Friday, May 29, 2009

loving those lips

you better believe i will be taking advantage of this!! i love love LOVE the c.o. bigelow mentha gloss, and the vitamenth lip pink is a gorgeous nude color, and it's so minty and fresh!!

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

so pretty, cheap!

oh pretty pretty i love you. i hope you are comfy. cuz you are only $13 (thanks payless!)

you also come in white, black and pink....and i think you will be super cute with my new crop pants.

guess where i'm going this weekend?

Wednesday Only!!

for today only, use the code VS25SAVE and get 25% off anything from victoria's secret....even stuff on sale!!

me? i'm thinkin these super cute, and probably super comfy boyfriend sweats. for $19? yes please!

see a trend here loves? me = obsessed with red & black =)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

a little bulldog love

so, on my way to macon today to pick up my wedding dress (WOOOOOOOOO!!!!. k, minor bridal freakout over), mom wanted to stop at dollar general. to get deodarant because she forgot hers at home. seriously.

anyhoo.....what do i find in said dollar general??

hello there eco-chic bag that still lets me show off my school spirit!! and it came in black with red print too....for $2!! i gotta check my dollar generals at home....because these were too stinking cute. and after reading that several people i know have used totes like this for OOT bags, i thought it was an awesome idea! but....i still haven't decided if i'm doing said bags. because we might not do hotel blocks. because everyone we know coming in from out of town knows the, i dunno.

but for two dollars??? i am dying. and if i can find more....and you want one, let me know, i might can make something happen =)

thought i was done? no way.

how cute is this?!?! mom and i got the same one....cuz we're awesome. and yes, while scriptina has been whored out like no other for various wedding-related thingies...but on a UGA cap? i love it! while i love dressing up.....i am also totally the kid of girl who throws on jeans and a tee, or a wifebeater, and a baseball cap. cuz i'm lazy sometimes.

p.s. anyone wanna teach me how to make a "signature" for my posts? i got no clue....

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

love, and hate

oh old i LOOOOOOVE your flip flops. so comfy. so cute. so CHEAP.

then, you tell me things like, this saturday, may 23rd....your flip flops will be all of ONE DOLLAR!!! for serious?! love it...except last time, i waited until AFTER the crack of dawn when you opened, and the shoes were OBLITERATED.

so, i might sit this sale out. and i love that if i bought 3 pairs online...they are only $1.65 each. here is my current anger with you, oh wonderous cheap shoe giver.....


they are for my beautiful bridesmaids. they are very nice girls....they love you too. and they've got super cute ceremony shoes, and they have requested lime green lovelies for the reception too.

so, why won't you sell them to me? my store doesn't have them in the right sizes...and you are keeping them from me on the internet. for shame old navy. FOR SHAME.

Monday, May 18, 2009

oh my gosh.

i just got the most AMAZING deal on the boy's wedding present. seriously, like 75% off amazing....

any idea how to make a post visible only to followers, so i can show ya'll the awesomeness??

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

get your college gear fix

remember my super hot UGA hoodie (if not, scroll down a little). well, your favorite deal-finder wants to help you get one of your own...or one for another, inferior SEC school should you do choose ;) i kid...but for real, Victoria's Secret PINK has 35 schools in their collegiate collection, and there stuff is so fun!

so, want $10 off anything in the collection? i thought you might!

go HERE. when you check out, enter the code 10PINK. enjoy your goodies!

i'm contemplating this.
i kid you not, the website has a disclaimer about this shirt. Tee is brighter than shown in photo.

should i want it less because of that, or more??

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

LOVE a good deal

so this is my gorgeous little sister/MOH modeling the dress my bridesmaids will be wearing for the wedding. pretty, and classic, no?

and originally, i told them they could wear whatever shoes they wanted.

NOY ANYMORE ::cue evil laugh::

they will be rocking these lime green beauties on the day least for the ceremony and pictures. i'll be getting them flip-flops for the reception....maybe with some rhinestone embellishment for a little bling =)

the best part? 4 pairs....$58!!!!

i am in love =)

check out Go Jane if you want some of your own....they come in lots of other colors =)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

for my fellow shoe lovers

i'll admit, i'm a shoe fiend.


so, i wanted to pass along this great deal to my fellow fashionistas.

until sunday, go to Nine West's website, and get 30% off regular priced items, and an extra 20% off sale items with the code NWFRND5.

and pretty please, show me the shoes you score!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

what have i have been up to lately?

why crafting of course!!

here's the thing....once i find something i 1) really like doing, and 2) seem to be pretty good at, and 3) doesn't cost me too much, i kinda go nuts.

especially if its something i can wear.

enter my latest creations.

(yes, those silver things in the background are my jewelry hooks, fully of necklaces. a problem you say? nahhhhh)
and yes, one of these days i'll actually show you a headband ON MY HEAD, but since i made these last night, and wanted the glue to dry....not yet dear readers. but soon.
so i've had some friends who've seen my latest projects ask about opening up an etsy shop. but i'm a little heistant because...what if no one wants them?? i can't wear 57 headbands myself, and my friends might get tired of getting them as gifts.
i need some feedback here dears =)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

football season is months away...

but i'll be ready, when this super cute hoodie gets my door! originally $55 from victoria's secret PINK collegiate collection, which i LOVE, but can be kinda pricey. but online, it was on sale for $38.

THEN i had a coupon code for 30% off any clothing item. and THEN i redeemed a secret reward gift card i got a month ago with another great coupon purchase, and some buy one get one type items in the store.

so what did i end up paying, with shipping and tax included?

$25!! that's more than half off, if you're keeping up with the math!

not bad for a cute way to stay warm, and support my dawgs at the same time!

once again...always look for better deals! coupon codes are all over the internet, or you can always find your friendly blog-neighborhood shopping goddess for some help!

Friday, May 1, 2009

another one

need some more anti-bacterial soap, cuz you used all yours fighting swine flu? or did someone steal it, trying to fight swine flu for themselves??


anyways, click HERE for your coupon for a free item, with a $10 purchase!