Friday, April 9, 2010

spreading the love

The It's Friday, I'm In Love Series

that's right, gotta thank the ever-so-lovely Summer for my favorite friday morning activity!!

so what am i love with today?

i'm in LOVE with my outfit for the masters....found an adorable blousy coral shirt to wear with my shorts and fedora.

i LOVE that my sperry's are super freaking comfy, so they should be perfect for walking around the links all day sunday, rocking my fedora and wayfarers.

i LOVE that before we leave for augusta, i get to give blood in memory of one of my mom's coworkes/close friends who died last year. i know all the ladies at the office miss her like crazy, and a little of my O-positive is the least i can do! (that's right, i know my blood type...all the cool kids do).

i LOVE free stuff! like this....
that's currently being made into an 8x10 that i'm not paying for. thanks walgreens!! (use the code BIG8X10 if you want a free one too...probably not of my hubs, cuz that might be weird...but he is pretty handsome, so whatever floats your boat).

for reals though....doesn't this pic look like a boy band album cover or something?? and that boy of mine claims he hates getting his picture taken because "they're never good." LIAR.

i also LOVE that intend to hang the above photo of him and his boys,

with this one of me and my girls. i just adore it!!

what are you loving today?


Erin said...

What are you implying about people who do not know their blood types? Hmmmmmmmm!?!!?!??!

Lauren said...

I'm O+ too! They love to see me walking in. So excited to see pictures of your times at the Masters...and super jealous too!

bananas. said...

i am loving that i'm off work and sitting on my couch right now :)

also loving whoever your wedding photographer was. and yes that pic does look like a boy band.