Monday, September 26, 2011

surpassing ALL expectations...with a little rattling stick

you know how sometimes, you make plans, and you think about the plans, wonder about the plans, hope the plans turn out as amazing as they are in your head....and then the plans are just regular? just normal old you're kinda disappointed?

like being invited to a party....and you keep hoping it'll be all kardashian-ed out...and it's just chips and store-bought dip and crappy ice cream? sunday was like that.


cuz see, i made plans with my mom and my sis....and i thought our plans would be kinda awesome. maybe even quasi-awesome.

i did not anticipate the most awesome thing ever that i've gotten to do in a long time.

so what's got me all atwitter this monday morning? what hasn't gotten out of my head since 4:35 yesterday afternoon?

um, THIS!!!!

i swear to you, that first "NAHHHHHHHH" had chills up my arms, and my sister and i squealing like the kids we were the first time we saw it.


when i say it was amazing...i mean it was AH-FREAKING-MAZING.

you don't appreciate how gorgeous this movie is when you're 11.

you don't really "get" the circle of life when you're not even rocking a training bra yet. you don't "get" that it's not just about a's about family. and love. and life.

but, 17 years totally still know EVERY word to every song. and sing them. and crack up at the hyenas.

and you may or may not want rafiki to be your new best friend....cuz he probably gives really good advice. and he's got that sweet stick with the rattling things on it.

and i hope the hubs doesn't think that since he didn't go with us to the theater, he's out of the pridelands just yet (haaaa, lion king joke. i can't stop). cuz, the blu-ray comes out next week, and it is TOTALLY coming home with me.

anyone else jumped on the lion king train yet?? are you OBSESSED? and have you figured out how to get "hakuna matata" out of your head??

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

this is NOT a post about the emmys

even though i totally watched them.

it's not even about the return of fall tv, which makes me ridiculously happy (and also a little nervous, because keeping up with the DVR can be a challenge!)

nope...this is about hair.
and how i want rachael taylor's 'do on my noggin. asap.

this is my hair now (well, technically this is my hair about a month ago...but you get the general idea).

doea anyone know how hard styling that kind of bob with the serious swoopy bangs is? cuz...i'm kind of hairstyling stupid. i can manage a round brush to turn the ends under. and a flat iron.

anything else someone is gonna have to show me, and i'm gonna have to pray works on my baby fine mop.

also...i thought this hair might work because it looked like rachael had a normal neck, not a freaky giraffe model one...but now i look at myself, and i feel like i have a weird troll-y no-neck!

this is why i need a hair genie who can fix it without me having to explain what i want...because CLEARLY i cannot decide.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

this is NOT how you win my affections

dear library,

i love you. A LOT.

i love being able to browse around your shelves and find new things to read. i like how quiet you are, and that the kids section is on the opposite side of the building so i don't have to deal with children with terrible manners.

i love that i can check things out at a kiosk and not actually have to interact with anyone.

but right now....right now we're in a fight.

because all i want is to finish this mammoth book. it's really good, but it's got a lot going on, so it's not a quick read at all.

plus it's 500+ pages, so a week to read it isn't gonna cut it.

and now you tell me i can't renew it because someone else has requested it?? BUT I'M NOT DONE.

soooo, i've got some bad news.
tomorrow, this little beauty will be coming home with me.

so, like ross and rachel....we're gonna be on a break. because my new toy won't give me books and then snatch them away right in the middle!!

i hope one day we can be friends again library....but time will tell.

a bookworm joining the 21st century.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

THIS is what i get up early for

in college, i made the mistake of registering for FRENCH at 8am my freshman year. it was awful. i never too another early class until senior year when i had to.

when i was working, i didn't have to be at the office until 9:30. so super early for this girl.

but for shopping?? for shopping i will lose sleep over. black friday? alarm goes off about 4:45.

so of COURSE it was no different for the missoni for target launch....this bad boy has been in my calendar for MONTHS.

yes....the hubs did look at me like i was a grade-a nutcase for setting my alarm last night to go to target. but it had to be done. plus, how else was i supposed to fight off all the crazies trying to steal my goodies?? NO MA'AM.

this is my new collection of missoni serveware. the left platter is a really nice weight, and SO gorgeous.

the 2 plates and bowl i'm going all semi-homemade on, MINUS the whole being an alcoholic and making tablescapes. they will be a super amazing tiered serving tray sometime soon, once i find appropriate sticks to glue to them (or you know...hit up the dollar store. and spraypaint some glass. whichever works).

i snagged this scarf while these 2 ladies yapped and yapped about how much they LOOOOOOVED everything. listen here yo...if you're gonna yap, move away from the racks. i gots shopping to do.

i'm still slightly on the fence about the scarf...BUT i'm glad i snagged ir because they were all gone by the time i went to check out. i'd rather have it and be able to return it than obsess over it later.

and now, my most favorite item, even though it never even landed on my radar looking at the lookbook ahead of time. i thought i'd be ALL about the shift dresses....BUT they were all a littttttle bit short. and you know, i'm trying to keep the whole flashing my crotch thing to a minimum. if lindsay and britney can cut can i.

(for the record, i ALWAYS wear underwear. and i do not go around flashing my lady parts to people).

i am CRAAAAAAZZZZYYYYY for this cardigan. it's soooooo soft, and for $50...not a bad deal, considering i have nothing like it.

PLUS it will look amazing with my black boots, OR my brown ones.

PLUS it has pockets. i love pockets.

PLUS it looks like if mr. rogers and bill cosby had a fashionable italian lovechild at an american big box store...and i can't NOT have that in my life, ya know??

the clothes were going FAST at my store, and they didn't have the umbrella i wanted. (but i'm thinking maybe it wasn't in yet? that happened with the liberty of london umbrella i got too). and i MIGHT be planning on getting the $7 sticky note set later this week because it was JUSTSOADORABLE.

anyone else lusting after the missoni stuff at target?

Thursday, September 8, 2011

i hate not being able to fix things

there's a lot of broken hearts in my family today.

and i'm gonna need your good thoughts and prayers, not for me...but for my mama.

cuz she lost her very best friend, since she was little, yesterday. in a terrible way.

this is the woman who bought me a globe when i was about 7, so i could learn about the world around me.

who gave me a lucky penny for my high school graduation present...and the box filler was 50 balled up $1 bills.

who gave me her mother's crystal dishes for a wedding gift, because she knew i'd treasure them.

who's know my mother since WAYYYY before she was anyone's mom. when she was just a crazy kid.

she's the reason my parents met.

she's also spent years fighting...her own demons, and then cancer. but things were better...or so we all thought.

i'm so confused, so lost. i won't pretend to ever understand why someone chooses to end the precious life they've been given....but i won't EVER judge those that do. because you have NO way of knowing what a person is going through, or what their mind is like in those dark moments.  

so if you're gonna judge...leave. NOW.
because i just wish i could find a way to make sure my mom is happy again. she's lost SO much in the last 2 aunt, and now her bestie. and i HATE seeing her sad. she's got such a good heart, and she takes everything personally, and i know this is gonna be rough on her for a REALLY long time.

it's hard to feel helpless when it's someone you love. to know what to do, or what not to do. and when it's your's even tougher.

so if you could send up a little prayer for her, to help heal her heart...that'd be great. i'd really appreciate it.

Friday, September 2, 2011

coulda, woulda, shoulda....just put them on my feet

i had so many stories planned to tell you today.

like my new army green surplus vest from old navy that i am OBSESSED with...even though the hubs says it's "too outdoors"....what does he know?! he doesn't even know about fashion blogs.

then i was going to tell you about the nice man who offered to drive our new upstairs bathroom vanity to the house in his truck when he saw us struggling to get it IN THE BACKSEAT OF MY MALIBU. sometimes...the hubs doesn't really think through every step of a project.

but no...all of these stories MUST be skipped. because around 9:45 last night, my life changed for the better.  all thanks to the piperlime accessory wall (shout out to my fellow projrun lovers)


do you mean to tell me the sam edelman pumps i have been coveting for MONTHS, maybe close to a year, in the gorgeous nude snake, and the black...THEY COME IN PINK?!?

pink suede studded pumps?! i don't care if these are the most uncomfortable shoes known to man, and i have to give myself numbing injections every time i wear them, and use those funny arm cane crutch things...I. NEED. THESE. SHOES.

in my life. right freaking now.

because people? these BELONG on my feet. i wore hot pink shoes for my wedding!

so what if i have no job? i'll make my grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch at home with the dogs in my pjs IN THESE SHOES.

plus, my mother will loathe that's always a plus =)

now to figure out how to convince the hubs i need $215 on the most impractical pair of pretties known to man.

i hope you all have a lovely weekend...i have an arm party in the works on saturday of EPIC proportions, so hopefully that story doesn't get bumped for another gorgeous pair of foot candy!