Wednesday, February 24, 2010

my new love

i'll admit...i have a love for fashion mags. and celebrity gossip sites. and BOTH have been featuring an abundance of lightweight leather jackets for spring...thrown over shorts and a tee, or a girly dress.

i've already got one, even though it's not real leather....cognac colored, and i rock it ALL the time.

so imagine my excitement at new york and company last night when i saw this beauty on a rack, not even hung on the walls yet.

oh sweet fashion police, i cannot wait to rock this!! the picture isn't great....but it's a gorgeous grey color, very motorcycle-styled, and the best part.....

THE RUFFLES, of course!! it's got the ruffled collar, and the sleeves have zippers with a ruffle on them too. i am pretty much obsessed with my new pretty. especially for $60 with my coupon ($90 normally, which is still pretty awesome).

they also have it in black, which is super cute. and i tried on another beige-y one that was like a biker/blazer hybrid that i wanted also...and a bomber-y one, but i thought the knit on the sleeve cuffs might be a little much for springtime.

contemplating getting the beige please tell me a girl can't have too many of these jackets.

and if you're wondering, even though it's fake, people always ask me if it's real they don't look cheap AT. ALL.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

half housewife, half rockstar.

so, while i was planning this post in my head...i thought the title was quite appropriate. cuz i wanna be both...a girly housewife who bakes and ices cupcakes....and a bad-ass rockstar. who doesn't take crap from anyone.

for example...i'm wearing a yellow sweater and a headband today. very housewife. but the headband is covered in chunky black and silver stones, and i've got a long chain necklace on. very rockstar.

i'm also rocking this new OPI polish, mad as a hatter. it's part of the alice in wonderland short release...i got the last bottle they had on display at my ulta. i put 2 coats of it on over 2 coats of dark grey.

it's CRAZY sparkly, like confetti for my fingers. it's gonna be a BIATCH to get off, i just know it...but it's worth it right now.

(that's what she said!)

mama got me a housewife present this weekend! she bought me this apron "just because" and i love love LOVE it!! it's from pier 1, and i adore the mix of patterns! i'm on such an apron kick lately...but have no sewing machine. so it might be an etsy kind of satisfaction for me.

also, checked the mail yesterday and got a catalog from chadwicks...hello housewife!!
the floral on this dress is GORGE. it's chiffon, so it'd be perfect for spring and summer...and it looks like it would hit about right below my knees...i'm a tall girl, so length is important.

and shut up this plaid is to die for. it doesn't come with the yellow belt...but i don't care! it's so prettttttyyyyyyyyy. it also comes in a yellow plaid, which might be good too...and some solids.
if you had to pick a dress, which would you choose? and which plaid would you pick?

Monday, February 22, 2010

pity party, table for 1

see this guy? he's pretty much my heart. i can't imagine life without the hubs...and thankfully, i usually don't have to.

until this week.

see, the mr. is off in vegas, as some fancy schmancy IBM conference, schmoozing with computer peeps, and hopefully making some kickass contacts that will put me on my way to trophy wife status.

but that also means for the first time since we moved in together...he's gone. for 4 days. and i'm alone. which i don't do very well.

see, i like having hayley time...but i like to be able to end it whenever i want.

i live in an old house, and it makes noises and creaks that make me paranoid there's someone coming after me...which is a little crazy, but also really freaks me out. i had a dream last night the hubs came home early and climbed into felt SO REAL. but then he wasn't there. and a thunderstorm woke me up. sucks.

and once i get good and "poor me", i realize i am being a total brat. because it's 4 days. he'll be home wednesday. and there are thousands and thousands of wives who's husbands go, and are gone for months, or years...and they have to worru about their safety EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. and i don't have that...i just have to worry about him getting enough caffeine driving home from the airport to stay alert.

i get that i'm being a total baby...and it's not like i haven't left him before. there have been plenty of girl's weekends with my friends, and bachelorette parties...which makes me feel even worse for feeling so lonely!

but don't worry...i'll be snuggling on the couch with my pups, and a season's worth of grey's anatomy on the DVR to sob through for the next few days.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

good riddance!!

have you ever loathed something...and had to see it every day. even make nice with it sometimes? but all the're thinking evil mean thoughts about it.

that is how i feel about my stove/oven. I HATE IT. i've hated it since we looked at the house..

here's the caption from this photo on facebook...."the kitchen....the scary old stove will be replaced soon."

the date: may 20, 2008.

so from june 1st, when we moved today, i have had to suffer with this ancient monstrosity. it burns the bottoms of cookies ALL THE TIME. the eyes on the cooktop? not level. which is AWESOME. and one time...a drop of cookie dough CAUGHT ON FIRE in it. burst into flame. and last week, while i was baking meatloaf...smoke started coming OUT OF THE EYES. not from inside the oven....just smoke. mysterious smoke.

then and there...the hubs and i knew it was time to take action. no more saving for the more paying for our horrendous chimney we had to get taken's go time for the stove.

well, my tumultuous relationship with this horrid machine IS OVER.

as of 8:15 this morning,

this is my new love. she's so pretty and shiny. she has special baking technology to keep a constant temp inside all the time, so cakes and pies and cookies and anything else will come out perfectly.

the flat top means NO MORE CROOKED EYES. omg. i am in heaven just thinking about it!!

now to get rid of the countertops and cabinets i hate too...

i heart the olympics

i was MESMERIZED by the opening ceremonies...but i haven't been very good about keeping up with the games this year. until last night.

a friend of mine came over, we cracked open a bottle of pinot grigio, and settled in to watch THIS guy.

oh johnny weir. i love you so. i love that you rocked arguably the only slutty outfit of the short corset, pink ties, and that awesome tassle on your arm. you make no apologies for who you are...and you brought a lady gaga poster to your olympic village dorm to "watch over us". right now you're in that's cool. bring it thursday night for the long program, k.

so, i'm expecting to love johnny and only johnny...until evan.

meet evan lysacek. he's totally the ken doll of the group...trying to be the manly man of a bunch of dudes in SPANDEX AND SEQUINS skating around and spinning. i mean, yes it takes a heck of a lot of athletic ability...but there are still sequins. and feathers, if you're, NOT as manly as lumberjacking or what have you.

evan ROCKED. IT. OUT. he did SOOO good, with his sequins and feathers...and he totally teared up when he was done, cuz he's awesome. right now, he's in 2nd, behind some crappy russian dude with a mullet WHO SUCKS and has an attitude. NOT. A. FAN.

so i hope evan totally kicks ass on thursday night too.

also, REAL excited about tonight....

for shaun white!!!! i LOOOVE him, i think he's got mad snowboard skills...but he also just loves what he does. and now he's famous with peeps who don't even KNOW about snowboarding (like yours truly!). last night, he told a story about wearing his gold medal from torino out one night...and the ribbon got dirty.

so he told his mom to take it to the dry cleaners. and she did.

and then SHE GOT MAD IT WAS $10 TO CLEAN IT. his gold medal. i love it.

have you been watching? any faves?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

we all know what day it is!

i'm not Catholic, or from a seriously mardi gras celebrating sorta place...but the beads sure are pretty!! when i was little, my cousin's husband was stationed in NOLA, so they'd mail us HUGE boxes of beads every was AWESOME for dress-up time.

see, i'm more excited about another upcoming holiday...
see, i married an irish boy. or at least a 1/4 irish i feel like i get more right to celebrate than other peeps =) i've already turned my 3 "love" frames into "luck" ones for the occasion....and if the hubs and i ever get around to painting the submarine grey steel front door we have....i want to hang something there too!
also, i need every single one of you....

to go and wish Summer the best of luck and prayers and all the positive energy you have, so she can have a whole couch full of babes like this one....or at least 1 or 2. thanks ya'll!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

happy monday ya'll!

i hope everyone had a wonderful valentine's day! i know i did. first off...the hubs totally scored, with a bag full of candy and beef jerky and a home depot card. can i spoil a dude or what?

then, the hubs gave me my presents!
these beauties are decorating my ears right now...i love them! my 2nd present won't be here until tuesday ( i blame the snow), so he felt bad and got me some michael kors perfume as a replacement gift so i didn't have only one thing!!

now i gotta decide if i wanna keep the regular michael kors...which is what he bought, cuz that's the part he remembered...or get MK very hollywood, which is what i actually asked for. sounds way brattier than it is, promise.

then last night during our trip to the grocery store, the heavens smiled upon me...

cuz these were already out!!!!! OMG. i am a jellybean fiend. it's no secret. and these are totally my drug of choice....yummmm, life savers. i have to make the hubs take the bag away so i don't plow the whole thing.

and then....i bought myself a present.
this will be my VERY first piece of lilly that's not a piece of stationery. so. freaking. excited.
i love love love it, and it was only $100!! CLICK HERE if you need a ruelala invite =)
also, head over to Mayra's and tell her HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

the snow shatters dreams...

of potential mall pageant queens everywhere.

this was taken at my mall....
oh yeah, the snow WAS incriminating....

Friday, February 12, 2010

it's getting dirty ya'll.

it's official....


see, i'm from GA, about 100 miles south of atlanta. so we DON'T get snow. i was 8 before i even saw the white stuff...and in college before it happened again. and yes, we southerners have NOOOO idea how to deal with snow...we have sand trucks. not salt. it's awesome.

so this ish is bananas...cuz today makes THREE times in THREE YEARS it has snows. OMMMGGGG!

this here is me and the pup Bojanles on March 1st, 2009. he'd never seen snow before! we got about 4 inches that was awesome!

we're supposed to get the same today, if it ever starts sticking!! and a little shout to brooke..apparently, we are PRACTICALLY FREAKING NEIGHBORS. love. it. hope your girls are LOVING being out of school!

also, as a little early valentine for you, my beloved blog readers....

that's right. suck it mac...i gots my girls =)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

what i have GOT to have for summer

it's COLD here ya'll. not 14 feet of snow cold...but wind chill of freezing cold, which for this georgia girl is enough.

while i am still enjoying my snuggly sweaters and super cute peacoats...i know summer, she's a'coming. and this girl is gonna need some accessories to go with a katrillion tshirts, flip flops...and maybe some shorts, if i can find some in a decent length.

for crying out loud...a 5'10", all legs 26 year old girl does NOT need to wear denim hotpants...OR pleat-front cullottes. there has to be a compromise!!

anyhoo...back to the accessories...and the siren song known as
i must own these adorable simple earrings, in yellow. and maybe white.

yeahhhhh.....for $3, i can wear the same earrings in 2 colors...right?

this fancy glass business would look SO cool on a long silver chain i have. probably NOT that leather cord.
oh scarves...why do you tempt me so?! this purple is SO. FAB. and....i want aqua too. cuz clearly...i have a problem. a $5 one.
oh pretty fringe....also so summery. i can see this yellow with my awesome grey jcrew dress. and the grey one i want?? it can go with....other stuff.
i'm a white white girl. super white. freckle, not tan white. it's awesome...and means i'm a sunscreen fiend. i'm also on the hunt for a good floppy hat for the pool...and this is a great one!!
and, what nautical summery biznass isn't complete without a roped knot headband????

i MUST own this!!

and the grand total for everything....$45.60.

Monday, February 8, 2010

a bunch o' randomness

i'll be the first to admit....when i get bored, i "window shop" online.

and today, i found this.

isn't it adorable?! black jersey, and only $30 from target!! the best's one of those fancy convertible dresses....skirt, and 2 long strappy things to tie around your waist, or your shoulders, or whatever. i have pretty much decided i must own it in black...but i'm contemplating grey too!!

so, i've gotten the hubs a few things for valentine's day...but when i was browsing around, i found this. and i may have to break down and purchase.

they're in love!! and they're robots!! see, back when the hubs was just my boyfriend...i sent him some random "free gift" on facebook, that was a little love robot. and it spiraled from there...i always find robot things to get year it was a pencil sharpener, things like this. so this shirt from Happy Family's etsy shop is too perfect!! i'm just not sure he'd actually wear it.

and, to finish this randomness on a REALLY random note...we were talking about kool-aid at work.

anyone remember this stuff?! the powder was green....then turned blue. YUMMMMM.

not even sad peyton lost....

because THIS:

is the single most adorable thing to ever happen at a Super Bowl. EVER.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

maybe mama was right...

once, when mom and i were at the mall, i showed her a pair of shoes i was loving...kelly green satin, slingback peeptoes, 4 inch heels with a little platform in the pretty!! i ended up getting them in a print later, but what came out of her mouth next will live in infamy forevermore in our family.

mom: " ::big sigh:: hayley, sometimes, i think deep down inside you're really just a big whore."

mama does NOT share my love for sky-high stilletos...and she would LOATHE these if she saw them.

me on the other hand.....OH. MY. GAWD.really christian?? really?!? you take a perfectly gorgeous 4-inch heeled pump...and you cover it in pink glitter. it's like you're channeling everything i love in this world in ONE SHOE.

anybody got $600 lying around, so i can make these beauties mine??

Thursday, February 4, 2010

this is TOO cool

in case i haven't mentioned it...i work in tv. local news to be precise. so...i find out a lot of weird stuff, a lot of weird ways.

today, one of our photogs came back from shooting a story about a lotto winner (btw, color me jealous about this dude's $2.5 million). anyways...she tells me that the lotto peeps gave her this bag...made from an old banner. i had to see she showed me, and i was totally jealous AGAIN.

enter Prior Life. this company takes old banners, the super tough plastic/fabric combo ones...and turns them into something else!!these wine bags are TOO cute!! perfect for a hostess gift.

this smaller tote is amazing. it looks like the perfect size. none of them look exactly the can either order with no preference, and wait for the surprise...or you can give them a color preference if you want blue or green or black or whatever!

and this is the extra large tote...i think this is the perfect size for a beachbag! or if you're one of those girls who needs a big work tote along with a purse....or maybe a new mama in your life who's toting around baby stuffs!

they also make small zipper bags, like makeup bags...and wallets, lunchbox coolers, all sorts of stuff!!

i totally want one. because it's green, so that's cool....trash is whack anyways. plus...they're ADORABLE!!

and if you've got a company with lots of banners you normally toss, you can send them to prior life, and they'll make them into whichever product you want, add a label with the banners "prior life" info, and then send them back to you to give away or sell!!

what do you think? digging them like i am?

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

i cannot be the only one...

totally and completely addicted to the ridiculous drama that is "teen mom" on MTV.

last night was the reunion special with dr. drew...and let me tell you, it was 90 solid minutes of amazingness. so amazing in fact, that the hubs was upstairs working on his ipod...and he had it on too. so we could discuss the crazy together.

let me start with the classiest of the bunch....amber.
APPARENTLY, amber is a fat boyfriend beater. homegirl WAILED on gary for talking trash about her dad. who's honestly a little sketch.

first off....these 2 fight 24/7. when they're not eating takeout CRACKER BARELL IN A MOTEL ROOM. omg. there are no words.

also...last night, amber had a dinstinctly 'hood tone to her voice. she used to be white-trash countryfied...what the eff happened?! "look me in my face gary...look me in my face. i'm sorry i hit you".

for realz?! these 2 are crazy...and now amber CLAIMS she's preggers again. yeah right.

on to d-bag numero dos.

i'm pretty sure ryan here is one of the worst human beings ON THE PLANET. he told maci she dropped all her classes because "she was lazy as sh!t"...not because she was taking care of baby bentley and working ALL ALONE, while he was out partying with his homeboys.
ugh, i seriously can't stand this kid. he's an ass, and he's arrogant, and he doesn't realize one bit how he hurts maci, OR bentley. even his dad gets on his butt about how much he sucks! the dude didn't want to shell out cash FOR HIS KID'S FIRST BIRTHDAY CAKE. and we're not talking a duff goldman, ace of cakes confection...we're talking duncan hines. from a box.
i think she's SO much better without him...and i know she'll find someone better!
there was also farrah, who bores me, even if her mama is CRAAAAZZZZYYYY. and the ever adorable tyler and catelynn....who are totally the smartest and most mature of the bunch, what with giving their baby girl up for adoption.
also, super freaking pumped about the new season of "16 and pregant" mostly for this little exchange from the previews...."the baby is yours...we had sex A LOT."

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

random tuesday ramblings

you see this guy?? not the one in the top hat...the furry one.
he can SUCK IT. 6 more weeks of winter my ass mr. phil. i think NOT!!

see, i ignore Pennsylvania's most famous rodent....cuz down here in the peach state, we've got our OWN groundhog.
welcome to casa de General Beauregard Lee. that's right...he's got A MANSION. and he says spring is on its way. so i'm listening to him. cuz...he's got a mansion. he's gotta be doing something right for such sweet digs, right??
also....spent about 30 minutes getting my craft on last night.

this here is my super hot knotted bead necklace. i stole the idea from the lovely Candace. she rocked a clear one with black ribbon at her surprise shower this weekend...and i HAD to find out where she got it! of course...imagine my shock when the answer was "hobby lobby".
the string of beads cost me all of $5, and the ribbon was another $2. i just cut a LOOOOOONG double length of ribbon, then tied a knot about where i wanted it to start. threaded both ribbons in the bead hole, and then took ONE ribbon and re-looped it through the bead., and then tied another knot. then repeated...20something times. i love it! the only problem, is i think the ribbons left on the ends are a little i might try and attach a clasp...OR cut them shorter and knot more lenght on to it.
i'm also making one with black ribbon and greyish-green beads tonight!

Monday, February 1, 2010

it's february!

since it's february....and we're now less than 2 weeks away from valentine's day, i figured a post about love was in order.

or....a post about lust. cuz monday eye-candy is ALWAYS a plus.

see, the hubs and i are one of many couples with a "list". you know the list....the 3 celebs you totally get a free pass to hook up with, should the opportunity ever arise. it's such a goofy thing...but we've played the game since we were just dating.

we're also big fans of "which would you sleep with"....cuz clearly, we're weird.

so, who's on my list you ask?? the top 2 spots are on LOCK, but the last....i am torn.
meet the man number one, after the hubs of course, in my heart. oh make me swoon. with your blue eyes and rugged good looks...and wicked hockey skills of course, as evidenced by the glorious trilogy known as The Mighty Ducks.

plus, we go way back freshman year of high school. when i loved you once a week on my tv, as the ever-so bad rakish bad boy with a soft side, Pacey Witter. i cheered when you and joey ended up together in the finale. the season the 2 of you were fighting falling in love is my fave.

plus, now you fight creepy sci-fi things on fringe. so that's cool too.

oh mr. you entice me so. with your swagger and southern drawl. plus, you're probably the coolest rapper ever, at least to this georgia white girl. your rhymes are smarter and faster than almost anyone...and i love that you're a self-made man.

plus, who doesn't love chicken and beer?!

and now...we come to #3. how shall i ever choose? thing the hubs will let me 2 solids, and 3 alternates?

hmmmmm....chris pine. you can fly my spaceship anytime.

oh hello mike's the dirty job going? and your wry witty humor?? yummy i bet...just yummy.

and nathan...i can forgive you being a total creeper psycho on buffy...cuz you know, you rocked the drawl and all. and while i wasn't on board when it came on...i now realize the injustice served to you when firefly got cancelled.

at least now we have a weekly monday night date so i can watch you hunt down murders....and rick castle is a super good name.

so....who's on your list? agree with any of mine? who should take lucky number 3??