Wednesday, September 26, 2012

even working from home needs a uniform right?

so,i might have forgotten to mention on monday that amidst all my life-learnin'...i also learned i am NOT meant to be a salesperson that does cold calls.

so i quit.

and for once in my life, i didn't overanalyze or try and make it work so i wouldn't let anyone down...i just decided it wasn't right for me, and stuck with that.

kinda proud of myself, actually.

and so, imagine my glee last week (after my quitting) when i realized that maybe, just maybe instead of getting all dolled up on cute pants and cardigans for work...i could have a different kind of uniform.

the kind that's perfect for someone trying to keep her head above her yarn hoard.

the kind that's perfect for someone who is doing what she really loves right now...being creative, and actually creating things.

with owls on them obviously....the sock monkey ones would just be ludicrous.

p.s. have you checked out the new goods at The Glittered Owl? you totally should...i've been getting my fancy hook on ;)

Monday, September 24, 2012

life lessons, or where i've been for 2 weeks

yes, i totally suck, and i've been gone for weeks.

BUT i've learned many things in that time span....things like:

1. if you start a crochet might forget to blog. because you're too busy crocheting.
that's about half of what i've finished since i've been gone. is it bad to want to keep all your wares?

2. you might start worrying that Matt Paxton is gonna have to dig you out of your yarn stash, Hoarders-style. and you might be totally okay with that, because you've already made your husband promise that if you ever become a hoarder...the Pax will be the one to show you the light.

3. you might also have to spend some time learning how to use the fancy-ass new camera your husband scored for a song on ebay, to "help" with said crochet biz. you'll probably also realize that the hubs is a LITTLE bit selfish, and just wanted an excuse for a new toy. you won't care at all....but you'll realize it all the same.

4. you'll start to wonder if IT WILL EVER FREAKING COOL OFF ALREADY!!! because now it's technically fall. and since you've got a sweet gig that pretty much relies on chillier temperatures, because rocking a crochet scarf when it's 85 degrees outside will get you some major side-eyes.

5. you MIGHT start to evaluate your closet...because you MIGHT realize you've got a serious colored pants addiction. BUT you'll be really excited that old navy FINALLY wised up, and while they continually spout their lies about their rockstar jeans being flattering on everyone (yeahhh...if by "flattering", they mean "you'll have to wear at least 2 sizes bigger than you normally do, and oh yeah...your legs will look like bratwursts), they FINALLY have an alternative. you can find the non-sausagey, totally awesome and MUCH more flattering sweetheart skinny jeans HERE. 
i might have gotten black and coral. and i might be stalking the store and the site to see if they get more colors. AND they have petites AND talls. it's basically a miracle of miracles.  

6. most importantly, you'll realize you miss your blog peeps!

i'm gonna try and do MUCH better about sticking around, now that i've got a sweet new camera, i can take photos of myself, which means i can totally pretend to be a fashion blogger.

which probably translates into pictures in my yard while my pug tries to eat my pants leg.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

been hooking for months, but finally went legit

you know how sometimes you have an idea, and then you talk yourself out of that idea...but then something spurs you to shut-the-eff-up-doubting-inside-voice, and JUST. DO. IT.

this little guy is the representation of that.

because he's the mascot FOR MY NEW ONLINE SCARF SHOP!

welcome ladies, to The Glittered Owl.

i'm SO excited to finally have a place to actually sell the stuff i make. a place to tell people to go when i get compliments wearing my scarves. a place to show off my friends' mad modeling skillz (and yes, the look-sideways-while-wearing-a-scarf is now a patented TGO move. ask tyra, she knows what's up.)

and right now, the best part of my new little corner of the internet? it's gonna be doing some good.

cuz see, this awesome lady named Kristen has set up an amazing auction to raise money for the american cancer society. and me? seeing as how i have lost WAY too many loved ones to the dreaded C-word...i HAD to help.

basically, you need to go to the auction's facebook page. did you do it? okay good. because that's the place to find out ALL the deets about this amazing fundraiser. it's gonna be epic y'all.

you can also like The Glittered Owl on facebook. if you want. chances are, you'll get to see lots of pictures of me buying yarn, and crocheting things. and probably my pug modeling scarves. cuz that's how i roll.

right now, the shop is mostly solid color scarves, BUT i've got some stuff in the works that's honestly blowing my mind a little(it might rhyme with schmeon, and i might be so pumped about it i could die). so here's hoping you lovely ladies are also into it...otherwise i'm gonna have to figure out how to wear them all at once on my own.

if there's anything you'd love to see in the shop, let me know, i'm up for any and all feedback =)