Monday, June 27, 2011

how does a party of 3 get out of hand?

i'm still not exactly sure how it happened...what started as an innocent invitation for 3 of my besties to come hang with me friday night while the hubs celebrated the departure of his work nemesis....turned into our version of this.

for the record...this video makes me love one katy perry even more than i already do.

here's a little timeline of how our friday evening went down::

7:30pm - friends arrive, with snacks and wine.
8pm: we pour ourselves a glass, and proceed to watch the glory and wonder that is the season finale of intervention season 2....aka sylvia.
she drinks 15 airline bottles of vodka a day. she DEFINITELY knows how to party.
8:50pm: look up old episodes of SNL on netflix, to watch amy poehler being the wonder that is amber.
she's got one leg, and yeah she farted....JEALOUS?!
9:15pm: show my friends the new katy perry video, since i think it's awesome. friend proceeds to mention that we also need to watch the new britney video.
9:20pm - 1am: that simple suggestion of watching the new britney spears video led us down a past of video nostalgia that was EPIC. we drank almost 2 big bottles of wine between the 3 of us, and proceeded to watch, and sing along at the top of our lungs with britney, backstreet boys, nsync, hanson, o-town, m2m, steps, s club 7, b*witched, and that's just the ones i can think of off the top of my head.

nate came home to BLARING 90's pop music, and us being ridiculous and dancing around.

it. was. EPIC. i may or may not have done the running man in my living room several times, because it just seemed SO appropriate for reasons now unknown.

i've also had songs i haven't heard or even thought about in a solid decade or more stuck in my head all weekend.

anyone else ever had a casual shindig that turned into a house party for just a few?

Monday, June 20, 2011

how am i tired from a lazy weekend?

i had basically 2 very simple plans this weekend. see my dad for father's day, and hang at the pool for one of my best girl's birthday.

so why the heck am i still so tired?? this weekend wiped me!! granted...the getting up at 8ish this morning didn't help. yes, feel free to hate me for whining about 8am being early...i'd hate me too.

i had to drop my car off at the shop...and walk home. it's only about 1/4 mile...but still. NOT happy about it. also crossing my fingers that 1. the hubs is right that it's the CV joint/axle/something or other that's broken. and 2. it does not cost 14 million dollars to fix. cuz sometimes...that's what they charge.

alright, back to my "lazy" weekend.
see that dude on the left putting together LIME GREEN PAPER LANTERNS? that's the daddio. cuz nothing says "i love my eldest child" like manning up and decorating her wedding reception. LOVES. IT.

so what does a girl get her motorcycle loving dad? easy...a harley collar, complete with studs...FOR HIS CHIHUAHUA. it was totally the most ridiculous gift ever. and he ADORED it.

score one for the redheaded daughter.

this not-very-pretty-at-all cupcake is one of 3 survivors of my friend's birthday. it's also secretly not a cupcake...but a cookie/brownie hybrid of deliciousness. you can snag the recipe here, but please try and ignore that my treat looks like a big ole loser next to the real picture.

and no, since you're asking...i do NOT have plans to eat a spoonful of this leftover homemade chocolate marshmallow buttercream.


.....until after lunch.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

my arm feels naked's not REALLY naked. is. because i live in georgia. and it's been hovering between 95 and 100 for like a month straight. so me and sleeves aren't real good friends lately.

BUT i have been on a purse hunt. i got tired of the blue one i was carrying...and then i got a used teal one from a friend. and now i want something else.

i found a great deal on a grey fossil bag this weekend, real leather and only $88....BUT then i got it home and tried it on a time or 2 and didn't love it. so back it will go.

i searched online, and while i have a deep and abiding love for a $700 coach bag...the hubs would probably kill me, or make me start turning tricks to pay for it. at the very least, i wouldn't be allowed to make him clean the nasty sink trap where all the gross wet food particles go...and that is one thing i REFUSE. TO. DO.

so i need to know if you love or hate either of these bags...and which you love or hate more.

there's this gorgeous purple, which i think wins the color it's straight up summer camp or something.

sidenote: anyone ever watch the 2 hour documentary "fat camp" on mtv, and its sequel "return to fat camp"? nothing those whiny fat girls hated more than color war.

my only concern is that the top handles aren't very long, and it might not fit on my shoulder well. the chain probably would...but will the chain bother me?

then there's the orange...i've never had an orange purse before. i think the top strap is a little longer, so it would probably fit better on my arms...and i dig the shape and all a lot.

basically...i suck at choosing. but i need to pick one, because they're only online and i don't want to have to ship it back.

so help a sister out and tell me what you think!! i'll love you like a fat kid at fat camp loves extra helpings of dessert =)

Friday, June 10, 2011

i'm like indiana jones...and my holy grail just (re)appeared.

back in the day, when the hubs and i were still just dating, with no legal paperwork binding us together (minus our townhouse lease)...i had a dream.

a dream of a world where one day, now that i had a place of my own and a handsome dude to cook for...i'd own what every girl dreams of.

not diamonds...even though i got those down the road.

the only thing i wanted, the one present to this day i've asked for and NOT gotten at some point...

a hot pink stand mixer.

apparently they stopped making this dream of mine before nate and i met. but he scoured the internet that first year for my birthday, trying to make my dream come true. but it was not to be.

fast forward two years and some change.

we make things legal, and people buy us lots of bed bath and beyond gift cards as a reward.
so i get myself this pretty little thing. she's black, she's shiny, she's (mostly) what i've always wanted...

she also currently lives here. in the bottom of my coat closet.

because we have a wretched old kitchen, and no counter space for my beloved. at least, not right now. there are remodels in the works.

so i've been tra-la-la-ing along, safe and secure in my knowledge that even though my mixer is hidden away...she's there.

but, there is a twist in the story.

::cue dramatic when something is about to go down in a movie::


there may not actually be words for how i felt when i saw this on williams-sonoma's website last night. i honestly contemplated running into our bedroom, where my husband was sleeping (and where he has to get up at 5am for work) and just screeching "she exists!!!!! my precious has returned to meeeeee!!!!!". 

but i thought that might be a smidge much. it wrong to want to return my unopened mixer to bed bath and beyond...and talk the hubs into paying the $50 difference for my pink one? or do i act like a grownup and keep the black because it is much more practical and will not look insane sitting out on a lovely granite slab one day?

what say you fellow bloggers? big girl decisions? or pretty princess mixer that i will love until i die (probably from a diabetic coma from all the buttercream i'll churn out)?

Thursday, June 9, 2011

getting close to being old(er)

one month from today...i will be ever closer to the big one, the birthday everyone dreads....


IT'S ONLY 67 YEARS AWAY PEOPLE!!!! and by then...i'll totally be old. and proud of it.

but seeing as how this birthday is not one i'm allowed to classify as "old"...i shall classify it as...


i've been eyeing this deborah lippman polish, appropriately named "happy birthday" for awhile. because let's face it....if it looks like a coked-up drag queen would call it "too much"'s like i'm goldilocks. as in JUST. RIGHT.

but wrong? paying $18 for nail polish. i'll shell out bucks for great shoes, or good food, or the chance to molest one christopher "ludacris" bridges (NOT that that particular opportunity has arisen just yet...but if it did? i'd pay). but nail polish? i couldn't justify it! the only way it made sense to my insane head was to ask for it FOR my birthday. which sort of defeats of the purpose of wanting to wear it for my birthday.

BUUUUTTTTTT, then today my beloved ulta comes to my rescue.

because not only could i get more eyeliner (i've been missing black/brown like a mofo y'alll!!), i also got deborah's cheaper , basically identical cousin. like...if deborah was on the real housewives of NYC....this ulta polish would be a real housewife of new jersey....'s dog groomer.
meet pinata yada yada.

ridiculous name? YES. do i care? NOPE! cuz thanks to sales and a coupon, i got my eyeliner, this polish, a peach polish and a tinted lip balm...for $9. so half of one DP polish.

please remind me of my excitement about this polish come july 12 when i'm contemplating actually ripping my nails off instead of battling with the glitter. it wrong to plan my ENTIRE birthday ensemble around this? cuz that's probably gonna happen.

Monday, June 6, 2011

the only thing keeping me from melting

when it's approximately 3 bazillion degrees outside every day....i tend to stay inside. at home.

because i hate sweating.

but i LOVE making some new jewels.

threw this together over the weekend, after finding the giant green pendant at walmart for $3.  it looks so vintagey, like my aunt would have had it in her thrift store. and i'd have bought it. but probably for more than $5.

and who doesn't need an armful of awesome for a trip to the discount movies??

the first bracelet is just a chain with's fossil. and we found it in the parking lot of the mall. just chilling by itself with the pricetags on. the hubs is pretty sure someone tried to shoplift it, and then in a flash of karma, lost it. so they did not get to profit from their crime.

but i did. so sue me.

also bought the bangle with the stones...for about ten cents. cuz coupons + clearance = awesome.

but the rest are all hayley originals.

so i'll be spending my hot georgia summer chilling on my couch watching reruns of true life and stringing beads. cuz THAT doesn't sound crazy and lame at alllllll =)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

cuz i'm a my own head.

you may remember back in april, i decided to try out red was tres "loooook at meeeeeeeee and my face!!", but...i kinda dig the whole center of attention thing. comes with being the first-born or something ;)

now, red is awesome. we all know this. red lipstick is sassy and classy and ever-so classic.

but what if i don't want classy and classic? what if i wanna get my celebrity red carpet on and bust out the summer of 2011 super fun look?

oh yes, i'm joining the ranks of rhi and gwen and xtina (minus the whole breaking into jeremy rinner's bedroom all drunk at a party)...

this girl's got some hot pink lipstick. and she intends to rock it like a mofo....if she can figure out the best outfit to make her not look insane.

i have a LOT of black that might be my default since all these lovely ladies are rocking black....even if it means melting in the 100 degree sun.

anyone else love the bright lips trend?