Wednesday, March 24, 2010

just when i tell myself i'm gonna quit

i have spent a decent amount of money this week. and i told myself last more. none. done until next tuesday when i get paid. maybe a little weekend trip to goodwill or something...but i was gonna be good.

until i got an email from VS. for $10 off any purchase before friday.

so i caved....but its a great deal, promise!!

see this oh-so preppy plaid swim top? it, and the matching bottoms (not the ones pictures, i hate ties) will be headed my way.

for $17 total. SEVENTEEN!! i couldn't pass it up, this pattern and about 3 others were on clearance for $9.99 a piece. and i already have 2 suits in the same style, but different patterns, so i know i like the fit.

even if i don't look like the model...but she's got crazy eyes, so i think i'm okay.

now it needs to be warmer so my pool-owning peeps can open it up and i can laze on a float with a beer!!


carrie1 said...

I love me some Marissa Miller!

I would kill to have her body.

Great deal on the swimsuit too!!! Gotta love great deals.

Amy Lynn said...

Maybe I'm missing something... but whenever I get those $10 off emails they are for orders of $100 or more :(

MrsSouthernBelle said...

WHYYYYYYYYYY???? Why must you tempt me so??

beth said...

I have this same suit! I bought it last year. I have the green bottom and I got the matching plaid one too. Now I can mix it up. -mrs.forrister

Nikki Cogg said...

Love it!! Marissa is my favorite VS model for sure. That suit is absolutely adorable and what a great deal!

精采 said...
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