Sunday, March 14, 2010

only 1 thing making me feel better.

i have a feeling it's going to be one of those weeks.

my boss will be gone until next tuesday. and for most jobs...that's awesome news. for sucks. because lame-ass reporters try and slack off because there's no one here to get on them about crappy stories and phoning in their efforts.

which makes my job suck.

so bare with me if i'm a total bia this week.

but the good news? i did score an ADORABLE top from target!
oh my gah, i LOOOOOVE this peacock feather print. it's the new liberty of london line, which i have been patiently waiting for for like...a month. and yes, i made the hubs come with me the day the line debuted to get my goods.

they had a TON of cute floral print dresses and tops...but none of them were really cut right for me. and i'm still sad they didn't have this or the pink peacock print in a scarf. I WANT ONE!

they have an adorable home line too, with cute little boxes and mugs. it's CRAZY sold out online...but if you have a target near you, check it out!

and if you see a peacock print scarf anywhere, let me know!!


Cassie said...

ooo super cute top! i love it :)

i hope the week turns out better than expected!! hang in there!

bananas. said...

gawd i love target!! best buys are always at target!

Christine said...

cute top! I've heard good things about this new line at target!!

Beauty In The Breakdown said...

Did you feel the scarves at your target? Mine had a bunch left but the material felt rough and stiff :( They look pretty though!

perfectly paisley said...

So cute! I'm so happy about Liberty of London at Target! {however, my wallet is not so happy!}