Monday, April 12, 2010

my masters weekend

i'll be the first to admit...growing up, my dad was a HUGE golf fan. and i plain didn't get it. didn't get watching dudes hit balls into cups.

now, i get it. big time.

granted, i'm kind of a sports junkie...i love the thrill of cheering someone on...and rooting for a team to just bring it on.

so for a native georgia girl like me...masters weekend was too good to be true.

i swear, augusta national is hands down one of the most beautiful places ON. EARTH. even the air smells's wonderful. we made a loop around the course, seeing all the holes, and of course stopping at the pro shops for some souvenirs.

then, we waited in line for about 45 minutes...for this.
yeah...that's us. in front of the club at augusta national. isn't the outfit cute?!

anyhoo, then we had some lunch and spent about an hour and a half on hole 15....even saw TWO hole-in-one's on 16. we ended going back to the house about 4:30 to watch the finals on tv. with the final round, people get 100 deep on the sides of each tv is actually WAY easier to see!!!

then, we leave augusta about 8:30 to get back home. we're cruising along, stopped for some dinner at the golden arches...and then we stopped for a potty break. somewhere outside of atlanta.


the hubs finds the single SKETCHIEST place i've ever been to stop. of course...we didn't know then. we walk in...and there are NO DOORS on the bathrooms. none. and a "lady" who looked like a man told me that the back stall had paper. so i go in, lock the door, and pray i don't get killed in this bathroom!!

for some reason...i finish before hubs, so i'm standing outside the sketchball bathroom...and there are about 4 electronic bingo machines, and 4 dudes just sitting there. AT 11:45. ON A SUNDAY NIGHT.

there was also a sign that said "this is not a play, no stay".

really?? cuz it looked an awful lot like hanging out...and smoking what may NOT have been a cigarette!!! gah, i have never gotten out of a place that fast in my life!! and ONE exit down...what appeared to be normal stations. was not meant to be.

i was meant to be traumatized FOREVER.


Sweet Southern Prep said...

Um, that's hilarious about the bathroom incident. So sketch!

I'm so glad the Masters was amazing. I know it will be, when I go someday. :) You did a great job picking out your outfit. It looked super comfy and stylish too!

Same Sweet Girl: Memoir of a Southern Belle said...

Oh no!!! LOL That's craziness! Good thing you got out of there safely! Glad the Masters was fun though!! :)

MrsSouthernBelle said...

Love the hat! Im jealous cause I dont look good in hats! Im jealous you went to the masters too, I bet it was awesome!