Friday, October 30, 2009

i've been a bad bad girl...

what is that you ask?? that's the FIVE pairs of shoes i ordered from but see....they're all nine wests. and i paid...drumroll please....


i mean, $20 a pop?? are you kidding??

it HAD to be done. i've already broken the news to the hubs.

but i might have forgotten to mention the 2 other pairs i bought that were only $10 apiece.

please go get yourself some, not sure how long the awesomeness will last, or how long the shoes will stay until they run out....but any good shoe lover has GOT to at least try!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

only 57 days

until christmas!! igoogle countdown tells me every morning.

and so, i've been scouring magazines and the internet for decorating ideas....and now i am totally torn between these 2....and may do both =)

i found a similar wreath in the new issue of martha stewart living...SANS the giant bow and little berries. basically...just a wreath covered in sweet gum balls. and lo and behold...i gots me one of those in my yard =) and i'd probably paint it a light shimmery match out upstairs decor.

then there's this. i have TONS of small silver ornaments left over from wedding decor...and they were so cheap, cuz we bought off season...that i might as well use them again for something! i figure, with a dollar tree AND a hobby lobby less than a 1/4 mile from my house...i can make this easy.
so what do you think? make both? pick one?
and get excited girls...tomorrow, i have a BIG, SUPER FUN announcement to make with one of my BBFs....that's best blogging friend =)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

worth EVERY penny

back when we first started planning the wedding...i had some friends on the knot who used Blue World Studios out of atlanta for their photos. once i looked at some proofs, i was hooked.

i KNEW we'd find a way to pay for them....they were the only team we ever really considered. they were a little more expensive than some local shops...but cheaper than the same local photogs were charging for all of the things we wanted, without all the extra crap.

yes, i want digital rights to my photos. no, i don't want 100 wallet sized pictures to go along with that.

and so, when i log on facebook yesterday, and see a message in my inbox from janet....i might have peed my pants a little.

then a little more when i actually saw the photos, that i HAD to share.

OMG. is that really me?!? my amazing friend Prepperoni offered awhile back to do my makeup, and my bridesmaids too. did she do an amazing job, or what??

le sigh. i am channeling every lesson tyra banks ever taught me on america's next top model here. smiling with my eyes and everything.
in the immortal words of RZ....I. DIE.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

trying to decide

one of the best things about blogging is when other people write about wonderful savings....and then i can uy pretty pretty things.

imagine my surprise when i was reading Nautical By Nature's blog and saw this awesome friends and family savings.

if you don't already know, A. Tierney makes some of the cutest, preppiest stuff around! and the prices are super reasonably another 30% off is amazing!

what i'm loving?

this bib necklace!!! i love love LOVE the yellow....but it comes in lots of colors...and the pink is pretty hot too. or basic black.
there's also an adorable chiffon flower bib necklace i've got my eye on....but i think i'd wear this more, and with more outfits.
if you want yours, hurry...the offer expires at midnight tonight!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

i'm back!!!

after almost 2 weeks away from blogging....i'm back, and i'm a married lady!!!

i cannot WAIT to really do the wedding justice and show you professional pics once i get them...but i couldn't leave you totally hanging until then.

that's me, walking in with my dad. see that gate in the background? that's the beginning of the aisle. outside that gate...i was totally fine. but when the first strains of the string quarter version of "i'll be" came on, and i took my dad's arm and walked through that threshhold and saw my groom waiting for me?? it was OVER. tears rolling down my face the WHOLE time. i cried so many times on our wedding day!

and there we are, happily married!!! such a cheesy smile...but i couldn't help it. you'll see my inner supermodel when we get the pro pics back.

and what to do after a day you've spent 19 months planning??

HERE. for 6 glorious days. santorini is AMAZING. i'll have full details...and i'll show off the accessories i came back with soon =)

i missed ya'll!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

want some free stationery?

oh that's right.....your favorite notecard queen is at it again.

thanks to Loving Every Second for the tip!!

here's the deal::

"Send us an email to with your name & address and we'll send you a free customized card with your nam...e. Tell us your favorite colors and/or style (i.e., whimsical, classic, girly..., etc.) and we'll try to make you a match ;) BONUS: post this offer on your blog or wall, send us a link and we'll send you a few extra! Good thru 10/28/09!"

so me, being the paper lover i am, stroll on over to Traylor Papers and check out the goods.

OMG ya'll....i think i love everything.

these are TOO precious. just girly enough to be gorgeous....but funky enough to stand out.
and seriously, the geometric design AND the color combo?? LOOOOOOVES.
so for reals....send them an email, i know i am!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

a little blog love

a few weeks ago, i entered a ring dish giveaway on Mr. Jones & Me's blog....and turns out, i won!!!

i was so excited when taryn told me...and i couldn't wait to pick out something from Say Your Piece's etsy shop!

well, my dish came in yesterday....and it's probably my new favorite thing ever.

how freaking cute is this?!? the boy and i have said we'd love each other "forever & always" since we first started dating....and it's actually incorporated in our vows, so this couldn't be more perfect for us.

and it's a really good size too....i can't wait to have it sitting on my jewelry dresser after the wedding! is it wrong to put our officiant's wife in charge of our rings, instead of our best man or maid of honor?? cuz they're awesome people....but a little flighty.

and in other news...

on many, MANY occasions....i have bragged about my incredibly awesome, super funny...and pretty damn hot friend ashley. well....she's gotten bitten by the blogging bug...and i think every SINGLE one of you needs to go be her blog her friend. she's a trip....and has a pretty awesome fashion sense, so between the two of oughta be set, wardrobe wise ;)

so go, right now, to Prepperoni...and have yourself a little giggle. tell her i sent you...but try and keep my girl crush under wraps, k?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

we interrupt this regularly scheduled wedding freakout...

for a little holiday cheer!!!

christmas is less than 3 months away, and there are little signs all around that my favorite season is approaching.

no, not stores putting out early decor....but that's cool too.

i'm talking the little things that make me SO excited it's almost christmastime!

imagine my excitement this weekend at walmart, when i see these beauties in the mate gingerbread creamer!!!!! i LOVE this much. yummmmmmmmyyyyy....but only good for a holiday kind of mood. i had some leftover in february...and it wasn't the same.

i didn't buy any yet, because its only good in hot coffee....and i'm still sipping on iced coffee in the mornings, until it cools off a little.

and then, there's the news that literally made me SQUEAL like a little girl when i heard it on the radio this morning.

that my sugarland's new christmas CD!!!! it's out today!!!
i have an unhealthy love for the christmas music. i usually buy a new CD every year, and usually get it on black friday, to really kick off the season.
i refuse to let myself indulge in christmas musice before thanksgiving, but once the turkey is put's ON until new year's.
i am SUCH a happy little elf today =)

Monday, October 12, 2009

sign me up!

this is my last monday as a single lady....OMG.

and since the wedding is so close....i figure i'll blog about some of our wedding details, since 1) i'm totally insane this week and can't get rid of the butterflies in my stomach, and 2) i'm on a shopping hiatus, saving up for a little spending spree in santorini.

today's fun?

our guestbook.

i'm all for the giant photo frame, i have friends with them hanging up in their homes, and they're so pretty....but it wasn't for us.

mostly cuz i already have a bazillion pics of us around the house, and wanted something different.

and i love what we ended up with.

this is a wordle design.

you input the words you want, and it makes them into a design. the more times a word appears....the bigger it is. so i made a list of all sorts of "love" words, and our wedding date and our names....and then i put them on wordle, and kept resetting the colors to match our decor, and fixing the font and refreshing until i got a pattern i liked.

then i uploaded this very image on vistaprint, got it made into a poster....and now it's sitting, in a GIANT silver frame with a black poster mat....waiting to be signed.

in silver sharpie of course.

after the wedding, we'll hang it over our loveseat in the upstairs living room.

you like?

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

our first look

the countdown is on...and ten days from now, we'll be getting married.

but before we do that, we need to take pictures.

i decided when we first started planning i wanted to do a "first look", and get some pictures done before our ceremony, just us. i've heard from friends that it's still special, and it's time between just the two of us...and i KNOW how nervous the boy will it'll help calm his nerves, AND help keep our picture time post-ceremony to a minimum. we wanna party!

so, now the dilemna is WHERE.

this is the gazebo where we got engaged....right by that bush on the right, he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. so seeing me the first time in all my bridal glory would be pretty awesome.

BUT, it's about a half mile from our we'd have to drive. and that might not be the best idea, cuz i don't wanna get my dress wrinkly, and i don't want to have to navigate all the figuring out which cars, and who drives and all that jazz.

this is the front of our venue. see that wrought iron balcony? yeah....we can get up there. and having pics overlooking our town would be awesome too.

BUT, it's kind of small. and with photogs and whatnot....there might not be much room to groove.

i can't find a picture....but the lobby of our venue is GORGEOUS. so we might do it there's all marble floors and wrough iron tables and fancy chairs and gold mirrors....

BUT i want to take hip fun pics with my girls there.

UGH, too many decisions...what would you do?!

Monday, October 5, 2009

my last "single" night

once i actually recover from this weekend, i'll try and get more pictures up of my AMAZING bachelorette party.

it was one of the best weekends with my BFFs ever. we tailgated, we drank, we made new was a blast.

and the best part???

i wore this ALL DAY SATURDAY. that's right, my friends crafted a sparkly red tulle veil for me, complete with UGA paraphenalia....and red feathers covering the whole headband. OMG. it was glorious. it matched my black shirt and jeans for tailgating, and was amazing with my sparkly black dress.

but apparently, dudes don't get bachelorette parties....i had at least 4 guys wish me happy birthday. and one asked my friend why i was dressed for halloween.

Friday, October 2, 2009

SO excited

this time tomorrow, i will be here.
i'm headed to one of my favorite places on the planet.....athens, georgia....home of the university of georgia, and of COURSE the georgia bulldogs!!

i'm SO excited, i haven't been up to tailgate in 2 years....i'll be going with my 4 bridesmaids, and we're staying with one girls sister who lives up there.


so, after tailgating, and going back to her apt. to watch the game....we're hitting downtown athens for my bachelorette party!!!

right now, this is what i'm planning on wearing. it's a shoshanna dress, and you can't really tell...but it has a faint silver sparkle in it....super cute, right?!
this dress has arguably the MOST EVIL zipper on the planet. when i first bought it....i got it online, and forgot designer sizes are smaller than regular it didn't really fit.
but now it does.....except i can't get it zipped by myself.
see where the bottom of the tight part is? the zipper HATES getting past that part. the boy and i spent 20 minutes last night trying to get it up. i started feeling really bad, like maybe it didn't fit after all....but the top hooked, and i could push the zipper just wouldn't actually zip!!
we had to go old school, and rub both sides of the zipper with a mechanical pencil, hoping the lead would work...and it did! hooray!!
i'm thinking my red alligator clutch, and maybe some red shoes.....what do you think about my party ensemble??

Thursday, October 1, 2009

want $10 for free??

you KNOW my love for ruelala. i have so many things from them....and now, you can get free money from them!!

CLICK HERE for your invite if you're not a member, and get a$10 credit, courtesy of your favorite smart shopper! happy shopping loves!