Monday, March 8, 2010

anyone got a spare $100?

you'd get a solid $15 back....cuz i NEEEEEED this.

from Heistjewelry's etsy shop, it's a personalized graffiti nameplate necklace. i am dying.

and no, i don't want "dawg" and randy jackson are NOT that tight. but hales? YES. PLEASE.

$85 is a little steep....but it's also just. so. cool. and way cooler than regular nameplate necklaces, like the ones i LUSTED after when i was a wee middle school girl. i know you know the ones i speak of...mall kiosk, gold wire bent into your name, perhaps with a rhinestone for your birthstone??

so yes, hales NEEDS this. needs.

what would yours say?


bananas. said...

that's awesome.

i have the gold wire one and i love it! also have a silver one that resembles the infamous carrie necklace from SATC.

if i got the graffiti one, i'd fo shiz get bananas. yup :)

Anonymous said...
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Tiffany said...

Probably something generic like my name. Because I'm so original like that! ha.