Tuesday, March 30, 2010

getting ready for warmer weather

with some internet window shopping!! damn that new york and company, and their emails.
how stinking cute is this sorta ruffly dress?? love it with heels, love it with flip flops, could totally throw a cardi over it, or just a chunky necklace on the weekend. it comes in at least 5 colors i think. i'd have to try it on, to make sure my goodies aren't flashing all over...but all in all, i love it. and might have to google a coupon and go get it =)

i also LOVE this maxi dress. i tried it on in the store, and it is SO. CUTE. but is it weird it only comes to my ankles? is that a normal length of maxis? i never know these things...mostly because i'm all legs, so nothing is the same length on me as it would be on normal-height peeps.
so what do you think of my possible wardrobe additions? would you wear either? are you like me and willing it to get warmer so you can rock summer wear?

1 comment:

KLaw said...

Love the pics! Maxi dressed only come to my shins most of the time, so I'm right there with you :)