Wednesday, March 17, 2010

why my dad is better than yours

because, approximately 2:22pm this afternoon, he sends me a text message.

and that text says::

"gimme back that fillet-o-fish, gimme that fish! what if it were you hangin up on this wall?if it were you in that sandwich you wouldn't be laughin' at all!"

gah i love him.


Freck said...

Hahaha!!! I love that commercial!

Summer {Bisfor...} said...

i love him too!

how can some peeps hate that commercial?

capperson said...

haha that is too cute!

Kate said...

That commercial is so funny. I always have the song stuck in my head for days after watching it though

bananas. said...

Bahhh I don't get it but I'm guessing its cause I haven't seen that commercial. Your dad is better either way. I'll agree with you on that :)

Jill said...

hahah LOVE! i remember when i sent my dad his very first text message about a year ago. he has yet to send me a comedic text though. it's always things like "what interest rate did you end up with on your mortgage?" lame sandwich. but i love him anyways.