Wednesday, November 28, 2012

green is the new vandross

no, i haven't put my christmas tree up yet (i REALLY want to, but we have to find a place for it now that we have a real-people dining room table. plus, i'm not doing that biznass solo).

no, i haven't put ANY other christmas decorations up yet either (minus the lights in the front yard...which apparently, according to the hubs, is "just the beginning"...lord help us).

no, i haven't even put the tiniest little dent in my monumental shopping list (but i have bought myself several pretties in the last week).

YES, i do in fact have a new favorite christmas CD (yep, i'm a total christmas music shame in this game folks).

this shit is magical.

it's like luther vandross' funky-cool cousin made a bomb-ass holiday track.  with the best album art ever.


Thursday, November 15, 2012

how do YOU know it's finally the holiday season??

forget the stores putting up Christmas decorations in october.

forget the infamous starbucks red cups.

forget the slew of black friday ads and toy commercials and sappy tv spots.

forget the slightly angry santas that show up at malls across america.

in my 'hood, i KNOW the holidays are right around the corner when this arrives.

oh yes friends, 'tis the season...for the UPS cart.

poor guy only delivers in november to the new year. coldest months of the year, and he doesn't even get a real truck. just a golf cart and a funny little trailer to deliver whatever it is we buy on the internet.

he's basically my favorite thing ever.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

i mean, i'd totally vote for doritos.

one week ago, the masses of america busted their asses to the voting booth and made pot and dudes getting hitched and buying booze on sundays all legal (in various places...although, all together that would be one HELL of a party). plus you know...picked a president and all.

but more importantly, my home-away-from-home for 4 years, the classic city of Athens, Georgia proved why it is and will forever be one of my favorite places on the planet.

see this dude? apparently, HE IS FULL OF THE CRAZY.

as in...doesn't really think a little thing called "science" should be believed. cuz you's mostly wrong a lot of the time.


anyways, this crazy cat was running unopposed for his spot in our state house. and not only did FOUR THOUSAND people write in Charles Darwin instead of voting for him (bravo all of you, i appreciate that kind of commitment)....but apparently...a lot of folks wrote in candidates that are even more awesome than the father of evolution.

for example:

one Kenneth Ellen Parcell, of 30 Rock fame.

Albus Dumbledore, of Harry Potter fame.

Optimus Prime, of Transformers fame

even a bag of rocks, back yard fame?
you can check out the entire list of write-in candidates for yourself's basically my new favorite thing.

cuz i'm pretty sure Doritos believe in science.

and cool ranch.

which are both good in my book.

but i have heard that Jimmy Jack, my neighbor's cat has some pretty serious ideas on balancing the budget.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

a historic day...for my fridge.

yesterday, i had the great privilege to head to the polls (just like my great-great-great something Susan B. Anthony...holla for women's suffrage!!) and do my civic duty.

yes, i'm talking about voting.

but this ain't about the President y'all.

this is about something MUCH more important.

namely, that FINALLLLLLLYYYYYYYYY in my little corner of the peach state, i will soon be able to join my brothers and sisters in booze and BUY ALCOHOL ON SUNDAY!!!!

oh yes...i currently live in a state with blue laws. a state that JUST, as in within the last 12 months, started repealing some of those laws and letting cities and counties vote on whether they want to sell alcohol on Sundays.

cuz you's 2012. and i'm pretty sure Jesus doesn't care if i get my pinot grigio on for the sabbath. i mean...he DID turn water into wine here people.

do you have ANY idea how annoying it is to have an impromptu get-together and not be able to grab some wine for it? or not be able to get beer for a football game on sunday??

legit...i might have been just as excited to vote for booze as i was to vote for the prez.

maybe a little more =)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

sometimes, you just gotta cheap it up

i've got no shame in admitting that sometimes, i'm a total cheapskate.

not ALL the time, i'm not one of those freaks peeing in a jar and getting my food out of the dumpster...BUT i do like saving money.

or in this case, not spending much on new pretties.
$5 for the top pair of charms, and $2 for the a few minutes of tinkering around with my jewelry finding stash, and i've got 2 new pairs of earrings that will be AWESOME all season long!

and yes...i'm purposely avoiding ALL political talk today. because i know that your mind is probably made up the same way mine is. but for goodness sakes, GO VOTE!!

Friday, November 2, 2012

a lot of prayers, a little pink

i've got exactly TWO first cousins.

one guy. one girl.

and thursday morning, the girl, who's actually a woman who'll turn 50 in a few years took the first major step on her road to kicking breast cancer's ugly ass.

her surgery went really well, apparently the cancer hadn't spread at now it's all about healing, and changing the word patient to the word SURVIVOR.

 so for her, i'm praying.  i'd appreciate you saying a prayer for her too..or sending a good thought into the universe, or just thinking positive thoughts for her.
i also totally rocked this pink streak yesterday in her honor.

kind of makes me want to get a real one!