Wednesday, March 31, 2010

to quote our vice president

i have quite the weekend planned next weekend...but i need some wardrobe advice!
see, saturday night i'll be dining here. for those of you NOT in the know, or just don't really follow golf....that's augusta national. and yes, i'll be rocking my new lilly, which is SO appropriate.

then sunday, i'll be here.
AT. THE. MASTERS.'s the most prestigious uS golf tournament. it's also the first return of one mr. tiger woods, after the whole "oops, i did it with a LOT of skanks and got caught" scandal.
the masters is, to quote one joe biden, a BIG FREAKING DEAL. i am soooooo excited to be going, especially for FREEEEES and especially since it's one of those things so few people get to experience. or they pay BIG BUCKS to do.
thing is...i have NO clue what to wear. polo shirt and shorts? khaki pants and sneaks? gah i am so lost...and i don't know anyone who's gone, so i'm not getting any help!


carrie1 said...

How exciting! =)

Take lots of pictures for us. =)

Bekkah said...

Sounds like fun!

The people I know who have gone to the Master's wore khaki pants and a sweater set. I'm sure if you wore a sundress or something nobody would give you the side eye.

Mrs. Prepperoni said...

A sundress and a cardigan, or long shorts and a twin set. NO HEELS.

Pippy said...

Ditto on the No Heels comment.

Channel your "southern preppy" side, you'll look awesome!
Oh & pearls! Def. accessorize with pearls!

The Pink Chick said...

I love the Masters! What fun! I went two years ago and wore cute capris and a polo shirt. I also wore cute sneakers because is was rainy. The course is so slick when it is rainy and everyone in flip flops and heels was falling in the mud. Have fun!!!

Seersucker Scrapper said...

How fun! I would love to go to the Masters. You can wear a cute little skirt (think Lilly or Vineyard Vines) and a polo or some cute shorts or capris. Defenitely wear comfortable shoes. There may be a fair amount of walking.

Have a great time!