Monday, February 18, 2013

it starts with tunes, and ends with tears

unless you've been living under a rock lately, or you just don't listen to top 40 radio, you've probably heard my current favorite jam.  it's about rocking grandpa clothes.

oh yes, i CANNOT get enough of the song "thrift shop" by mackelmore and ryan lewis.

but this isn't about that song.

this is about SO much more.

because this weekend, as i'm jamming to that song for the millionth time...i decide to listen to a few more tracks from the album.  see how i dig it.

and then, i hear this song. and i am haunted by its words, its message, its everything.

i'll warn you...there's some choice language, so don't blast it at work or anything. but listen, PLEASE listen.

because this song? this song brought me to tears.  it gives me a lump in my throat every single time.

because you know what? ALL LOVE IS THE SAME.

it didn't matter 60 years ago that 2 people had different colored skin, and it doesn't matter now that 2 people share the same parts.  you love who you love.  it's not a choice, it's not an abomination, it's not anything but beautiful, the way all love stories are.

and as i sit here, marveling at the technology in front of me and the innovations that happen every single day on this astounds me why anyone would want to fight love so hard. the simplest and most complex of things.  something almost all of us strive to find, strive to keep.  it's so very unfair some have to strive so much harder.

it's all the same.  and should be treated as such.

i think honest abe would agree with me, and today IS his day after all =)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

don't squish them, that's abuse!

from being called out for NOT being pregnant, to talking about someone else's boobs....pretty par for the course around these parts i think.

as you know, IF you've got a dude in your life (or you're like me and just obsessively read shit on the internet), the new sports illustrated swimsuit edition is out.

and for the first time since the late 90's, when tyra fivehead banks graced the cover twice...the same model as last year is featured this year.

and her name is kate upton.

i'll admit, for some reason...kate upton annoys me. i think it's the mole, combined with her near-constant bitch face. 

BUT, i'm not blind. and i fully realize that body-wise...this girl is BANGIN'.  she's not scrawny, she's sexy. 

so, if i looked like the above, and i wasn't even legally allowed to purchase alcohol yet...i would be HELLA pissed when sports illustrated picked THIS for their cover.
dude. NO.

why are her tatas all smooshed together??  it's like...the least sexy cleavage EVER.   which has got to be pretty freaking epic to accomplish considering kate upton's rack is basically her claim to fame.

you spend THREE YEARS planning a shoot in ONLY take kate upton. you shoot literally hundreds of images....and THIS is the best you think you've got.

SOME BOOB-HATING MAN PICKED THIS SHOT. i just know it. some self-righteous butt man decided his favorite part wasn't being everyone else's favorite wouldn't be either.  nope...they'd just be slapped up there and smushed down like she's giving herself a full-frontal mammogram.

you know it's bad when i feel terrible for someone i don't even like.

Monday, February 11, 2013

just keep your mouth shut

there are plenty of things that it is perfectly acceptable to say to a stranger at Macy's on a friday afternoon.

"excuse me, would you wear this?"
"oh, i love your purse/shoes/scarf/earrings!"
"do you know where the restroom is?"

all just fine and dandy.  normal even.

what it's NOT okay to say to someone is "oh, you just look so cute....when is your baby due?"


i'll be the first to tell you, i've got tummy pudge. and at almost 30...i've come to accept it. i probably won't ever have a least not without wayyyy more work than i'm willing it put in, cuz it's just not that important to me.

but not important to me doesn't mean i'm not self conscious about it. it doesn't mean that every time i've been asked if i'm pregnant (starting with this grade-A see-you-next-tuesday in 8th grade...i still hate her), it stings a little more. it doesn't mean that a lot of times, i've thought about the fact that once i AM with child, it's not gonna be "fun" flaunting my baby bump because i feel like i spend all day every day hiding what i've got now.  i've got a rocking set of gams that make it hard to buy pants long enough, so i'm no troll or anything...but STILL.

so, life lessons here people.... never, ever, EVER ask someone when their baby is due. unless they are contracting on the floor and asking for your spare epidural from your purse.

and for the record, this is the offending outfit.

totally screams "about to birth a child", doesn't it??

Friday, February 1, 2013

what to do on a windy wednesday

earlier this week, the south was treated to a little taste of summer....aka strong storms, the threat of tornadoes and general weather craziness.

so what's a girl to do when she doesn't wanna risk getting dorothy-ed by leaving her house??

CRAFT. duh.

i broke out my mad summer camp skills for a little lanyard braiding on the necklace....and the bracelet is totally a home depot special, aka nuts and something called masonry twine, known around these parts as hayley's favorite way to get a bazillion feet of neon twine for like $6.

i've got more ribbon, and of course more twine for more jewelry experiments soon! plus...i just might get a few in the shop if it's something you guys think you'd rock with me =)