amazing giveaway...right now, it's a banner, a vintage brooch, and a solid 12 months of gossip mag goodness.

see, how i said "right now"...that means its gonna get better before it gets over!

so for reals...GO HERE, and enter. for reals.

if the giveaway isn't enough...she's also real funny, and super hot. so give her some love, huh?

let's talk about last night

i love the oscars...i love seeing what peeps wear, i love seeing who wins...i love seeing whether the hosts fly, or flop.

last night was NO except...i'd go through and post ALL my faves....but that would take forever, and does a bang up job. let's just say Latifah, SJP, and that vera lady from "up in the air" were ON. POINT.

also, big ups to my girl sandra...
cuz this dress was AH-MAZING. so great on the red carpet, and even better on stage!! won't lie...i teared up during her acceptance speech. cuz i adore her.

in case you missed it, here's my little rundown of the night::

seacrest = obnoxious.
kathy ireland = drunk.
g. clooney = hottie, but had a 'tude
clooney's arm candy = LLLLAAAAAAAME.
steve and alec = hilarious
sitting james cameron and kathryn bigelow right by each other = AWKWARD.
making jokes about their divorce = REALLY AWKWARD.
the "precious" girl who's name i don't wanna look up = amazing.
avatar NOT winning best picture = GLORIOUS.

what were your thoughts about "hollywood's biggest night?"

Friday, March 5, 2010

you've got about 4 hours...

to help me accessorize.
here's my ensemble!

and here's my necklace choices....thoughts?

so pumped

cuz i have a date with these boys tonight!!
t-minus less than 9 hours until me, gary, joe don...and the other one are jamming out. SO. EXCITED. rascal flatts have been to my town a few times in the last few years...but when i was in college, and all the shows were during the week, or in sundays when i couldn't go! so i'm pumped.
also, me and hootie will be hanging out. cuz he's the opening act...and he rocks.
i'm wearing an ADORABLE dark green jersey dress from target, my cognac jacket, and my awesome boots. right now...i have a gold feather necklace on from forever21....but i'm contemplating changing to a chunky brown stone necklace before the show.
also, can't wait to abandon the tank top i have on under the dress...a little too boobalicious for work, but NOT for a show!!
and....i leave you with this wonderous friday sentiment...


Thursday, March 4, 2010

a little thursday giggle

just something to think about for those bosses of yours...

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

any idol fans?

i was never an idol girl when it first started. i'd watch auditions, then see who won a few months later. but when i got a job with a fox was kinda my JOB to watch. and i was hooked. i'll forever carry a torch for my young silver haired soul patrol brother taylor hicks. LOVE.

anyhoo, let's talk a little bit about this season, K?

this is michael lynch, aka "big mike". i'm basically obsessed with him. he missed the birth of his first child for hollywood week! heard it on the phone! i adore him...and he benches like 505 or something. which is also ballsy. he's my big teddy bear idol boyfriend.

i'll admit...if you can sing i song i HATE and make me like you...we're good. this is lee dewyze. he sang "lips of an angel" which i LOATHE. but apparently...he made "bad decisions" in high school. and he's bad-boy yummy. i got a weakness for the nice boys who make poor choices when they're young...i married one!

now, let's get to the girls.
oh crystal bowersox, you're totally my faves. you played harmonica last week. then you were IN THE FREAKING HOSPITAL yesterday, and tonight you rocked it out. i love your hippie dreads, and your teeth that are a little small for your mouth, and your son is precious.

now, on a totally different note...
i hate this girl. can't stand her. she SUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKKSSSSSS. her voice is terrible. and she is ANNOYING. and her gums are big, which i know isn't her fault, but still...i fixate on the things that bug me. and she has a lisp. and she is annoying.

also, her name is HAELEY. does that look right in any way?! no. it doesn't. because it's a stupid freaking way to spell a perfectly lovely name.

hayley = awesome.
haeley = SUCK.

anyone else digging this season? what are your thoughts? agree with me about how stupid ms. vaughn spells her name?!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

me and jcrew are in a fight...

cuz they sent me a catalog...and i kinda want the WHOLE thing.

basically, if it's on THIS page...i wouldn't fight you for buying it for me =)

current fave?
yes. please. chunky stones and metal? it.


i'm gonna need these like yesterday. also, LOVE the blue ones...perfect for you brides looking for "something blue". adore.

Monday, March 1, 2010

put your ears on...

and get ready to get swapping!
i'm so excited to be hosting a swap with the ever-so-lovely Pippy!

if you're like me, you're getting more than a little tired of winter. yeah, we've got 3 more weeks...but there are pastels everywhere! eggs and bunnies and chicks and flowers...and we want to spread the love!

the idea is to make up an easter basket for your swap partner....candy, notecards, a cute scarf, some bright nail polish, ANYTHING that screams "spring" to you!! and of don't HAVE to send it in a basket...but that might be fun =)

entering is SO easy....just leave a comment with your email address, or just shoot me an email. we'll be taking entries until march 15th, and then we'll assign partners and you can get to know each other from your blogs, or your emails or whatever! then just pop your basket in the mail on march 31st so it arrives by easter =)

there's a button my girl Pips made for the swap, so grab it up and spread the springtime cheer! if you've got any questions let me know...but i think this is gonna be SO. MUCH. FUN.

heads up...whoever gets partnered with me better bring LOADS of jellybeans =) just sayin'.

hope jesus isn't mad at me...

for throwing him away. see, the hubs and i hit up goodwill this weekend, and i got this GORGEOUS frame for all of $2.12.
see, isn't it pretty?! don't you love how the embellishment ON the frame matches the ironwork in the picture IN the frame?!

it was a HORRID dusty gold color....i thought it actually had dust on it...but no, it was just an ugly color. and inside...a watercolor-ish picture of mary and jesus, and around it someone had used bright blue tempera paint to splatter a design, i guess to enhance it?

i have no idea, and if i hadn't been SO eager to get this monstrosity painted to my liking, i'd have remembered to take a "before" photo. but i didn' here's my after =)

also, stay tuned this afternoon for an awesome announcement that will put a little spring in your step!