Friday, March 5, 2010

so pumped

cuz i have a date with these boys tonight!!
t-minus less than 9 hours until me, gary, joe don...and the other one are jamming out. SO. EXCITED. rascal flatts have been to my town a few times in the last few years...but when i was in college, and all the shows were during the week, or in sundays when i couldn't go! so i'm pumped.
also, me and hootie will be hanging out. cuz he's the opening act...and he rocks.
i'm wearing an ADORABLE dark green jersey dress from target, my cognac jacket, and my awesome boots. right now...i have a gold feather necklace on from forever21....but i'm contemplating changing to a chunky brown stone necklace before the show.
also, can't wait to abandon the tank top i have on under the dress...a little too boobalicious for work, but NOT for a show!!
and....i leave you with this wonderous friday sentiment...


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