Friday, April 30, 2010

apparently, he's a practice kid.

my eldest son decided to give me a crazy scare last night.

see...bojangles is a ball of hyperactivity. all the time. he's almost 2...and i've physically seen him sleep a handful of times. he's a runner and a go-er and basically a big 16 lb lump of energy.

until last night.

the hubs and i were going to pick up dinner, and we threw a treat in his room so he'd go in...and he just stood there. looking. and he LOOOVES treats. i figured maybe he was full.

so we got home and ate and let them pups out...and bo was being REALLY weird. moving really slowly...a little stumbly....and he could barely keep his eyes open.

the opposite of himself.

so i go into panicked mom mode, and get Nate to call the vet, which is he called pet urgent care. they're open 24 hours, so we're off to the doctor. bo is really calm in the car...which also never happens.

i'm officially terrified at this point.

so we get to the office, and they tell us they can see us in about 30 we sit in the waiting room. and the little guy starts to perk up a little.

side note:: this lady comes running in screaming about "killing her baby". the chihuahua in her arms had SOMETHING WRONG WITH ITS EYE. calm the eff down woman.

anyhoo, we sit in the little exam room for about 10 minutes, and the nurse comes in and checks his temperature (omg, you should have SEEN his face. mr. bojangles was none too happy about the whole thermometer in his butt thing. he may be traumatized for life.) then she asked if that "coughing noise" was normal for him....yeah, it is. he has a smushed face, and he breathes hard..and he pulls HARD on his leash with no harness. choking himself. he's a smart one.

nurse leaves...and says the doctor will be in in a bit.
look at that face!!! he perked right up after about 45 minutes at the we spent another 45 just trying to get him to chill out and not run all over our little 7x7 room!!

best part of the whole thing, other than him being okay??

doctor comes in, checks him out, asks if "that coughing noise" is normal (dang, these peeps were ALL about making me feel like a bad mother! i can;t help he pulls to hard, and normally wears a harness out walking!). then doc checks out bo, smushing and pushing and prodding him....nothing hurts, so he says bo is probably fine. maybe had some gas or something.

apparrently, doc felt bo had a full bladder, and jokingly said we should probably take him outside to go before we got back in the car.

literally 3 minutes later....

hahahahahah. the niagra falls of pee from this little guy was AMAZING. and yes, i took a photo. because i needed a giggle.

and once i knew he was fine...i wanted to blog it.

anyone else have children who scare the heck out of them??


Erin said...

Your dog pees like a girl. He is suuuuuper cute, though and I'm glad he's okay.

Amy Lynn said...

Oh yes, I know how you feel. My puppy decided to throw up 3 days in the row this past weekend, but was acting completely fine! I was a little concerned because she hardly ever barfs, but she's been fine for a few days now. I'm glad your child is okay too :)

KLaw said...

OMG, how scary! We have had a few moments like that with our furballs. My poor cat was in the hospital on ivs for 7 days on my 28th birthday. :(

Glad Bo is okay!

bananas. said...

HA!!! that's what they get for sticking a thermometer up his bum! go bojangles!

so glad your eldest is back to normal. i probably would've freaked out too but those dang emergency vet places are COST-LYYY!

have a good weekend lady!

Susie Q said...

My dear Roxey has scared us a couple times. The first was when she decided to get high off mushrooms growing our backyard. That was one embarassing trip to the e-vet. The second was when she ate a wasp that must have stung her before she killed it and her face basically blew up. We just love the e-vet!

Mikaela said...

eeeeekkk!!! they always seem to perk up when they're at the doctors.

my dog did that too. she's 16 pounds as well. she ate the entire stuffing of her stuffed squirrel toy, and acted like she couldn't walk. the next day, she was fine. no idea.

miss lucille said...

haha! i loved this. loved it! that's just like dogs isn't it?!