Thursday, March 11, 2010

clearly i have a problem

cuz i just bought ANOTHER "leather" jacket. bringing the total to 3.

but could YOU pass this up?!
i love the cropped length, and the back has quilting like a legit biker harley-riding dad is probably gonna be prouder of me in this outfit than anything =) or at least try and get me on his hog for the millionth time.

the best part? a solid $24. REDONKULOUS.

it's from the kitson shop on hautelook of course....don't tell ruelala, but i think HL has better deals =)
CLICK HERE for your invite if you don't already have one!
so, what should i wear this beauty with first?!


Alicia said...

it's SO cute!! i love it!! and what a deal!

jen.nemeth said...

When I first saw this post I was going to say, "she must have gotten it from hautelook" because I just saw the same jacket on it! Nice choice!

The Pink Chick said...

Precious! I love this jacket! Great buy!

bananas. said...

oh girl i have, let's see...FOUR leather jackets!!! OY! love 'em and yours!!!