Tuesday, March 16, 2010

the damage is done

believe me when i say, i had the BEST of intentions hitting the mall last night. rolled up to the new york & company, with the intention of getting ONE thing.
gah, i love love LOVE this scarf!!! it's got tiny little dots, like paint splatters...i can pretty much guarantee i'll be rocking this ALL spring and summer.

so i see this as soon as i walk in....i shoulda just kept my eyes on the register and paid.

but no...i let my eyes wander.

and i got this dress. gah i love love LOVE it too!!! i have a dress with almost the exact same cut, sans pockets, so i know i'll get major wear out of this. adorable with pumps, so cute with tights in the winter time. and the print is TO. DIE. FOR.

i also finally jumped on the slouchy blazer trend...even though mine isn't very slouchy, cuz i'm a tall girl. but the sleeves do roll up..so i figure i'm good.

and they didn't have this dress out yet in this color...
but isn't the eyelet fab?! they had white...but i didn't wanna try on another thing in fear of buying more!!
so my dress, scarf, blazer and 3 necklaces set me back $115. not too shabby, right?!


Mikaela said...

a lot of awesome things for only $115, i mean considering how much you got! the dresses are amazing, i can see how you couldn't resist!

Summer {Bisfor...} said...

this post if made of pure heaven! hello - that dress is fab and i need the scarf like now.

Ashley B said...

What a great deal?! I especially love the eyelet dress!

bananas. said...

i like the way you shop.

go in with one thing in mind. come out with lots of things not on the mind.

sounds like someone i know well...me :)

we could do damage together. just sayin...

Nikki Cogg said...

LOVE IT! I have to say, New York & Co has gotten so much cuter over the past few years. Love those dresses, I think I might have to go check out my NY & Co and see what they have!