Thursday, July 26, 2012

white girls can do neon tribal right?

oh pinterest....sometimes you just throw an idea in my face, and i CANNOT ignore its siren song. i HAVE to make whatever it is i've seen. asap.
apparently this is how mara hoffman styled her spring runway show...i'm going for a little less braided hair hair...but the same amount of neck-area awesomeness.
behold...the first of what will inevitably be several wrapped tribal-style necklaces. cuz i've got a crap-ton of this coral and pink cord, plus some green for good measure.

and i might be contemplating getting purple and yellow tomorrow at home depot...because i have a problem. and that problem is craft supply hoarding.

i used this tutorial...but really the only thing i needed to know was where to find the gold findings in the hardware store. for the's the plumbing section.

i'm also REALLY glad i went on a wednesday afternoon when it wasn't super busy, so no one bothered me in the plumbing fixture aisle with "hey, can i help you today?" cuz i don't really know how to explain to the middle-aged man in his home depot vest why i need these little gold tubes and some hot pink cording. plus...boys don't understand jewelry like this.

except the hubs...he dug it.

which means my mom is gonna HATE it.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

can you cry over spilled cheese sauce?

it finally happened.

after living together for 5 years, i've been rejected.

nate refused to eat what i made for dinner monday night.
see, doesn't this look delish?? i'd pinned this recipe for avocado mac and cheese awhile ago...avocados, and spicy cheese sauce?? what's not to love?


he took one bite, and looked at me and said "i don't think i can eat this".

this is the dude who ate the biscuits i made with regular flour instead of self-rising, so they were like doughy hockey pucks. it's the guy who ate the boxed meal with the biscuit topping that i made too watery, so i added some pancake mix to the dough to thicken it...and it was a creepy giant flying saucer thing on top of chicken pot pie.

but this? this he wouldn't eat.

and yes...i may have shed a few tears, because in this is MY thing. so when he doesn't want ANY of hurt my feelings.

even though i didn't really like it either.

at least i know i can make a kickass meatloaf to make it up to him =)

anyone else had a spectacular kitchen failure??

Thursday, July 19, 2012

i never could resist a great bag

when you're out shopping with your husband on a random sunday, and you happen to find a bag that was originally $399 marked down to $97....YOU JUMP ON IT.

it was a bag i didn't even know i wanted, until it was staring me in the face and then i HAD to have it.

oh....did i mention said bag contained a full set of ladies left-handed golf clubs??

oh yes....the hubs and i...we're golfers now.

or i guess more accurately...we're people with golf clubs and practice balls who've been to the driving range once (me) and been golfing on a course once (him) and who haven't ended up in the emergency room for any golf-related injuries (yet, fingers crossed).

i'm actually really excited about's pretty fun, the clothes aren't heinous, i can totally be the one obnoxious girl with hot pink balls and tees and such,  PLUS it's something the hubs and i can do together as a hobby. our other hobbies don't really match up because i can't convince him crocheting is cool...and he can't convince me that getting shot with paintballs and running around in the woods is fun.

oh yeah...and you're totally allowed to drink on the golf course. TERVIS OF WINE RIGHT HERE PEOPLE.
my boyfriend ricky fowler totally approves of me golfing. and the color orange.

my goal for today is to find the most obnoxious sleeveless collared shirt i possibly can, cuz i'm gonna make up for in style what i currently lack in actual skills.

Friday, July 13, 2012

my thursday afternoon revelation

so yesterday when i was leaving my library and heading to michaels (and yes...i KNOW how sexy that sounds. clearly i can't help it) i had one of those moments where you go "holy hell universe, how am i JUST NOW realizing this??".

see...i was thinking about how when i was a kid, other than my kickass jem and the holograms cassette tape that came with one of my jem and the hologram dolls, the only music i really listened to at home was the music my PARENTS listened to.

whether it was their radio stations for their current faves, or their albums at home from their high school days, it was THEIR pick.

and i loved it.

it's why i know all the words to dozens and dozens of motown songs. and most of reba mcentire's live CD circa 1980. and the pointer sisters. and carole king (minus that song about the toadstool. that ish was weird).

and i realized as i was in the middle of an epic car dance to this song...i get to do the same thing to MY kids. with my jams, with my high school tunes, with all my favorites (minus a few key additions...cuz toddlers probably shouldn't listen to ludacris right?)

you're welcome future offspring. 

you. are. welcome.

Monday, July 9, 2012

nothing says happy birthday like government offices

i have officially entered the last year of my twenties.


i feel like 29 sounds like a grown-up age...even moreso than 28. and i'm pretty sure i'm for SURE supposed to be a grown-up a year from now.  good thing i've got 365 days to get a lock on that!!

i also started using night cream like a month at least i'm upping my skincare routine from a 15 year old to an 80 year old. yay me. but my nails are currently bright pink with glitter....which may counteract any residual night cream maturity.

today also marks the expiration date on my driver's license....and nothing says early birthday celebration quite like a trip to the dmv on a friday morning.

i'm thankful for several things about my trip....1, that it took less than an hour. 2. that i'm almost positive i managed to escape the whooping cough/typhoid fever/ebola the man behind me in the waiting area was suffering from, as he hacked up A STRAIGHT-UP LUNG about every 8 minutes.

and 3. at least i will now have the photo on the right for the next 8 years...instead of the HEINOUS photo on the left. it ain't great....but it doesn't make me feel like i belong on an episode of "cellblock 6: female lockup". face is NOT actually the size of a small planet, despite what these photos might show. everyone knows the dmv uses crappy equipment =) 

don't worry, there are fun parts to my birthday coming up...but they can't happen until the hubs gets home from work tonight and demand presents and cake until i pass out.