Monday, April 5, 2010

almost got my outfit chosen!

happy monday morning loves =) can we talk about how i had forgotten how a 7 hour marathon shopping trip takes it out of me? gah i woke up this morning STILL tired.

BUT, i did get almost all of my masters ensemble chosen. the bad news is, apparently we're doing dinner at the casa, NOT the my beloved lilly will remain in the closet until i find the perfect occasion...or i need a cheer up on a friday and rock it to work.

alright, on to the outfit. key piece #1....something to cover my pretty little head.
oh straw fedore, how i LOOOOVE you. i just know i'm gonna rock this all summer's so cute!!

found these adorable bermudas at old navy....i LOVE the grey color, i think it's so much fresher than khaki, and the knee length means this long-legged girl won't be hoochie-ing it up on the links. no good ya' good. plus, i can totally rock them to work....WOOOO!!
and of course, a full day of walking around the golf course means i need the perfect shoes. i was contemplating a new pair of cute sneaks...but mom had an even better idea.
sperrys!!! i love the look of top-siders...but the regular ones make my size 10 tootsies look GINORMOUS. thankfully these, called "angelfish" do not. and they're so cute, and comfy too...and will be perfect for throwing on with shorts and a tank this summer.
you may be asking yourself...."hayley, right now...your ensemble seems to be missing something.'re currently topless."
that's right....still no decision on the shirt front!!
i got this ruffle tank friday from target, and it's super cute...but does it go with the rest of the outfit?
what would you wear to tie in the khaki in the hat and shoes, grey and black in the shorts and hat, and still look super fly?


Pippy said...

You're going to look fabulous!

I would layer a cami under a bright colored polo!

bananas. said...

those sperry's are the shit! and this coming from a 'i only wear 4+ inch heels' girly girl. they're super cute!

the top kinda goes. i could also see a black top. boring i know. or black and white stripe. or just black and white.

but i love the blue.

Amy Lynn said...

What about a yellow top?

Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

Cute outfit!

Sara said...

That hat and shoes are ADORABLE!! Love them!!

Salt said...

I LOVE those Sperry's!!! And I so wish I could pull off a fedore. That outfit is fab and you are going to look fantastic!

Jennifer said...

I gave you an award on Friday!! (I'm a little late announcing it!)
Hope you had a great weekend!

brooke said...

i still think it is crazy we live in the same town! and i was at target on friday too...crazy to think we were there at the same time!!!

but on the clothing note i am looking for some cute relaxed shorts like these i may have to check out the navy to see if they have some goods left!!!

Glam Girl said...

Nice hat!