Saturday, March 27, 2010

late-night "window" shopping

which really means my computer windows, while the husband takes the pups outside. my first mistake....typing in cuz it never ends well, i always want about a bazillion things. i found no fewer than THREE long gold key necklaces i want.

and then...there's this.
i've been on the hunt for a new purse, my one from last year, the handles are getting raggedy, and the liner has been torn for months, and the pocket for my phone is coming unstitched because it's satin fabric. i like the shape of the bag...but i'm also getting a little tired of it. because i'm a one purse kinda girl. no swapping around for me...i gotta keep the same thing. which is why i always get a color! brights make it so it doesn't have to match.

so what do we think of this purse?? i like that the straps adjust so i can make it a little longer if i need to. i don't LOVE the zipper tab things on front...but for $25 i can deal. or cut them off or something.

but should i keep looking? bite the bullet and get this one?


Christina said...

keep looking cute but you can find better

Jennifer said...

I saw this one in person and contemplated getting it for myself . . it's way cute!