Monday, November 30, 2009

my only cyber monday purchase

alternate title:: i swear i bought some stuff as presents..

i'm about to blow your fashion-forward, blog-loving minds....

i live in a place.....with NO forever 21. not one. not one within 100 miles.

and i LOOOOOOOVE forever 21. especially the accessories. so....when i saw their cyber monday promotion was free shipping...i was on it like white on rice.

i got an adorable double-tiny key necklace for my sis....and my 5th grade cousin will soon be rocking a purple and pink leopard print scarf...she's so gonna be the hottest kid in class.

and then.....i bought a little somethin' somethin' for much do i LOVE this headband?! braided satin...and the color? with my oh-so-not-natural red hair?? gorge. and hello.....less than $4.
oh i love love LOVE these pretty, and sparkly...and so fun with....something in my closet. is it wrong to accessorize nothing?
and my faves are hands down these. i actually got them in all black for one of my bridesmaids, who's pretty much the queen of black and dark silver earrings. i adore the blue...and it'll be gorgeous with a grey sweater....and my rockstar boots.

all in all....i got 11 things. for $53. get in on the free shipping with CYBERMONDAY until midnight tonight!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

snuggling up for santa

hello, my name is hayley, and i'm a flannel PJ addict.

i honestly get at least 2 or 3 pairs every. single. year. either for myself, or as gifts because everyone knows how much i love them. last was a zebra striped pair from my sis, and lawn flamingoes outside of airstream trailers from mom.

don't be jealous.

2 years ago, victoria's secret had some ADORABLE pjs....but las year? BLAH. they all sucked.

i'm so happy VS is back on their game!!

how cute and classy are these pink feathers? so girly!! i'll also note...i'm pretty opposed to christmas pj's....because i don't like wearing them after christmas. so winter = okay. santa = not okay.
okay.and more pink....these are called "vintage postcard" i think....i love the look, and they remind me of another pair i have with fun "stamps" on them.

and my absolute fave are these....they're hot pink, the script is precious....and they're hot pink.
here's a few more things i love about VS can order them in short, regular, and long. oh bless those VS peeps for their long pants...cuz see, i'm 5'10" without any shoes on. and ALL my height is in my legs. awesome for skirts....NOT awesome for pjs that end up being highwaters.
and the best part?? right now....they're $39.50. until tomorrow, use the code ITEM20 for 20% off. AND use PJGIFT for free matching slippers with your new sleep duds!!
so for about $ get hot sleepwear, fun shoes...and more money in your bank account.
this is also a GREAT present for an aunt or cousin or great friend!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

a freebie to start the day

this one's gonna be short and sweet least for now.

i've already started my thanksgiving week tradition....getting together my coupons for black friday!! i always print 3 sets, for me, mom and the little sis....cuz we're shopping fools at the crack of dawn =)

here's a little something to get your black friday mojo going....or just give you an excuse to spoil yourself or someone you love.

CLICK HERE to print your coupon from bath and body works for a FREE ITEM. just about anything in the store, up to $13 value....all you have to do is spend $10. $10 is nothing. grab a lip gloss or 2 for that favorite cousin of yours. or do like i've been known to do...and get a little something for mom, not for christmas....but just because.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

outfitting my peeps

i will admit it...i think novelty tees are hilarious. always have. i was totally THAT GIRL back in college, rocking every funny shirt american eagle came out with.

now...i don't wear them as much....but i'm SO not above buying them for my peeps for christmas.

so here's my current fave selection from snorg tees.

oh dane crack me up.

is it wrong for your husband, and his sister-in-law, aka my little sis, to rock the same shirt? cuz i am SO getting them both one of these for christmas.
t. pain 4 life ya'll.
and....these next 2 are for my blog crushes, Kristen and Summer. i hope ya'll don't think i'm a stalker...but i couldn't NOT share these if you hadn't seen them already =)

i'm also planning on getting the hubs a shirt or 2 from Think Geek. but i can't share those....because i have to keep some semblance of my girly street-cred....and the nerdboy shirts don't do that....

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

smelling yummy when it's cold

i'm very much a scent fiend...i LOVE perfume, lotion, shower gel, all that jazz...but i'm also very fickle with my affections. it totally depends on the day, my mood, my outfit, everything...i'll NEVER be a signature scent kind of girl.

and i totally have a new fave for fall, from a surprising place....bath and body works.
this, is twilight woods. (cue edward cullen swoon for all my meyer fans out there!). it smells so yummy....sort of vanilla-y...but with more notes. it's very....warm.

can you tell i'm not so good at this whole describing scents thing? i'm a yummy girl through and through.

and the best part?? if you want some for yourself...or maybe you're stocking up on gifts for those aunts and cousins who are hard to buy for...i've got a deal for you.

right now....B&BW is having buy 3, get 3 free for their signature collection. which is a rockstar deal....but you KNOW i'm gonna make it better.

until november 22nd, CLICK HERE to print your coupon for $10 off $30. which means you can get 6 things...for about $20.

i've already done it once...but i may do it again. just because.

also, p.s....where have you gone 2 followers?? am i not witty enough for you? was it the whole pimp analogy from last week?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

still hard to believe....

this was taken one month ago already!!

just a little shoutout to my hubs, since he puts up with me...and now has to get a lawyer involved to get rid of me =)

oh, and the disk with wedding pics should be here get ready for my face overload....

Monday, November 16, 2009

how i spent my weekend

oh you come too soon.

i spent my saturday being VERY started about 8am, with a trip to the DMV with the mister, to get my name changed on my license, and my address changed too.

so, i have my hair all brushed nice, rocking a black shirt for some neutrality, have fairly neutral makeup....

yeah, i definitely look like a convict in my new pic. which is a step up from the previous photo, taken on my 20th birthday where i look about....15. there's also half the picture taken up by my head/face is the bottom half of the photo.

awesome for a 5'10" girl to look miniscule in her license pic.


anyways, since we were up so early, i had plenty of time to get my craft on.

and craft i did.

first up...this little beauty, just in time for the holidays!!

you can't really tell from far away, but it's an advent calendar!! i got the idea from Thrifty Decor Chick a few weeks ago. i used leftover favor boxes from the wedding, and bought some christmas paper from the hobby lobby...the frame was all of $5, and i just mod podged the paper on, and expoxyed the boxes on the frame.

the hubs and i are gonna split up even and odd days to fill up...i'm so excited!!

and then....came my foray into bib necklace-land.

i bought 6 packs of flat-backed stones from the hobby lobby, in all different shapes and sizes.
i decided to go the "glue and felt" route, versus the "sewing and organza" route....
i cut a piece of paper about what shape i wanted, held it up to my chest, then traced it on the felt and got to laying out the stones. i went big to small, so i could fill in the spaces...and then glued them down big to small as well.
it took awhile...but for about $30, with materials left over...i think i did alright.
what do you think of my weekend crafts?

Friday, November 13, 2009

trying out my crafty skillz

i'll admit...while i love classic pieces...occasionally, i'm a total trend whore.

and this whore can't get enough from a pimp...called bib necklaces. (does that analogy even make sense?!...who knows, i'm going with it.)

oh em gee...i loves me this beauty. and for $60 from etsy seller's a pretty good price. and how super freaking hot would it be with a white tee, and my motorcycle jacket (NO, i'm not unhealthily in love with it....don't judge).

and this super fun rhinestone one is from etsy seller Ezza Exclusive. they have so many colors, and it's such a good way to dress up anything!!
so what am i gonna be doing this weekend??
i'm gonna take a page from Crafty Stylish....and trying to make my own!!! see, i'm a crafty girl at heart...and i'm pretty sure i can swing this thing. so wish me luck!
are you feeling the phat necklace trend?

Thursday, November 12, 2009

what i'm rocking

excuse the terrible photo. i suck at the cellphone cam.

but here's my new hair! i went with #3, the mandy's super cute, i loves it.

and i'm also LOVING my outfit's a total new york and company look...minus my sweet nine west shoes.

the yellow is a dress, it's that floaty jersey, and comes to my knees. and it has a ruffle at the neck.
of course, you recognize the rockstar motorcycle jacket. and i layered two chunky black necklaces to make the whole thing match my nine west pointy pumps, with the buckle on the toe.
i'm totally digging the girly/tough look lately...ruffles, and chains and ladylike shoes and leather jackets.
i'm such a necklace fiend lately too....i love chunky ones, i love layering long's a good time.
i've also got my eye on a couple super hot bib necklaces...but that's for another post =)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

i want.

i've been looking for boots. i love the whole "jeans tucked in" thing....even though i mostly wear bootcut jeans, not skinnies...and i'm not sure how it would look on me.

so imagine my surprise when nine west so lovingly emails me (bitches!) and tells me that this beauties, which come in THREE colors, are half off until the 15th.


that means they could be mine for the whopping price of $84.50.

that is NOTHING.

also, the site says the circumfrence of them is 13 inches...which means they'd probably fit my freakishly small, have to normally wear 2 pairs of socks for boots, legs.

so....i'm torn. should i get them, christmas shopping be damned? i'm pretty sure my discover card will even give me money back from nine west....

opinions my lovely girls....opinions needed!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

getting ready for the holidays

with one of these. for basically free.

see, kodad easyshare is giving away one million $15 just GO HERE and then sign up, and they'll email you a code for $15 off anything, until the 17th.

which means this girl is TOTALLY getting her photog to email her a copy of a wedding pic, to make a super sweet ornament for the tree, for about $3. which is what shipping costs.

which is rockstar.

and don't forget, the ornament swap sign-up ends on the 15th!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

free money

if you aren't a member of ruelala, JOIN NOW.

CLICK HERE, join courtesy of me, and automatically get $10.

that's FREE MONEY YA'LL. and you can SO get some christmas shopping done =)

trying to be patient..

so, i'm officially a blog stalker...we know that already.

and this totally got me into trouble. cuz i decided to check my photog's blog...which i already knew i was on. but i wanted to see if there were more pics. and there weren't.

but THEN, something told me, "hey, check the proofs won't be on there anyways".


glaring at me at the top of the wedding list is my name, and the hubs name...and i have to fight the urge to stop working and look at EVERY. SINGLE. PICTURE.

instead...i watched the slideshow. and checked out all the preparation pics.

and now i'm like an addict going through withdrawals, trying to be a good wife and look at the pictures of our wedding with MY HUSBAND, and not my coworkers for the first time.


say a little prayer for me to be strong ya'll....this is a tough one.

Friday, November 6, 2009

getting my 'do did.

it's time. all my fellow new brides know what i'm talking about....when you FINALLY let go of the long hair you grew out for your lovely wedding updo...and chop. it. off.

my hair is longer than it probably has ever least since high school. i've always been a short hair girl....from between my ears, to my shoulders.

but now that i've gotten used to it being long...i kinda like it too. but it's time for a least until next year, when i grow it out for my friend's wedding!

my appointment is at 10 tomorrow morning...and i STILL can't decide what i want.

option 1: ginnifer goodwin's adorable bob. love the angles. but would it look as good behind my ears? cuz i can't rock that in my face ALL the time.

option 2: katie holmes' rocking 'do off the november elle cover. i love the layers and the movement and the kind-of bangs...but i have really fine hair. and i'm not sure if this would be super hot...or super not.

option 3: i LOVE. mandy. really...i love her. her music, and her adorableness, and i cry like a wuss every time i watch "a walk to remember". and this cut is so sassy...i love the flip, i'd probably get it a little longer though...and those bangs are so hot.
so, what are your thoughts on my official post-wedding chop?? 1,2, or 3?

Thursday, November 5, 2009

the nigel to my tyra

that's love affair with janet from Blue World Studios continues.

i'm chilling, just checking my gmail...and all of a sudden, a message pops up saying janet had tagged 2 pics of me on facebook.

when i tell you i got to FB so fast, i mean SO. FAST.

and it was SOOOOOO worth it.

are you serious?? is that really the lobby of my venue? and me, looking all fly? why yes....yes it is.

see those pink shoes? so. hot.

AAAAND speaking of so hot...ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! how is it possible that's really me and the hubs?? when janet said "okay, kiss her neck"...i was skeptical.
i am so in love with this picture, it's almost sick. i hope you aren't tired of seeing pictures of my bridal self...cuz when i get all of them's gonna be wifey overload.
and therefore...i have decided miss janet is the nigel to my tyra. yes, i was bring the supermodel...but she totally captured it.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

i have no willpower

cuz when i got an email from hautelook about amrita singh jewelry, i had to indulge....even though i'm supposed to be saving.

cuz how pretty is this cocktail ring?? i LOOOOOVE the color.
and it totally matches these earrings, that i could NOT resist for $22.
if you wanna check it out, CLICK HERE for your invite!!
and you know this jewelry would be great for holiday parties....speaking of, Don't forget about our ornament swap!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

my fall/winter staple

when i say i love these sweaters, i mean i LOOOOOOOOVE them. i bought 2 a few years ago on sale at target....and was hooked. i literally buy probably 4 a year, in different colors, in different necklines.

they wash up SO well, and they are honest-to-goodness the softest sweaters you'll ever wear....warm, but not too chunky, and light enough to wear on their own with jeans and no jacket on breezy fall days.

and the best part?? they're only $18!i LOVE this color. i have a rosy purple from the first set of sweaters i got....but this looks more....electric.

and hello stripes, you are adorable. i bought a mustard/grey striped one....but this is too cute. so is the black and white one.
so, dear readers....why am i touting these sweaters? well...cuz they are awesome. but right now....they are also buy one get one half off from!!!
CLICK HERE to get to the crewneck page....just search "ultrasoft" for the links to the v-necks and the turtlenecks...
you better believe i'm ordering a few of these soon!!
and don't forget to sign up for the ornament swap!!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

join us!!

remember that announcement i promised you on thursday? here is it....a little late, but worth it for you i hope!!

that's right girls, my and the ever-so-lovey Mrs. Southern Belle are cohosting an ornament swap to get you in the christmas spirit!!

we are SO excited about this!! if you're a crafty girl, we've got a category for you, so you can show off those glitter and glue gun skills! and if you're more a shopaholic type...we've got you covered as well!!

we'll be taking entries, then pairing everyone up with a similar girl...crafties with crafties, shoppers with shoppers....and then you'll put your ornament in the mail, with any other christmas goodies you want to include, by december 1st!

just shoot an email to, tell us your name/blog name...and which category of ormanent you want in on =) once we pair everyone can find out whether your parnter digs snowmen, or nutcrackers, or john deere santas....

you can even grab our pretty little button so all YOUR blog friends can be our blog friends, and get in on the swappage =)

Deadline to enter is November 15th!!!!