Friday, January 28, 2011

if you've got a problem...i'll probably listen in on it

this? is me.

okay...not REALLY me, cuz that's a dude...and i'm not. but the point is...i'm a serial eavesdropper.

i am ALL UP in people's conversations. all the time.

it started in college, when i rode a bus like 30 minutes after class every day to get back to my parking deck...when i was alone, i'd just zone out the window...and listen to other people talk.

and now i can't stop.

the hubs and i will be at walmart or something, waiting in line and i'll ask him if he heard what the people next to us were talking about. he NEVER does...which greatly concerns me, because hello, how else can i mock them if i have to explain the sitch to him?!, i went to the hair salon with a friend, because 1) we had not hung out this week, and 2) going to the salon with someone else is better than sitting at home alone, watching dog the bounty hunter...with my dogs.

so stylist is working on her, i'm chillaxing nearby...and then in comes this blonde girl. and the minute she starts talking, i realize it.


one of those people who talks...and talks...and talks. and you can literally feel the brain cells in your head screaming out for nourishment...and all they're getting is nothing. AT ALL.

here's a little combo of what she prattled on about:
1) how she totaled her car hydroplaning.
2) how the police told her she wrecked because she hit black ice (which i'm pretty sure is NOT the same as's hitting black ice)
3) her car was towed out of the ravine...and that's what totaled it (so maybe don't imply that your car was totaled in the wreck, huh?? cuz having the axle jacked up from a tow is NOT really the same)
4) how she wanted to do something different with her hair, but mom told her not to...and there comes a point when you can't argue with mom anymore (who's mom tells them how to do their hair?!)
5) getting her picture taken for a local magazine tomorrow was going to involve something "cute" like sitting on the edge of a sofa with her sketchpad, NOT something "boring" like sitting at a desk.
6) continually saying her hair was messed up because another stylist "stripped" it.
7) saying she doesn't really even know what "stripped" means.

ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?! i couldn't even take the stupid...there was THAT much of it. like being smothered by stupidity.

and to think...if i wasn't such an eavesdropper...those poor brain cells of mine would still be alive, all tina fey and smart...but now? just jessica simpson.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

she makes feel dumb...but damn if she isn't catchy

it's no secret...i love stupid music. i also love really good, really well written, really amazing music.

but if a song has ridiculous lyrics that are the least bit catchy...i love the song. even when i hate myself for loving it.

and lately...the biggest offender in my life is one miss dollar sign.

also known as kesha. or ke$ha. or whatever.

she actually makes me feel stupid when i listen to her songs. and continues.

i mean, with lyrical gems like "We’re sellin’ our clothes, sleepin’ in cars
Dressin’ it down, hittin’ on dudes (HARD!)"...i was bound to love her music.

i mean, she doesn't even really sing..she just talks. to a beat.

AND i'm pretty sure she's got at least 3 STDs. at least.

and probably a glitter infection.

and WHY does she wear that stupid feather in her hair?!?

ugh, i hate her, i really do. even with my love for her "music"...i hate her.

so, when i saw this video...i HAD to share.

i'm 99% sure this is how she ACTUALLY gets ready in the morning. it's not really safe for work, cuz there's some potty mouthage (like we'd expect any less from a girl who looks like she actually lives IN the potty)...but it's pretty funny.

even for dollar sign.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

what to wear, what to wear

you know those friends you have, who are SO close to you...but not physically close to you? the ones you email constantly, and always text and facebook...but don't actually get to hang with?

i'm spending my weekend with 2 of mine.

and i'm WAYYYY excited.
i bought this dress from old navy for a whopping $15...and i LOVE it because i can wear it under things right now...and all on its own come spring/summer.

but the under part is what's got my stumped currently. we're planning on going to a nice restaurant saturday night, then out for drinks and dancing and whatnot. so i need your help figuring out what to top the dress with =)

disclaimer: yes, i have the dirtiest bathroom mirror of all time. the hubs usually cleans i forget to. and i wasn't about to do it for these pictures...cuz i'm lazy. makeup on. so don't look at the smidgens of my face are showing.

oh, and i realize my boobs are little out there...i intend to fix that before the weekend. hopefully.

first up, there's the grey motorcycle jacket with the ruffle at the neck and sleeves. i don't LOVE this with it...but i don't hate it either.

then there's the cream motorcycle jacket, that i do kinda love with it....BUT i'm not sure what shoes to wear. and if it looks cute enough for what i want.

black cropped motorcycle jacket, which would be super cute with sky-high black pumps, or my shorter black booties....BUT is it nice enough for a nice restaurant?

AND the grey blazer, which would also be cute with sky-high heels, and some "tougher" jewelry to keep it from going tooooo preppy. but is it hot enough for a night out?

which would you wear? which should i wear? any other suggestions for what to top the dress with so my poor arms don't fall off my body in the cold?

Thursday, January 20, 2011

when boredom turns into big-time savings

one thing i've learned being a stay-at-home-wife....sometimes, i'm prefectly happy chilling at home with my dogs, watching tv and getting little things done around the house.

and sometimes, i feel like i'm going to crawl out of my skin if i don't get out of the house and DO something.

so earlier this week, i decided to hit the mall and just browse. a lot of times when i do that, i don't end up buying much....but looking around and breathing air NOT in my house does me good.

and SOMETIMES, it also means i get an expensive dress for less than it costs me to fill up my car.
yes, i took this in the dressing room. and yes, the girls are a LITTTTTLE more on display than i normally rock these days....nothing a little tailoring can't fix.

cuz this dress? normally $98.

me? i paid $12. and some change. but less than a dollar's worth of change!!

i have nowhere to wear this in the immediate future, cuz i think it's WAY too nice for my high school reunion (which, by the way...i have a whole post full of gripes about. but all in due time). i don't even have any weddings to go to in the near future, which is WEIRD, seeing as how there's been at least one on the horizon for me every year since 2007.

but for twelve bucks?? i don't care if i have to rock this baby to the grocery HAD to come home with me.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

blinging out the hubs' wrists

you know what's awesome?? when you've been bragging since before christmas that you already have your husband's valentine's present picked out....and then amazon sells out of it. and you're not ABOUT to spend $120 on something that was originally $35.

sooooo...i've been browsing other options. and i MAY buy the dude some cufflinks. but not lame, black and silver, i got these with my $6 tie at walmart cufflinks....really awesome ones.
these little guys were part of the husband's wedding gift. they're sterling silver linux tux cufflinks. cuz we met because of my BFF sarah, and a linux malfunction. so it HAD to be done.

and since the guy has a VERY big work trip coming up at the end of february, i thought i might get him another pair of awesome ones.
i LOVE these little robots!! we have a running joke about robots, going wayyy back, so these would be adorable. plus...his valentine's card has a robot on it. so these would be adorable.
BUT the pac-man and ghost are also super freaking awesome. cuz's a pac-man and a ghost!! and i was gonna get him this book called 1001 video games you must play before you die, so these would be super adorable with that. and if i can find the atari flashback console he wants...well, this would basically be the best valentine's day present ever.

(sidenote: i do have one other present i'm getting him, and i LOOOOVE it, it's the funniest thing ever....but it needs it's own blog post. so you'll have to wait about that).

all of these awesome cufflinks are from dedalo's etsy shop....but i can't decide which to get!! which do you think the mr. should rock on his wrists?

a deal totally worth stealing =)

so you girls KNOW i love saving money. so i HAD to let you know that living social is offering a $20 amazon gift card for $10 today!!

CLICK HERE and get your deal on =) i think i might get a few books i've been eyeing...for half off, why not??

Friday, January 14, 2011

shedding my comfy style

when i say comfy...i don't just mean the lounge pants and long sleeve tees that are a serious staple of my wardrobe.

i mean getting out of my comfort instant thought to throw on a black sweater, jeans and a fun necklace or chunky earrings, or a tank and a cardigan with my diamond studs.

don't get me wrong, i still love those things...and if i'm in a hurry, they're always my default, because i know they work for me.

but lately, especially since i've been on my "sabbatical" from working...when i leave the house, i wanna try new things with my clothes. seeing as how i space out errands so i have somewhere to go every day...i'm certainly gonna try and look fly doing it.

so, yesterday i decided to try a little experiment with patterns and colors and see how i dug it.

here's my ensemble, and i gotta say i loved it!! i dug the grey coat with the dress...but the best part was definitely my lower half.

cuz those are grey and black striped socks. that i stole from the hubs. and rocked with grey snake-skin mary janes.


i don't think the hubs realizes how often i intend to snag his cute socks from now on...along with my knee-high target ones i scored for $2.

anyone else love the socks with pumps trend? any other fashion limbs i ought to try out?? i'm willing to give anything a shot once!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

it's a glorious combo

so...i love showtunes. a lot. i was a theater geek in high school, so musicals hold a special place in my heart.

you know what else does? awesome rap. and early 90's hip-hop. the fact that my beloved husband said "who?" when i mentioned last week that police reopened the investigation into one christopher wallace's murder, and that sug knight was probably involved STILL makes my soul hurt. he knows so little about certain things i love.

so this video? this video is the highlight of my life. at least for today.

and don't blare it too loud at the office...there's a very moments of "colorful language", but that makes it more awesome.

also an amazing combo?? glee and NAIL POLISH!!!

apparently this collection is launching in february...i fully intend to get the mini set, but they have full size bottles too.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

baby it's cold outside

it's finally all melted...but i'm still a little in shock that we got snow in georgia...IN JANUARY!!

this is actually the 3rd time it's snowed down here since the beginning of december, including christmas day which is just 14 kinds of crazy.

and since it's practically a tradition now...i figured i'd show off the snowy portraits the hubs and i have taken over the years.

the first time we went on a snow adventure together, when he was only my boyfriend =) it didn't snow much where we live....but about 30 miles away on the mountain, it totally did. so i stalked the weather channel's website like a crazy person, and we headed out when it started coming down!
then the first winter in our house, it snowed the day AFTER it was warm and there were tornadoes.

craziest weather weekend EVER.

and yes..i have NO makeup on. not hot. but so happy about snow i didn't even care.
and the hubs and i mugging for the camera on monday...for the record, i was meeting my ladies for lunch, i did NOT get all dolled up for a front-yard photo shoot.

anyone else love snowy pictures with your love? and does anyone else have a fella who is WAYYYY better at the self-portrait than they are? i am incapable of taking a decent photo of myself and someone else.

Monday, January 10, 2011

the tale of 2 bags

i will be the first to admit...i am NOT a bag girl. not really. shoes? abso-freaking-lutely. but that's just it....SHOES are my thing. my splurge. my love.

i don't get all hopped up on jeans, and i have about 57 times more costume jewelry than the "good" stuff...and bags are no different. right now....i'm carrying a blue hobo-esque bag i got from new york and company for less than $30. and i dig it. buuuttttt.....i've also had it since like april. or march.

and i want a change.

while out shopping last week, i spotted this green beauty in a boutique here in town. and of COURSE, i mentally jotted the brand and style down, to do a little internet research. and i can get it for about $60. which is more than i've spent on the last few bags....BUT the color is gorgeous.

see, i'm an anti black or brown bag girl. cuz if i have a black bag, and i wear brown...i feel weird. same goes for the opposite. but a colored bag negates that....i had bright yellow a few years back, then a big dark pink, then brighter green, then get the picture.


and while i do love this big buddha heart REALLY belongs to another.

bag lust, thy name is hillier.

for serious...i LIVE AND BREATHE for this bag. the shape is gorgeous...and i love the hang-down longer strap...and i've had my eye on this particular style of marc by marc jacobs bag....BUT most of the colors i've seen are neutrals. or this one odd purple-brown color.

but this....this sage, minty green is PERFECTION. i am obsessed. i want to snuggle it and give it a nickname and hire someone to follow me around the mall and hold it when i pee so it's pretty little bottom never sits on a nasty public restroom floor.

BUT this beauty is also almost 7 times more expensive than the BB bag. $398 versus $60 is quite the jump.

and i am SOOOOOO torn what to do. get the big buddha, and use it until i get the hillier?

just get the hillier with half christmas money and half my money?

be responsible and wait until we've got more moolah in the bank??

what would you do with an unquenchable case of bag lust?

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

go get you some free stuff

it is a proven fact...i'm a nail polish junkie. for reals...i got a whole drawer i'll give you a tour of...if i wasn't writing this with wet nails and sleeping hubs, i'd go take a pic right now. but i have just trust it's like dozens and dozens and DOZENS of colors.

so, free polish. HELLZ TO THE YEAH.

i actually have 2 zoya polishes i got from ulta on sale...but they were NOT free. and these are.

so go to and pick out three. and use the code above before the 7th and pay $7 shipping and get some free polish for yourself.

when mine come in, i'll show off the colors...cuz i'm all about the pre-planned blog ;)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

so....i might have an infestation. OF ADORABLE!

hola in 2011 y'all!! can you believe it's 2011? this time a decade ago i was worrying my still-slightly-awkward-but-getting-prettier little head about graduating HIGH SCHOOL. that's bananas.

and seeing as how i have clearly now turned the corner and headed straight to grandma-dome, what with being 10 years out of high school and all (yes, i'm being facetious....i hit "old" about 25, and now i feel like it's going backwards and i feel way too young to be a "grown-up")...i have rediscovered my love for knick-knacks. tchotchkes. little things and items that will inevitably get all sorts of dust in my 50+ year old house....but still. love them

and i got more for christmas =)

you might remember this shiny guy....i made the hubs let me buy him at target last summer around graduation time...because he knew he'd never hear the end of it if he didn't come live with us. he's shiny. and so pretty. he keeps our loose change, and one day we'll buy something awesome with his insides (THAT sounds wayyyy more serial killer than i anticipated).
so the hubs got me this guy as one of my advent calendar gifts! isn't he adorable?? he's from urban outfitters...and they have more colors, a pretty yellow, and another listing with red and grey and turquoise (don't tell hubs, but i so want ALL of them. what's the best way to convince someone you're in desperate need of about 6 owl banks?? thoughts?) he looks so way cute sitting on the mantle to the left of the ONE wedding picture we currently have displayed.
and then my sis got me this! it's apparently supposed to be a christmas ornament...but it's like the size of a baseball at least, and weighs the i can only imagine it would bring down our fake tree like the freaking hindenberg. sooooo....he lives on the mantle too. they all do. a little owl coven, or whatever the heck the word for a group of owls owling? like a gaggle of geese? maybe owlgle?

clearly...i have no clue.

but i do have not one, not 2, but THREE PAIRS of owl patterned flannel pj's. cuz i rule.