Sunday, June 28, 2009

i'm getting "surprised"

mom and i did some shopping yesterday, hitting up various flea markets in town (she was looking for a specific set of cushions she'd seen the day before), i was just looking.

and boy am i glad i was!!oh hello genuine mikasa "cheers" balloon are so pretty. but i thought you were a bit pricey at the store, and slightly impractical for this strictly white wine girl....

but when the whole set is $15 at the flea market....i was on that deal like white on rice. well....technically, mom was since she bought them for me and says i have to act surprised when i get them at a shower....but still =) $15!! LOVE. IT.

of looking for this picture, i stumbled on the new cheers sets at the macys website....soooooo pretty too. they need to stay 86 days backordered so i'm not tempted...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

what i'm rocking lately

so, friday night i went out for dinner and drinks for one of my BFF's birthday....and i really wanted to find some cute metallic flats....while i love my old navy flip flops, sometimes a girl needs to dress it up a little.

and i totally hit the jackpot.

how freaking cute are these?! a little metallic....a little brown, nature-y....a little heel so i don't feel weird ( i can't walk right in flat sandals)....and, the best part?

they were all of $23. hello PAYLESS!!!!

best of's bogo i bought the above beauties, and got another pair half off....

which are these super cute wedges!! they're much more coral-y than pink in real life...and super comfy. i have them on my feet right now....they look awesome with OPI's "my chihuahua bites", in case you were wondering.

they also come in brown and white....i'm definitely contemplating white for summer. SO cute with my new favorite chadwick's tank dresses!

so yes, these shoes cost me all of $35. TOTAL. bless you payless.

Monday, June 22, 2009

why i love awesome companies

so, remember my love for the FREE trial kit of everyday minerals? well....i finally ran out of the makeup....i have TONS of eyeshadow and blush left, because it takes so little....but using the base every day...i ran out.

so i got to peruse more last week...and lo and behold, they have a custom 6 piece kit for $34. ANY 6 pieces. you can get 6 eyeshadows....or 6 blushes, or 6 brushes, or whatever.

i decided to get 2 bases, in the colors i like best, 3 eyeshadows (including the one above) and a bamboo handle eyeshadow brush. the eyeshadows are pretty big pots, like lip gloss pots. and it's much cheaper than buying them separate.

well, i get my order in the mail....and it also has 2 small trial pots of eyeshadows (a greyish blue, and a gold) and then a peach color corrector.

so, for $34....i got enough foundation to last me for months, enough eyeshadow for WAY longer, because this stuff is potent, and a little goes a long way, and free stuff too!!

yep, i officially love everyday minerals. SO much cheaper than bareminerals.


if you need advice about colors, i'll tell you what i love!

Friday, June 19, 2009

ready to save at chadwicks?

remember the oh-so-adorable dresses from Chadwick's that should be at my doorstep today or tomorrow? yeah.....the company is trying to make me go bankrupt....because in my inbox this morning, a coupon for 30% off EVERYTHING. even clearance!!!

how freaking cute are the ruffles on this shirt?? with the coupon code.....$14!

and the pleating on this is to DIE it in blue, and the black would be sooooo chic! also....$14.

and OMG, this dress makes me swoon. the ruffles. the color. the gorgeousness. with the coupon....$35. HELLO!!
so, if you want any of these lovelies, or any of you ladies who were feeling the last round of chadwicks shopping....PLEASE take advantage of this awesome deal!
just enter CHOFF3 when you check out! it ends sunday!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

heck yes.

do i indulge....or not? maybe i'll get something for mom's birthday....lotion and stuff, not undies of course!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

amazing giveaway!!

it's no secret....i might have a little girl/craft crush on Mrs. Southern Belle. the girl has MAD talent, plus she's so fun and sweet and pretty too (see, total crush).

anyways, she's having an awesome giveaway for her birthday!!

you can win this oh-so-awesome name frame!! i have one of my own, from way back when she first started making will sit on the guest book table at my wedding in october!

so go HERE and enter, i hope you win!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

lookie what i got!!

about a month ago, i signed up for a koozie swap hosted by The Company She Keeps. this was my first swap, and what better way to start off than with one of my favorite things...koozies!! i'm an ice cold soda or beer i have lots =)

and then a few days ago, i get this beauty in the mail!!!!

angela over at Sweet Tea Diaries was my partner, and let me tell you...i totally lucked out =) not only did she send a SUPER cute koozie with my soon-to-be married monogram, but she also got a coffee cup koozie for me, and a matching key fob! matching, AND monogrammed?? i am in LOOOOVE!!! it's totally not something i'd probably pick for myself, but the second i saw it i adored it! guess this girl needs to branch out from her hot pink....cuz i can't get enough of these brights!

i hope she likes what i sent her as much as i adore my gift =)

Friday, June 12, 2009

i went on a little spree....

seee, i got this email saying that chadwick's was offering 25% off EVERYTHING until 3pm this afternoon, with a coupon code. so i went to look....and ended up spending $75. but i got 5 DRESSES!!!

i got this tank dress coverup in black, lagoon (an aqua color) and zest, which of course is a sunny yellow. i think they're so cute, and got mostly great reviews, and on the weekends when i'm lazy and wanna throw my hair up, but not wear jeans...these are perfect.

and with a cute cardigan, i think i can get away with them at work!
then i got this, in begonia, which is a bright pink. i love how dressy-casual it is!

and then i got this exact dress.....i love the colors, and the lenght looks pretty good, and i like the band under the bust, versus just a straight makes it a little more grown up!
what do you think??

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

addicted much?

yes, i stole this image from google. but i need it....because you see, i have my eye on a headband JUST like the red one. only, instead of $'s $9. from HOBBY LOBBY of all places!!

and, if you're a wannabe crafter like me, check out THIS BLOG. that link is for 40% off at hobby lobby, which makes me beloved gameday headgear like....$5. but they have printable coupons for all the craft stores you could want!

and, DRESS UPDATE:: turns out, the tahari sold out in my size. so, i'm waiting for another sale to come's usually every month to 6 weeks...and this is the 2nd time the suzi chin has been on there. so if the dress is meant to be mine...i'll find it again.

until then, i'm off to got the new catalog in the mail, and a little clearance shopping never hurt anyone =)

i also want to say HIIIIII to all my new glad ya'll are here =)

Monday, June 8, 2009

i need help

cuz i really want to buy these 2 dresses! the top is suzi chin, the bottom is tahari. and i will be having some showers, and a bach weekend in Miami in september.
so, is $99, plus $10 shipping good for both of these? should i save my money? or splurge for a good deal?

Saturday, June 6, 2009

set for summer

oh my gosh. i am SO excited about my latest summer prep purchase!!

see this chair? everyone and their mom has them right? they're comfy, they're perfect for sitting outside or taking to outdoor events.

well i have one now. only mine.....IS BRIGHT PINK!!!! it is so awesome, i can hardly stand it!! it was only $15 from target, and when i tried to talk myself out of it, cuz it's kinda awesome fiance told me i had to have it. probably because he didn't want to risk hearing me lamenting about NOT having it if i gave it up!

so what's a girl with a hot pink chair to do??

get herself a hot pink cooler of course!!!! i haven't decided which one i want, either the one above, or the bigger ones on wheels, or the traditional igloo shape. but i definitely need to get on it, they sold out SO fast last year! no waiting on these to go on sale's full price for a little pink beverage chiller goodness.

oh yeah, and i can also rock my new pink damask koozie from etsy seller Pink says "mrs." on it =) 4 months is close enough to use it, right??

Thursday, June 4, 2009

suiting up...

confession:: i haven't purchased a new swimsuit in more than 2 years. yeah, it's crazy. but i don't have a pool, i don't have friends with a i don't really need one.

i'm not a tiny girl by any means....but i'm not real big either. my major problem area is my tummy, and i'm 5'10", so teeny little bikinis always make me feel like i'm a giant 12 year old or something. i dunno....i feel weird in them.

so, i have been looking at the tankini/one piece lately....and there are some super cute options!!
love the pink of this one! it also comes in black, and brown i think.
how fun and safari-like is this pattern? i'm digging the low-cut one piece, cuz it's still sexy...without being like "wooo hoooo, check me out!!"

::sigh:: this pattern makes me SWOON. i love it. it's got a cute tie in the back, so it's fairly open back there, which is awesome, and also ups the swoon factor.
the best part?? none of these suits are over $50!! they also have the same patterns in halter bikinis, and even cover-ups!
i will be the first to admit, i might have a problem/addiction to New York & Company.
but how can i not?? these suits are too cute!!
and, because you KNOW i'm not gonna leave you without some HERE for $30 off $75 at NY&Co. print it, or use it online!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

two of my favorite things, together!

if i haven't said it before, i love my own name. and my initials. and monograms. and all that jazz.

i currently have 3 necklaces in my arsenal with some form of my is an H with tiny diamonds, it was my college graduation gift from my mom, i wore it today, and i love it in its simplicty and elegance.

i have a vintage typewriter key that i wear on a chain see, i've always been a writer. i love words, i'm much better on paper than in person ;)

and i have a stamped necklace with my 4-months-away married monogram, from Lauren Nicole Gifts.

and now......she tempts me with this.

"Fine Silver typewriter key initial pendant necklace on a sterling silver ball chain. "

silver? typewriter? initials??

GAH, i love it more than one person should. it's so pretty....and yet so simple. just silver, a pearl, and the bead of your choice.

why is payday next week?!? why???

i might still indulge. if you want to, go HERE and when you check out, use the code "wacky" for 30% off this little beauty!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Saving Big for Your Shower

it's time for Bath & Body Works semi-annual sale!!

buy 2 get 2 free?? that's like 4 things for $20.

my new favorite scent is White's very light, and fruity and a little flowery, and very "green" smelling, if that makes sense.

i'm thinking about getting a few sets of lotion and shower gel, because they are a beautiful green color...and paired with a fun green, or black & white patterned umbrella, would be the perfect, matches my wedding gift for shower hostesses!! would you like a gift like that?

CLICK HERE for $10 off $40, so shop away my dears!!