Monday, March 22, 2010

really? it's monday?

was spent being a good wife. at least saturday morning was....cuz see, i live by the airport. and once a year...that airport has an air show. and once a year, my husband gets giddy like a 4 year old on christmas morning...and i "get" to go with him. walking around and looking at old planes...yeehaw.

it's not AWFUL, and the weather was pretty perfect.

saturday night we went out to dinner and then out to celebrate one of my BFFs getting into an ultrasound program! wooooooo!!! plus...we ran into some of my work peeps...and one of them was TOTALLY into we'll see how that works out =)

sunday, i went to target...and got this.
gah i am so. freaking. excited. to watch it!!! didn't see it at the theaters...but i love love LOVE animated, old-school disney movies..and this seems like a flashback to that. wooooo!!

also, this....
is about to get REAL abused at my house. i can't wait to get to painting my super cheap goodwill finds and show them to ya'll...i just LOVE the bright glossy yellow!!

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teamjinfred said...

You'll love the movie - reminds me of when Disney was fabulous around the Little Mermaid/Beauty and the Beast/Lion King era.

Lol to the yellow. I'll have to see it before I can have an opinion.