Thursday, April 22, 2010

how do you go green?

it's earth day! i put out my recycling this morning (or technically, the hubs did it last night....but we don't nitpick). and everyone knows...going green is the new black!
me? i'm rocking my sweet new hot pink zebra striped coffee mug. for $5. from michaels. i'm so not a starbucks girl...i think their coffee is kinda nasty. but the hubs makes a mean cup 'o joe...and one pack of splenda and a splash of international delights later...i'm ready to go!

on a random note...contemplating taking the length off the newly-redder hair...thoughts?

also...everyone knows green polish helps you go green.
okay...not really. but i totally got that mint green color yesterday at ulta...along with the pink and the blue, since they were buy 2 get 1 free, AND i had a coupon. never tried essie before...but my beloved OPI had no new colors i was digging.
and for reals in honor of earth days...please watch this video.
1. it's adorable.
2. the pug looks JUST like bojangles...except he recycles and saves the earth, and all bo does is eat paper and make out with his brother.


Mrs. Prepperoni said...

I go green with my Lilly market bag and... by buying vintage couture?

Sweet Southern Prep said...

Love what Prepperoni said. Haha! I think your hair is great that length, but if you feel the need, go for it! My hair is so incredibly long, I get weepy when I get a trim. So I'm probably not the best one to ask on opinions about haircuts. :)

Claire Kiefer said...

mint green nail polish seems to be all the rage these days! and I noticed they're now selling a few Essie colors at J. Crew?!

bananas. said...

FINALLY! a non-bucks girl. we really ARE soulmates. hahahaha.

love it.

also love earth day and going green, pink, blue and purple. for me it's red :)

happy friday lady!!!