Friday, March 12, 2010

who do YOU love?!

The It's Friday, I'm In Love Series

oh how i love summer.

not the season silly, the girl!! from b is for brown of the button to go check out her awesomness.

anyhoo, i'm jumping on board the "friday, i'm in love" train...with a little store about how i ended up Mrs. D.

you see that girl? she's all of 23 years old...just a few months out of her only real long-term relationship with a boy she though she'd marry...turns out, he'd be the only guy to truly break her heart.

and that boy next to her? he got coerced by that girl's friend to come join them on a little night on the town....but in reality, only a computer malfunction really made his mind up to leave the house.

that's're seeing the VERY first photo ever taken of me, and the hubs. note my slightly glassy look...i was a few cocktails in at that point.

and he doesn't drink. it's a wonder we ended up together!

so how did we get from that day, to this one?

ahh yes, the glow of a girl who FINALLY gets to plan the wedding she's been dreaming of for more than a year.

we became "official" in december of 2006. we started looking at rings in february of 2007.

and he proposed march 21, 2008. THAT'S A LONG TIME TO WAIT.

you can check out the whole story HERE, but here's the condensed version, after he told me he had a meeting downtown and i was supposed to meet him there friday before dinner.

Him: i might have lied to you about something.
Me: what?
Him: there's no one inside (pointing to the building he said he had a meeting in).
Me: why not? (hello clueless girl!!)
Him: ::gets down on one knee:
Me: ::in my head: omg omg omg omg omg.

and then, 18 months after that date, we got here.

to the best day of my life (so far). our wedding. almost 3 years from that first picture.

i can't wait for more!!

so what are YOU loving this lovely friday??


KatherineBee said...

I love your story!

Free Pretty Things For You said...

awww what a love story!! :)

bananas. said...

awwww how cute! that first pic of you two better be framed in your house!