Friday, April 16, 2010

i've got sunshine...

and it's not even a cloudy day! fridays always put me in a good mood...and so does a little old school motown. did you know motown records turned 50 years old this week? no? now you do =)

and if you didn't have a mom like i did who taught you the words to the jackson 5's "rockin robin" when you were all of sing to your little sis NAMED robin...clearly, you're missing out!!

The It's Friday, I'm In Love Series

it's the best part of my friday morning! checking in with Summer and of course breaking down all the things i'm love love loving today!

how freaking cute is this fabric covered letter?? i'm on a mission to make one this weekend...mostly because it involved glue, not sewing. i got the idea, and tutorial, from totally check it out!

if it goes well...guess what all my girls are getting for their birthdays?!

isn't this dress fab?! i ADORE the color...and the tiered skirt makes it so summery. but the best part?? the price!! $20 from chadwick's...and it comes in several other colors. AND if you buy 2, it's cheaper per would be great too, right? like i really need someone to talk me into dresses this summer...

which means i've also got my eye on this one...i LOOOOOVE the color combo. not crazy about the tie at the neckline...but gah. the colors. i die.

and i'm loving this scarf i'm rocking today...the jersey material is amazing!! and it will go with just about ANYTHING. today, it's jeans, a turquoise tee and my sperry's...but tomorrow it could be a black tank, or a white dress.

so what are you loving today??


KLaw said...

Cutie patootie stuff you've got there!!!

Hope you have a great weekend

Charlotte said...

Love me some motown! I just watched a movie on tv the other night about how it was all started...can't go wrong! I love that scarf!

Mrs. Dew said...

LOVE the scarf! Where from?

Kristin said...

That scarf is soooooo pretty and perfect for the warmer weather!