Wednesday, March 10, 2010

this is how i feel.

i am ANNOYED. so very annoyed.

because i have coworker who runs his mouth about EVERYTHING. no matter the topic...he's got something to say, loudly i might add, and he's "always right". doesn't listen to, or respect anyone else's opinion.

which is normally fine, i ignore it, because it's usually about something meaningless.

today, it wasn't.

my work is a part of a campaign pushing for early colorectal cancer screenings. and he decides to announce that he thinks people "catch" it because "of something they ate. they must be really unhealthy".


until you have not one, but TWO of your favorite people on the planet be taken away from you because of this disease....people who lived good lives and gave back and made the world a better place....until THAT happens to you, don't say a word. because the people they left behind, who miss them EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. will hear you. and be offended by your ignorance. be offended that your family is untouched, while mine has lost 2 of its most important members.

ugh, i am trying not to sit here and seeth, or cry at the memories...but gah. i just wanna punch him.


Summer {Bisfor...} said...

i am sending you a hug bc i totally know what you are going through. tell him how it is!

Bekkah said...

Some people are just clueless assholes. Sorry you have to work with one. I would have seriously punched him in the face for that comment.

KLaw said...

Eff the asshats!! :)

Freck said...

What a butthead. Karma. Just imagine that, karma. He'll get what's coming.

Classy Fab Sarah said...

Feel free to give me the phone number of this asshole.

As the daughter of an extremely-healthy 47-year-old mom who died of colon cancer... you can tell him to kiss my ass. And also, that he is a complete f*cker.

bananas. said...

ew. sounds like a jackass. you should've told him just that and maybe he would've shut his shit.

what an idiot. i give you permission to punch his face in.

sorry he pissed you off.