Friday, April 30, 2010

apparently, he's a practice kid.

my eldest son decided to give me a crazy scare last night.

see...bojangles is a ball of hyperactivity. all the time. he's almost 2...and i've physically seen him sleep a handful of times. he's a runner and a go-er and basically a big 16 lb lump of energy.

until last night.

the hubs and i were going to pick up dinner, and we threw a treat in his room so he'd go in...and he just stood there. looking. and he LOOOVES treats. i figured maybe he was full.

so we got home and ate and let them pups out...and bo was being REALLY weird. moving really slowly...a little stumbly....and he could barely keep his eyes open.

the opposite of himself.

so i go into panicked mom mode, and get Nate to call the vet, which is he called pet urgent care. they're open 24 hours, so we're off to the doctor. bo is really calm in the car...which also never happens.

i'm officially terrified at this point.

so we get to the office, and they tell us they can see us in about 30 we sit in the waiting room. and the little guy starts to perk up a little.

side note:: this lady comes running in screaming about "killing her baby". the chihuahua in her arms had SOMETHING WRONG WITH ITS EYE. calm the eff down woman.

anyhoo, we sit in the little exam room for about 10 minutes, and the nurse comes in and checks his temperature (omg, you should have SEEN his face. mr. bojangles was none too happy about the whole thermometer in his butt thing. he may be traumatized for life.) then she asked if that "coughing noise" was normal for him....yeah, it is. he has a smushed face, and he breathes hard..and he pulls HARD on his leash with no harness. choking himself. he's a smart one.

nurse leaves...and says the doctor will be in in a bit.
look at that face!!! he perked right up after about 45 minutes at the we spent another 45 just trying to get him to chill out and not run all over our little 7x7 room!!

best part of the whole thing, other than him being okay??

doctor comes in, checks him out, asks if "that coughing noise" is normal (dang, these peeps were ALL about making me feel like a bad mother! i can;t help he pulls to hard, and normally wears a harness out walking!). then doc checks out bo, smushing and pushing and prodding him....nothing hurts, so he says bo is probably fine. maybe had some gas or something.

apparrently, doc felt bo had a full bladder, and jokingly said we should probably take him outside to go before we got back in the car.

literally 3 minutes later....

hahahahahah. the niagra falls of pee from this little guy was AMAZING. and yes, i took a photo. because i needed a giggle.

and once i knew he was fine...i wanted to blog it.

anyone else have children who scare the heck out of them??

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

in the words of chandler bing...

could jesse james BE any more douche-tastic???

i. think. not.
say wha?? secret baby?? so let me get this straight....jesse james, who looks like a biker hobo...gets lucky enought to snag sandra. who is GORGEOUS beyond words..and so classy. and southern, so clearly she's the best.

then...they decide to adopt a baby.

then, he decided he needs to get his rocks off WITH A TATTOOED UP SKANK, while she's filming the role of her career.

then, they get said baby...and want to keep the baby a secret until after the oscars.

except 10 days later...the world finds out about said SKANK. yeah, she needs all caps. cuz SHE'S. A. SKANK.

and now....the lovelt sandy has filed for divorce from the king of the d-bags...and has herself a PRECIOUS little boy to show for it. sounds like a rockstar trade to me...especially since she's got the means to be a single mom, and she's clealry got a great support system with friends to be positive male role models for little louis.

also, doesn't his face scream "for realz yo...don't mess with my mama. i WILL cut a bitch."

louis = better than jesse. in infancy.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

damn you bogo

really...i should never look at any site that sells things. especially shoes.

how fab are these silver gladiators?? and the price tag? $23. i kinda adore the little heel to big 'ol size 10s look better with a little height.

and the best part? they're from payless....which is doing bogo right now. so buy these...and get another pair half price.

umm...cork wedges, WITH A BOW, for $25?? why?? why payless....why do you taunt me with adorableness?!

and oh yeah...these rainbow woven flip-flops are pretty precious too. come in black/silver and bronze/gold. for $17.

i'm trying to be good...swear! but it ain't easy ya'll....someone go buy these and let me live through you.

a few letters to people in my life.

dear dude in the truck with the crazy eyes,

seriously? your eyes are WEIRD. so when i'm turning my car at the intersection near you....don't look at me with them. it freaks me out before i'm fully caffeinated.

scared to turn her head, or her malibu.

dear 10 year old driving a jacked up pickup,

DO. NOT. RIDE. MY. ASS. it's a 35 mph road...and the whole other lane is clear. get over if you need to...but don't get all up in my biznass, and then whip your giant truck around me, and glare. you look 10....12 tops. so stop the attitude until you can see over the steering wheel without a pillow.

i hate you.

dear marshal who was behind me,

seriously?? you honked at me at a red light, told me to roll my window down, and the proceeded to lecture me that i ran the red light before the one i was sitting at. except it was yellow when i went under it...and that's not running a light. so quit your power trip.

not amused by your display of marshal-ness.

p.s. it's none of your business if i'm saving a memo on my phone AT A RED LIGHT. despite your warnings, it's not "texting while i'm driving". cuz my window was down. and i was talking to you. AT A RED LIGHT.


and finally, dear hubs,

i know it's only been 6 months...cuz i'd like to get married again. mostly because of this.
see...i really really want this bouquetm from WeddingLust on etsy, aka the shop run by the oh-so-gorgeous and talented Mrs. Prepperoni.

she's my girl, she's my fellow gossip junkie, she's always a text away when i need any opinion on ANYTHING....but mostly outfits. so i'd like to help her out with her awesome wedding shop....BUT right now, i don't really have a reason to buy a vintage brooch bouquet. but if we got married again...i would! think about it, k?

your wanna-be-a -trophy wife.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

being accosted by neon paper and motivational words

it's team appreciation week at work. which means when i got to work...i got to see the giant banner hung outside saying "team appreciation week". which i thought was it...cuz let's face it...they're paying us peanuts, maybe save that moola for some bonuses, huh?

but oh no....then i walked in the door. where every few feet is a white piece of paper with a neon piece of paper skewed behind it, and printed on EVERY. SINGLE. SHEET. is a motivational "there's no I in team." or "working together works". or "sticks in a bundle are unbreakable". or "TEAM: together everyone achieves more."

and my personal fave...."ducks fly together". nothing motivates me like early 90's children's hockey movies.

and that's just what i can see from my desk. there are more. LOTS more.

i just don't get it....if you want to motivate about making sure the sales staff works past 3pm friday, when news peeps are slaving away till 11:45pm. how about giving us something more than movie tickets on our birthdays. or anniversaries. or how about NOT calling people in for 3 days of the crappiest shift in the world because the regular person HAS A PAIN IN HER SIDE. a pain. in her side.

how's about she's a pain in my ass for being a little baby?!?

mkay, anyhoo!

on to happier the newest addition to my summer wardrobe. i ordered those 2 dresses from last week from i made the mistake of browsing around the site some more (bad hales, i know!).

BUT...look what it got me!
hello my pretty pretty one.

doesn't it look like a stella & dot creation? doesn't it look fancier than the $40 price tag?

and yes...i did "technically" pay $40....but i had a gift card for $25, so with that, the necklace and 2 dresses set me back only $55 total. which is awesome.

won't this look SO hot with a white tee and my sperry's?? or a white dress and some sandals. or black casual dresses? or....anything.

so what's your favorite motivational phrase?? got anything for me this monday morning?

Thursday, April 22, 2010

how do you go green?

it's earth day! i put out my recycling this morning (or technically, the hubs did it last night....but we don't nitpick). and everyone knows...going green is the new black!
me? i'm rocking my sweet new hot pink zebra striped coffee mug. for $5. from michaels. i'm so not a starbucks girl...i think their coffee is kinda nasty. but the hubs makes a mean cup 'o joe...and one pack of splenda and a splash of international delights later...i'm ready to go!

on a random note...contemplating taking the length off the newly-redder hair...thoughts?

also...everyone knows green polish helps you go green.
okay...not really. but i totally got that mint green color yesterday at ulta...along with the pink and the blue, since they were buy 2 get 1 free, AND i had a coupon. never tried essie before...but my beloved OPI had no new colors i was digging.
and for reals in honor of earth days...please watch this video.
1. it's adorable.
2. the pug looks JUST like bojangles...except he recycles and saves the earth, and all bo does is eat paper and make out with his brother.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

when i finally wake up...this is what i'm rocking

right now...i'm sleeping. hopefully getting whatever funk that 15 hours of sleep in 3 days has brought upon me out of my system...cuz i don't do sick real well. gag.

anyhoo....while i rest my pretty little redheaded head on my pillow and snooze...i'll be dreaming of waking up, heading to target, and grabbing this to rock out to.

was the episode amazing, or was it AMAZING?! although...this jesse st. james kid seems a wee bit sketch to me...anyone else?

and you know...when i pulled MY hamstring..i also went to see a mysoginist.

this is why i watch

every season, i get hooked into american idol during auditions, for the good and the bad...and i always have a few favorites i see through to the big show...and some that are sent home along the way.

but performances like this are why i watch. and keep coming back for more.

simply amazing.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

not the night owl i thought i was

one more night of working opposite everyone more night of fighting my every instinct to sleep, and chugging caffeine like nobody's business...but then, i'm done. boss promised this would be thankfully i can use tomorrow afternoon to actually run some errands and have a little hayley time without dreading the fact that i'll leave for work at 10:45pm.

so last night while i was trying to will myself to stay awake...i did a little internet browsing!! shocking right...but i found some super cute things. is selling this as a juniors dress....but this long-legged gal could NEVER wear it sans pants. BUT i have a similar shirt that i love...and for $15 you can't beat it. so many colors...but the yellow is just too perfect for summer!

and i MUST. OWN. THIS. it has pockets, and the color is GORGEOUS. i just can't get over it....looks way more expensive than $25. and i think it will be easy to dress up with a long necklace or big earrings and heels...or just with some cute flat sandals!

and of can't have fashion without RZ.

i remember when her show started and i didn't think it would be good, because all i knew about her was in magazines and she's not nearly as entertaining that way.

suffice it to say, i'm a total zoe convert...obsessed with her, LOOOOVE brad, want to live in her jewelry box.

i die.

too bad this overnight biznass doesn't earn me any extra money...just fatigue!

Monday, April 19, 2010

need your caffeine vibes

if there's one thing i LOOOOVE, it's sleep. cozying up in my pj's, snuggled up in my covers.

except work is trying to ruin it.

not only did i get a call at 5:30 yesterday afternoon telling me i'd need to work overnight (11pm - 7am), BUT i get to do it again.

oh yeah, LOOOOVE getting voicemails from 10:15 am WHILE I'VE BEEN ASLEEP FOR 90 MINUTES telling me i get to stay awake again until 7am tomorrow morning.

my body is exhausted...but i'm not sure i can sleep. i'm gonna be worn out, worn down, worn slap out by tomorrow.


i'm the girl who doesn't call out sick. i'm the girl who's taken her entire vacation ONCE in the 5 years she's been working. i'm the girl who did the right thing and swapped on-call weekends when i went out of town for the masters.

and i'm the one who gets screwed.

i've spent the better part of the afternoon crying, because it's NOT. FAIR.

now when i'm at least 90% sure the girl who's calling out isn't really sick. i don't believe she can't get a doctor to see her until tomorrow. i don't believe whatever it is is bad enough to keep her from work.

i don't believe it should be me. i've been there the longest...but because the new people "can't handle it", i get effed over.


it's really hard doing your job when you've been burnt out for more than a year...and then keep getting the short end of the stick.

it's really hard knowing you strive for excellence, but settle for barely passable because it's not worth the extra effort.

it's hard knowing you worked for 4 years for a degree you'll probably never use again.

its hard knowing the ONLY thing keeping you going is the meager, barely about minimum wage paycheck coming in.

it's just REALLY hard right now.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

seriously? 6 months??

i can't believe it's been HALF A YEAR since the hubs and i got all dressed up, and decided to make things official with these words.

"This ring is a symbol of the sincerity of my pledge. Everything in my past has prepared me to be with you. All that I am and have is yours, and all that I will become and accomplish I share with you. Let this ring, which has no beginning or end, stand as a token for my never ending love and devotion. Forever and always begins today.”

it began october'll continue to forever =)

Friday, April 16, 2010

i've got sunshine...

and it's not even a cloudy day! fridays always put me in a good mood...and so does a little old school motown. did you know motown records turned 50 years old this week? no? now you do =)

and if you didn't have a mom like i did who taught you the words to the jackson 5's "rockin robin" when you were all of sing to your little sis NAMED robin...clearly, you're missing out!!

The It's Friday, I'm In Love Series

it's the best part of my friday morning! checking in with Summer and of course breaking down all the things i'm love love loving today!

how freaking cute is this fabric covered letter?? i'm on a mission to make one this weekend...mostly because it involved glue, not sewing. i got the idea, and tutorial, from totally check it out!

if it goes well...guess what all my girls are getting for their birthdays?!

isn't this dress fab?! i ADORE the color...and the tiered skirt makes it so summery. but the best part?? the price!! $20 from chadwick's...and it comes in several other colors. AND if you buy 2, it's cheaper per would be great too, right? like i really need someone to talk me into dresses this summer...

which means i've also got my eye on this one...i LOOOOOVE the color combo. not crazy about the tie at the neckline...but gah. the colors. i die.

and i'm loving this scarf i'm rocking today...the jersey material is amazing!! and it will go with just about ANYTHING. today, it's jeans, a turquoise tee and my sperry's...but tomorrow it could be a black tank, or a white dress.

so what are you loving today??

Thursday, April 15, 2010

need a little thursday afternoon delight?

then please, for the love...go watch this video. right now.

feel free to come back and thank me later for the awesomeness.

i'll probably be watching again anyways =)

a little classier than rubber

ahhh, warmer weather...means the return of tanks with scarves, cropped pants and shorts, and of beloved flip flops.

now don't get me wrong....i'll never give up thes beauties. for $2.50, you might as well get them to match every outfit you own...i know i do. i have black, brown and grey i pretty much live in during the summer....might get some white ones this year too....even though those only last about a season before they look UBER ick.

but sometimes...a girl needs something a little classier than foam and rubber.

like these.

hello there pretties!! i got these last week from the target (my FAVE place!!) aaaaand they were on sale. $9!! the website has only really small sizes left...but check out your local store for these, they come in yellow, purple and turquoise too! (and if you happen to see a size 10 in any of these colors...holla at me).

so i decided to do some browsing on target's website to see what else they had...aka, what else i need to talk the hubs into letting me get (or sneaking in the house when he's not paying attention!!).
aren't these fab?! i love that they're a little gladiator-y, but not so much that it's super trendwhore-y. and i think they come in black too.

my only worry is that the fact that the design is far back will make my super long toes look even longer.
and these are JUST. SO. FUN. i loooooove then rhinestones, and i hink i could totally get away with these at least on a friday.
and the best part is that all of these are less than $25, meaning you've got plenty left over for a new color of OPI for your toes to show it off!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

just spreading a little love =)

the lovely julie over at Brown Eyed Belle just loves me apparently...and the feeling is MOST definitely mutual!!

so the idea is to list ten things i love...i'll warn you now, there are some random ones!

books. i'm a total bookworm...always have been. i could read when i was 4...and have basically devoured every book i could get my hands on since then. got something you LOOOOVE?! let me know...i want new reads =)


being tall!! i was 5'2" beginning of y7th grade...and 5'9" the beginning of 8th. talk about a major growth spurt! but i've always always loved being's so fun! unless i'm buying pants...then it sucks.


shades. LOOOVES me some sunnies...and i'm currently contemplating these mirrored hot, right?

paper. notecards, notepads, sticky name it, i love it. i've got SOO much, i really should stop buying. but then i get lured by the $1 section at target and michaels.


mail!!! my family forgot to check the mail for days at the time when i went off to college, because i was the only one who did it for SO. LONG. don't tell the hubs...but i LOVE saturdays when i get to check the mail (he does it at lunch right now). anyone who sends me mail gets my undying devotion...and probably some mail in return =)


glitter!!! i love ANYTHING that sparkles...but martha has the best stuff. except the pups HATE it, cuz they always end up with some on them!!

the newest scent from bath and body works, orange sapphire. omg DELISH. i loooooooove it!! citrusy, with a little something extra. go get some. now.

new lashblast!! i love the original formula in the orange tube, and the luxe versions in the pink, and the yellow length is great under the orange. so when my instyle told me there's a NEW one coming out this month?? wooooo!!!!

red stag. i'm a beam girl through and through...if i had to choose one adult beverage for the rest of forever, it would be my boy jim. and this stuff?? red stag?? omg DELISH. a little sweeter, a little fruitier...and absolutely incredible with ginger ale.

all my whiskey girls have to try this IMMEDIATELY.

and finally, 10.

this song rules. remember evan and jaron? "crazy for this girl"??'s the jaron half.

i guarantee everyone has AT LEAST one person this song applies to. listen, don't turn it off for at least a minute....and thank me later =)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

reunited and it feels so gooood

first off...sorry for getting that song stuck in your head. i know it is.


i'm so glad our long-distance relationship will be over tonight mark. cuz it's been too long.

and i still think you got robbed with your only solo song being the shortest on the soundtrack.

Monday, April 12, 2010

my masters weekend

i'll be the first to admit...growing up, my dad was a HUGE golf fan. and i plain didn't get it. didn't get watching dudes hit balls into cups.

now, i get it. big time.

granted, i'm kind of a sports junkie...i love the thrill of cheering someone on...and rooting for a team to just bring it on.

so for a native georgia girl like me...masters weekend was too good to be true.

i swear, augusta national is hands down one of the most beautiful places ON. EARTH. even the air smells's wonderful. we made a loop around the course, seeing all the holes, and of course stopping at the pro shops for some souvenirs.

then, we waited in line for about 45 minutes...for this.
yeah...that's us. in front of the club at augusta national. isn't the outfit cute?!

anyhoo, then we had some lunch and spent about an hour and a half on hole 15....even saw TWO hole-in-one's on 16. we ended going back to the house about 4:30 to watch the finals on tv. with the final round, people get 100 deep on the sides of each tv is actually WAY easier to see!!!

then, we leave augusta about 8:30 to get back home. we're cruising along, stopped for some dinner at the golden arches...and then we stopped for a potty break. somewhere outside of atlanta.


the hubs finds the single SKETCHIEST place i've ever been to stop. of course...we didn't know then. we walk in...and there are NO DOORS on the bathrooms. none. and a "lady" who looked like a man told me that the back stall had paper. so i go in, lock the door, and pray i don't get killed in this bathroom!!

for some reason...i finish before hubs, so i'm standing outside the sketchball bathroom...and there are about 4 electronic bingo machines, and 4 dudes just sitting there. AT 11:45. ON A SUNDAY NIGHT.

there was also a sign that said "this is not a play, no stay".

really?? cuz it looked an awful lot like hanging out...and smoking what may NOT have been a cigarette!!! gah, i have never gotten out of a place that fast in my life!! and ONE exit down...what appeared to be normal stations. was not meant to be.

i was meant to be traumatized FOREVER.

where's the snooze button for my life?

promise i'll have a full recap of the awesomeness of my weekend in augusta, including a trip to the sketchiest place ON THE PLANET on the way home.

but right now....i just want a nap!!! 6:30 is a REALLLLLLY long way away.

Friday, April 9, 2010

spreading the love

The It's Friday, I'm In Love Series

that's right, gotta thank the ever-so-lovely Summer for my favorite friday morning activity!!

so what am i love with today?

i'm in LOVE with my outfit for the masters....found an adorable blousy coral shirt to wear with my shorts and fedora.

i LOVE that my sperry's are super freaking comfy, so they should be perfect for walking around the links all day sunday, rocking my fedora and wayfarers.

i LOVE that before we leave for augusta, i get to give blood in memory of one of my mom's coworkes/close friends who died last year. i know all the ladies at the office miss her like crazy, and a little of my O-positive is the least i can do! (that's right, i know my blood type...all the cool kids do).

i LOVE free stuff! like this....
that's currently being made into an 8x10 that i'm not paying for. thanks walgreens!! (use the code BIG8X10 if you want a free one too...probably not of my hubs, cuz that might be weird...but he is pretty handsome, so whatever floats your boat).

for reals though....doesn't this pic look like a boy band album cover or something?? and that boy of mine claims he hates getting his picture taken because "they're never good." LIAR.

i also LOVE that intend to hang the above photo of him and his boys,

with this one of me and my girls. i just adore it!!

what are you loving today?

Thursday, April 8, 2010

too tenty?

i made a little stop on the way home last night, since the hubs was working late...and lo and behold, i found myself something. shocking right, me, shopping? i'll give you a sec to get over the surprise.'s what i got...
it's just a black cotton dress, has an eyelet look to it...with a little ruffle on the botton and lace-type trim around the top and bottom.

now, let me preface this by saying this dress set me back all of FOURTEEN DOLLARS. and yes...i'll admit to you dear's from walmart. i was as shocked as you! so cute! so cheap!


also so big. i don't think a size down will fit me around the boob area...but in the body part, it's got LOTS of room. so excuse the horrid picture, and my bathrobe in the photo...but does it look like i'm humongous?? the hubs says it looks fine...and for $14, a little breezy room won't be bad this summer.

maybe i'm just not used to wearing bigger flowy dresses, cuz i felt like i could hide toddlers in there, like in the nutcracker.

what are your thoughts on my super cheap score? keep it? take it back?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

clearly, everyone is stupid

me included!!! the hubs and i forgot to vote for american idol last night...and now i feel personally responsible for the almost DISASTROUS consequences.

thank GOODNESS michael lynche sang incredibly, and was saved by the judges!!! gah, i was about to THROW. UP. when he was in the bottom.

not okay idol voters, not okay.

but my boo is safe till next week...and he better bring it, cuz 2 peeps get kicked off!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

under attack.

you ever have things happen to you, and your boyfriend/hubs/whoever the "big strong man" in your life is thinks you made it up?? like being assaulted by a tree, when they just think you ran into a branch...or having the floor jump up at you, and they say you just tripped.

well, the hubs tried to pull that ish on me last night.

this is basically me, with red hair.

okay...maybe not. but go with it for the story, k?

so i'm laying in bed, chatting with the hubs, slipping into dream land, when i swear to you...this happened.

it was like MOTHER EFFING MOTHRA on my face.

ON MY FACE!!! in the dark!! gah, i totally wigged, arms flailing and girly screeching...and the hubs laughed at me. laughed at me!! like i was being crazy and it was really my hair touching my face and i was being over-dramatic (yeah, cuz THAT happens a lot!! gah...).

so i try and go back to the slumber train...AND IT HAPPENS AGAIN. again people. and the hubs once again thinks i'm being a nut.

and then, in a stroke of glorious, universe-balancing karma, IT COMES FOR HIM. hahahahaahaha.

what does he do? jump out of bed, turn the lights on asap, and finds something to kill it with.

where was MY action when I was getting attacked??? oh no, wifey's being a whiner again....until the tables turn.

so, am i right to give the man grief for not coming to my rescue??

you like me! you really like me!

i have been a bad bad blogger, and gotten a couple awesome awards in the last little bit...and i keep forgetting to blog them!!
first off...there's my inclusion in the preppy mafia...from the queen of them all, my girl ashley, aka Mrs. Prepperoni.

so let's get these questions answered, mkay?

1. Who is your style icon?
oooh...this is a hard one! i love reese witherspoon's style....she does casual so well, and no one rocks a red carpet better. plus, she's a good souther me =)
2. What is your favorite Socialite Lit book?
probably the lilly party book!
3. Favorite party theme?
oooh...i love a good luau, but my tea party bridal shower was pretty amazing too!!
4. Go-to Halloween Costume?
either a flapper, or a witch.
5. Extravagance you cannot live without?
hardly an expensive one...but i LOOOOVE OPI polish. love.
6. Living person you admire?
my parents. my grandparents. my husband.
7. Greatest fear?
other than mediocrity, and living without my husband...eels. omg i hate hate HATE EELS. even the word is gross.
8. Traits you deplore in yourself?
i'm really loud...and i care too much about what other people think.
9. Which talent would you most like to have?
oooh girl, i'd wanna be able to for-real sing....ssiiiiiiinnnngggg. and maybe play harmonica.
10. Greatest achievement?
hmmm...i don't think i've done that much awesome stuff. i think i'm a pretty good wife and daughter and sister and friend.

the lovely jenn from Perfectly Imperfect gave me this award....girl, i love your blog too!! thank you, thank you, thank you!!

i know both of these are all 'tag peeps, list them out"....but i can't pick favorites ya'll. i love EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. of you!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

almost got my outfit chosen!

happy monday morning loves =) can we talk about how i had forgotten how a 7 hour marathon shopping trip takes it out of me? gah i woke up this morning STILL tired.

BUT, i did get almost all of my masters ensemble chosen. the bad news is, apparently we're doing dinner at the casa, NOT the my beloved lilly will remain in the closet until i find the perfect occasion...or i need a cheer up on a friday and rock it to work.

alright, on to the outfit. key piece #1....something to cover my pretty little head.
oh straw fedore, how i LOOOOVE you. i just know i'm gonna rock this all summer's so cute!!

found these adorable bermudas at old navy....i LOVE the grey color, i think it's so much fresher than khaki, and the knee length means this long-legged girl won't be hoochie-ing it up on the links. no good ya' good. plus, i can totally rock them to work....WOOOO!!
and of course, a full day of walking around the golf course means i need the perfect shoes. i was contemplating a new pair of cute sneaks...but mom had an even better idea.
sperrys!!! i love the look of top-siders...but the regular ones make my size 10 tootsies look GINORMOUS. thankfully these, called "angelfish" do not. and they're so cute, and comfy too...and will be perfect for throwing on with shorts and a tank this summer.
you may be asking yourself...."hayley, right now...your ensemble seems to be missing something.'re currently topless."
that's right....still no decision on the shirt front!!
i got this ruffle tank friday from target, and it's super cute...but does it go with the rest of the outfit?
what would you wear to tie in the khaki in the hat and shoes, grey and black in the shorts and hat, and still look super fly?