Monday, March 8, 2010

let's talk about last night

i love the oscars...i love seeing what peeps wear, i love seeing who wins...i love seeing whether the hosts fly, or flop.

last night was NO except...i'd go through and post ALL my faves....but that would take forever, and does a bang up job. let's just say Latifah, SJP, and that vera lady from "up in the air" were ON. POINT.

also, big ups to my girl sandra...
cuz this dress was AH-MAZING. so great on the red carpet, and even better on stage!! won't lie...i teared up during her acceptance speech. cuz i adore her.

in case you missed it, here's my little rundown of the night::

seacrest = obnoxious.
kathy ireland = drunk.
g. clooney = hottie, but had a 'tude
clooney's arm candy = LLLLAAAAAAAME.
steve and alec = hilarious
sitting james cameron and kathryn bigelow right by each other = AWKWARD.
making jokes about their divorce = REALLY AWKWARD.
the "precious" girl who's name i don't wanna look up = amazing.
avatar NOT winning best picture = GLORIOUS.

what were your thoughts about "hollywood's biggest night?"


Legally Pink and Green said...

i totally agree with every single detail of your recap!!! LOVED Sandra, hated George's arm candy, and above all I thought Steve & Alec were AWESOME together.

happy monday!

Bekkah said...

I am so happy that Sandra Bullock won best actress. She's amazing! I thought Cameron Diaz looked spectacular as well.

Katie said...

Ok, I have some thoughts on this as well. Clooney did have a major tude!! What's up with that? He's almost 'too good' for it anymore. Alec and Steve were good, but I'm still lovin Hugh's performance last year. Sandra...yea I teared up as well. What a class act (as my Mother would say). Finally, did you notice they cut Bea Arthur and Farrah Fawcett out of the memorial segment? Ed McMahon too.

Ashley B said...

Loved it too! Your recap was dead on. As for Farrah Fawcett, Bea Arthur and Ed McMahon, I don't think they showed them because they're not known for movie, more television stuff. You know? But then again, I could be wrong.

bananas. said...

avatar not winning oscar = not so glorious. sorry. hurt locker wasn't that good but...

james cameron's ex wife beating him for best director = glorious.


Amber said...

I was so happy Sandra won. She is beyond fabulous!