Wednesday, April 14, 2010

just spreading a little love =)

the lovely julie over at Brown Eyed Belle just loves me apparently...and the feeling is MOST definitely mutual!!

so the idea is to list ten things i love...i'll warn you now, there are some random ones!

books. i'm a total bookworm...always have been. i could read when i was 4...and have basically devoured every book i could get my hands on since then. got something you LOOOOVE?! let me know...i want new reads =)


being tall!! i was 5'2" beginning of y7th grade...and 5'9" the beginning of 8th. talk about a major growth spurt! but i've always always loved being's so fun! unless i'm buying pants...then it sucks.


shades. LOOOVES me some sunnies...and i'm currently contemplating these mirrored hot, right?

paper. notecards, notepads, sticky name it, i love it. i've got SOO much, i really should stop buying. but then i get lured by the $1 section at target and michaels.


mail!!! my family forgot to check the mail for days at the time when i went off to college, because i was the only one who did it for SO. LONG. don't tell the hubs...but i LOVE saturdays when i get to check the mail (he does it at lunch right now). anyone who sends me mail gets my undying devotion...and probably some mail in return =)


glitter!!! i love ANYTHING that sparkles...but martha has the best stuff. except the pups HATE it, cuz they always end up with some on them!!

the newest scent from bath and body works, orange sapphire. omg DELISH. i loooooooove it!! citrusy, with a little something extra. go get some. now.

new lashblast!! i love the original formula in the orange tube, and the luxe versions in the pink, and the yellow length is great under the orange. so when my instyle told me there's a NEW one coming out this month?? wooooo!!!!

red stag. i'm a beam girl through and through...if i had to choose one adult beverage for the rest of forever, it would be my boy jim. and this stuff?? red stag?? omg DELISH. a little sweeter, a little fruitier...and absolutely incredible with ginger ale.

all my whiskey girls have to try this IMMEDIATELY.

and finally, 10.

this song rules. remember evan and jaron? "crazy for this girl"??'s the jaron half.

i guarantee everyone has AT LEAST one person this song applies to. listen, don't turn it off for at least a minute....and thank me later =)


Julie (brown eyed belle) said...

You have no idea how happy I am you posted that video! I love that song a lot! In a sneaky, smart ass kind of way :)

bananas. said...

1. love books.
2. wish i were tall.
3. sunnies are my obsesh!
4. paper's a'ight.
5. saturday mail IS the best. hope it never ends!
6. not the movie.
7. i NEED that new scent. citrus is my fav.
8. i'm hooked on loreal.
9. sounds interesting and though i'm not a whiskey gal, i am always up for trying something once.

Sweet Southern Prep said...

What?! A new LashBlast! Can't wait! As for the shades, I really want some new aviators, just can't decide on which ones.

Thanks for sharing all your answers!

Same Sweet Girl: Memoir of a Southern Belle said...

That new orange sapphire is delicious isn't it?! Yummy! I'm pretty excited about a new Lashblast! You can never have too many mascaras. ;)