Tuesday, November 29, 2011

will you still love me with claw hands?

have you ever had one of those days when you're browsing around pinterest, and something catches your eye and you're all "i can TOTALLY do that".

yeah....it happened to me. with these.

see, all these fancy pants crocheted scarves and cowls had me saying to myself "hales, you can most definitely make this happen....plus, it will be totally cheaper than spending $20 on the one you like from target".

yeahhhhh.......this is how it's going so far.

that's a solid 3 hours of work yesterday. cuz i had to watch the youtube videos teaching me how. and then start over when i chained wrong. and then watch another video. and then realize i missed a stitch making the first row of single crochet and had to unravel it. and then i think there was another youtube video...and a decent amount of swearing.

at this rate...i will be wearing this bad boy in august. 

of 2015.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

drowning in a sea of karo syrup

sorry kids...no major lists of things i'm thankful for (even though it's a BIG list!) because right now...all i can think about is corn syrup. and pecans (which for the record, are apparently the culinary equivalent of like...gold dubloons. $8 for 12 ounces?! shut it DOWN).

cuz my dad has been asking me SINCE AUGUST about making a pie for thanksgiving. so...this afternoon, i'm undertaking his request.
this pie is up first.
then these bars, because i am totally a glutton for punishment, and can't make JUST pie....and don't want to disappoint my dad with just bars, and no pie.
and to round out the fat girl trifecta, i'm making this PB "cheese" ball.

so in about an hour...the christmas tunes will be cranked up, my apron strings will be tied...and i'll set to the task of dirtying up every single bowl we have in our kitchen.

happy thanksgiving loves!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

anthro has nothing on my local boutique....called the dollar tree

you know how sometimes you see something, and you think to yourself "I MUST OWN THIS RIGHT FREAKING NOW"??

like...the way i feel about butterfingers in the checkout line, times about a thousand. (or times three, cuz i REALLY love butterfingers)
yeah...i most definitely felt like that when i saw this necklace on pinterest via anthropologie.

and then i checked out the price tag.


there is only one phrase to sum up my feelings about this....bitches. be. crazy.

cuz yeah...i ain't dropping five hundred bucks on some old glasses strung together. if those old glasses came with a french bulldog puppy and weekly dates with ludacris, plus a makeout sesh with joshua jackson...MAYBE.

so of course...i take it upon myself to make it happen. (the necklace part, not the luda-dates and pacey lovin')

lucky me, there's totally a dollar store basically in my back yard (actually, it's right up the street....cuz a backyard dollar store might be AWKWARD.)

so i grabbed 6 pairs of reading glasses and got to work. lesson learned....THESE BAD BOYS ARE HARD TO TAKE APART!!! the red ones and the patterned ones got chucked because their stupid arms wouldn't come off.
BUT the four i could manage to mangle turned out really cute all hooked together with jump rings!

and here's me wearing it in front of my dirty bathroom mirror. i rocked it friday with a white sweater with skinny black stripes...and let me say, EVERYONE loved it. or at least....everyone noticed it. i got a few "ohhhh, i thought you had on 4 pairs of glasses...cool necklace".

so basically....everyone should make one so i'm not the only kid rocking reading glasses as jewelry and getting comments from strangers.

cuz for $4, why not?

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

who needs benjamins...i've got MISTER WASHINGTON

we ALLLLLL know i love me some jewelry. high end, low end, whatever end...if it's sparkly, i want it.

like these beauties...i LOVE these druzy earrings. they're like diamonds...but cheaper. plus, they totally remind me of my rock collecting childhood days...which i may or may not be considering raiding for some jewelry supplies. cuz you know...rocks are cool.

BUT they're still over a hundred bucks. and while that's an awesome christmas gift...it's not such a great on-a-random-tuesday gift.

so what did i do??

YUP....i diy-ed.

these fancy little thingies (ear bobs? earring blanks? disks of wonder?) were just calling to me at the hobby lobby.

following this tutorial, i rounded up my mod podge, my trusty martha stewart glitter, and i got to mixing. then i got to waiting (and yes....they are resting between an anthro catalog, and a catalog for GTO parts...DON'T. ASK.).

and the finished product?
i LOVE them. they're black and sparkly, with a hint of green...they remind me of asphalt.

i've got a few tweaks to make next time (and TRUST there will be a next time)...but for LESS THAN TWO DOLLARS....i'd say i did pretty well =)  and the best part...i now TOTALLY have a reason to get that neon MS glitter i've been eyeballing...cuz neon pink fake rocks? kill.me.now.for.awesome.

plus, there may or may not be two square blanks filled with glittered glue just begging to be made into bracelets this afternoon!!

anyone else jump on the druzy, or fake version of it, train?

Monday, November 7, 2011

my crafting partner may give me diabetes

happy monday friends!

i've got some super fun DIY projects in the works this week, and i cannot wait to share them with you...but right now, i've only got one companion while i craft away...

so if you don't hear from me for a few days...it's because i've been crushed under the weight of this GIGANTIC tub of candy (that we only paid $14 for ).

any idea how many tootsie rolls a person has to eat before their blood becomes chocolate?? i may or may not intend to find out...