Wednesday, March 3, 2010

any idol fans?

i was never an idol girl when it first started. i'd watch auditions, then see who won a few months later. but when i got a job with a fox was kinda my JOB to watch. and i was hooked. i'll forever carry a torch for my young silver haired soul patrol brother taylor hicks. LOVE.

anyhoo, let's talk a little bit about this season, K?

this is michael lynch, aka "big mike". i'm basically obsessed with him. he missed the birth of his first child for hollywood week! heard it on the phone! i adore him...and he benches like 505 or something. which is also ballsy. he's my big teddy bear idol boyfriend.

i'll admit...if you can sing i song i HATE and make me like you...we're good. this is lee dewyze. he sang "lips of an angel" which i LOATHE. but apparently...he made "bad decisions" in high school. and he's bad-boy yummy. i got a weakness for the nice boys who make poor choices when they're young...i married one!

now, let's get to the girls.
oh crystal bowersox, you're totally my faves. you played harmonica last week. then you were IN THE FREAKING HOSPITAL yesterday, and tonight you rocked it out. i love your hippie dreads, and your teeth that are a little small for your mouth, and your son is precious.

now, on a totally different note...
i hate this girl. can't stand her. she SUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKKSSSSSS. her voice is terrible. and she is ANNOYING. and her gums are big, which i know isn't her fault, but still...i fixate on the things that bug me. and she has a lisp. and she is annoying.

also, her name is HAELEY. does that look right in any way?! no. it doesn't. because it's a stupid freaking way to spell a perfectly lovely name.

hayley = awesome.
haeley = SUCK.

anyone else digging this season? what are your thoughts? agree with me about how stupid ms. vaughn spells her name?!


bananas. said...

i'm not really digging the boys so much but haeley...CANNOT STAND!!! hated her since hollywood week when she ruined jason mraz' i'm yours. her all white outfit last week was horrid too. barf all over her face please!

logan said...

haha, this post made me laugh. and i too couldn't agree with you more...i don't like that haeley girl. her lisp drives me nuts and her voice is just awful!

Jennifer said...

I'm loving Lee, Casey, Andrew, Katelyn, Crystal and Lacey.
But I'm hating Haeley and John . . . I hope they are the two to go home this week.
I'm also unsure this show can go on without Simon, I think he is the backbone . . . what do you think?

Tiffany said...

I can't stand Haeley either... Everytime they show her on tv I say "I can't stand her" "her lips are so big" it just drives me crazy
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Freck said...

Haeley sucks. Mike is great, not loving a lot of the guys though. I'm kind of disappointed by this season...can I say that?