Tuesday, March 24, 2009

i could definitely use a new look...

how about you? feeling a little bored with the current look you've got going on? maybe the colors you picked aren't jiving anymore....

i'm not talking about your wardrobe, or your shoe collection, i'm talking about your blog!

so want a brand spankin new blog look?

check out Sweet Tea Diaries new giveaway, for a chance to give your blog a makeover!

i'm crossing my fingers on this one =)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Smell Yummy For Free

i love bath and body works. a lot. and if you do too, how about spending $10, and getting a free signature collection item??

CLICK HERE to print your coupon.

and the signature collection items are currently buy 2, get 1 free....so you could get 4 things for the price of 2!

Friday, March 20, 2009

check out this giveaway!

who wouldn't want this beauty hanging in their home?! especially for nothing!

go check out Mrs. Southern Belle's blog, and enter her giveaway!! she is SO crazy talented, i'm super jealous =) i'm glad she's such a sweetheart, otherwise i might have to hate her =)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Blog Award!

thanks to Missy In Pink for this one....shopping tips, and now an award? i'm a lucky girl =)

Here are the award rules: list 7 things you love, and then pass on to 7 bloggers that you love. Be sure to tag them to let them know that they won!
1. my new pink hobo wallet....i am seriously obsessed with it. if you want one, let me know....i'll try find you an awesome deal like i got!
2. old navy flip flops and t-shirts....there are few things in this world more comfy to me than throwing on jeans and these 2 items. diamond studs, lip gloss, and i'm done =)
3. mexican friday date nights. Nate and i started going to get mexican food last year on friday nights, and now we look forward to it all week! sometimes we try somewhere new, but we always go back to el carrizo.
4. ANYTHING hot pink. my purse, my phone, my nail polish, my lip gloss.....hot pink makes me happier than almost anything.
5. bud light lime, which they now sell in cans! it's my gameday beer =)
6. stationery. i have a big box of vistaprint notecards i've ordered, i almost always get anothet set from the $1 section at target when i go....i love them. so if you ever get a package from me...expect a cute card with it.
7. my knotties! i know it sounds crazy, and nate makes fun of me for always talking about my "knot friends...but these are the most creative, inspirational girls around, and i don't know how i'd plan my wedding, or stay sane at work sometimes without them!

and between missy and candace....i think they've already tagged everyone i love....

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Thanks Missy!

the oh-so-fashionable Missy bought a dress from Chadwick's and blogged about it, so i had to check it out.....and let me tell you, i found a goldmine!

i got these 2 dresses for $58!! the coupon code CH20563 will get you 40% off your highest price item, making the watercolor wonder only $29.99! i got the second dress in a cream and raspberry pattern that looks sort of giraffe-ey....but not.

then, when you sign up for emails, you get a code for free shipping with a $49 purchase, and wouldn't you know, this girl had a gift card from her work christmas bonus...and if we're halfway through march and i haven't used it yet, it was bound to happen. and since this was only $49.99, itsaved me the hassle of dealing with the card trying to charge more than its value or whatever the crazy visa debit gift cards do.

so the lesson here, is ALWAYS google before you check out....there are LOADS of coupon codes out there, and it'll save you money! so excited for my dresses to get here =)

cute gift!

remember my oh-so-cute monogrammed necklace? well, the same shop, Lauren Nicole Gifts, has so many cute things...and right now, you can get one of these super cute monogrammed makeup bags, normally $10, for 30% off! talk about a great "just-because" gift for your best girlfriend, or a treat for yourself. get the green for st. patty's day!

just put in the code wacky when you check out, but hurry...it only lasts untul friday!

Friday, March 13, 2009

help someone ELSE get a great deal

who doesn't have fond memories of prom? getting dressed up, dancing with your friends, feeling gorgeous. every girl wants to feel like a prom queen....but what if you can't afford a new dress?

then my amazing friend wants to help.


it's a great way to get some closet room, get rid of those old bridesmaid or prom dresses, and get a good dose of good karma!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

::sigh:: i love pink

i love the color pink. A LOT. i have pink everything....shoes, nail polish, numerous lipsticks and glosses, clothes of course, ipod, ipod case, phone case....several of these currently live in my pink purse, with my pink wallet too.

but said pink wallet is getting a little stuffed to the gills, and hard to close.

enter the lauren., courtesy of hobo international.

my little sister got one of these fab babies first, and my mom fell so in love dad got her one for christmas. clearly....we E women know our accessories. and thus started my love affair. i wanted one too!! it holds cards, and papers, or you can use it as a clutch and put a phone and some gloss in and carry it out on the town.

i had to have it.

but at $120 retail, with my current wedding-payment state...i felt kinda bad about spending that much. on a wallet. which i get, is insane, since i use a wallet every day, and spend more than that on shoes. but still.

anyhoo, this gorgeous pink contraption will be headed my soon, for the low low price of......


$78. that's right....about $40 off.....bless you ebay. for your cheaper prices, and your 10% off coupon you sent me that saved me another $10.

i cannot wait for this to get here!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

i am in monogram love

in my blog searching, i stumpled upon Lauren Nicole Gifts. so much monogramming, so much adorability....i had to check it out.

i chose the Hand Stamped Silver Necklace - 3 Initials & Bead Charms. here's the description::

"The Hand Stamped Silver Necklace is designed and hand made to order by Lauren Nicole, LLC. The sterling silver disk measures 5/8" in diameter and can be hand stamped with a three-initial monogram in the FIRST-LAST-MIDDLE order. The hand stamped pendant comes on a sterling silver ball-chain necklace in your choice of length, and two 6mm bead charms."

sounds great right? so, i decide to get my new-in-october monogram! i literally came home today, opened my package, and then logged on to blog!

first, this is how the necklace is packaged in the box. how stinkin' cute is that?!

then i open it, and there it is! my necklace....its so pretty, and so delicate and the perfect length (at 19 inches).

super cute, right?? i am in love, and while i know emily post will disapprove....i'm wearing it tomorrow, etiquette be damned =)
seriously, check out Lauren Nicole Gifts if you haven't....there are tons of things for $10 or less, including super fun monogrammed badge holders i have my eye on...and a passport cover i'm pretty sure i HAVE to have before the honeymoon!

Monday, March 9, 2009

love free stuff?

you know i do!

and, since i started this blogging thing, and have gotten a few more non-knottie followers....i've found some AWESOME new blogs to read in the process!!

and one i stumbled on today is giving away a basket full of stuff from Swoozies, which has the CUTEST stuff!!

Check It Out!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

you KNOW i love this!!!

i LOOOOOVE magazines. getting them in the mail, reading them, saving them, passing them along. and now, glamour has an AMAZING deal for their 70th birthday.


that's right....it will cost you more for a sandwich and a drink off the value menu, than to enjoy 12 months of fashion, and legit issues, and all around fun-ness. i already get glamour, and just renewed....but if you don't, seriously do this. for a buck and some change, why the heck NOT?!?

check it out HERE, but hurry...you only have until march 15th!

easter fun

so this isn't really a deal, or a steal....but OMG how cute are these?!?

they're from Lenox's new peeps collection....and i think i love them more than one human should. and i totally might tell mom to get them for my easter basket...or nate =)