Tuesday, March 23, 2010

TMI tuesday

i'm gonna share a couple things i probably should keep to myself...but i'm not gonna =)

here's my ensemble for today
1. it really bugs me the buttons on the cardi are silvery, so i wear silver jewelry....but the rivets on my boots i'm wearing with it are gold.

2. the white parts of the dress are a little....translucent. so i had to search through the undies drawer for my nude ones...cuz i HATE white/nude undies. i'm a bright color/fun pattern girl all the way. well....this particular pair MUST have been from the back of the drawer....cuz i'm pretty sure these drawers are from when i was a WEE bit smaller. i feel like my rear is at least 1/4 on display, so to speak. ugh, annoying!!

also, this?
cracks me up. while i LOVE keno (on the left), part of the reason i love him so much is because he keeps bojangles (on the right) occupied so he's not driving me bananas being an attention whore.

and yes, i'm the mom who encourages the sibling rivalry and tries to get them to tug of war with each other. it's just so funny watching them wrestle!!

what's your TMI confession of the day??


Summer {Bisfor...} said...

well not today but one day i completely forgot to wear a bra. nice one, summer.

love the blue and yellow and love the pups.

angela.kolachny said...

I woke up this morning with a headcold and forgot to put any kind of makeup on so I looked extra sick:o( Yuck!

I love your dress! Very springy!

Salt said...

Cute dress!! I can't wait until it's a bit warmer here so I can break out my springier gear.

Amazingly enough, I have nothing very TMI worthy today. Then again, the day is not over yet.

Love your blog. I'm a new follower!

bananas. said...

my TMI confessions: i almost passed out today from the smell of my red boots. and i peed 6x before lunchtime. i think that's a record.