Tuesday, March 2, 2010

me and jcrew are in a fight...

cuz they sent me a catalog...and i kinda want the WHOLE thing.

basically, if it's on THIS page...i wouldn't fight you for buying it for me =)

current fave?
yes. please. chunky stones and metal? gah...love it.


i'm gonna need these like yesterday. also, LOVE the blue ones...perfect for you brides looking for "something blue". adore.


bananas. said...

where's the hubs? shouldn't he be showering you with jcrew gifts ;)

Anonymous said...

that necklace is lovely! i haven't flipped through that catalog. I was trying to spare myself...and my wallet!

Jennifer said...

both items are beautiful!

I have a question for you and can't seem to find your email address on here anywhere - so email me and we can chat!!

Freck said...

ME TOO!!! Oh man, I want it all. Check Ebay for the jewelry, sometimes you can get the great stuff for a steal! Just make sure it's the real thing before you pull the trigger and buy it :)

Kristin said...

OMG...that necklace. Why did you have to show me that??? GORGEOUS!