Sunday, April 25, 2010

being accosted by neon paper and motivational words

it's team appreciation week at work. which means when i got to work...i got to see the giant banner hung outside saying "team appreciation week". which i thought was it...cuz let's face it...they're paying us peanuts, maybe save that moola for some bonuses, huh?

but oh no....then i walked in the door. where every few feet is a white piece of paper with a neon piece of paper skewed behind it, and printed on EVERY. SINGLE. SHEET. is a motivational "there's no I in team." or "working together works". or "sticks in a bundle are unbreakable". or "TEAM: together everyone achieves more."

and my personal fave...."ducks fly together". nothing motivates me like early 90's children's hockey movies.

and that's just what i can see from my desk. there are more. LOTS more.

i just don't get it....if you want to motivate about making sure the sales staff works past 3pm friday, when news peeps are slaving away till 11:45pm. how about giving us something more than movie tickets on our birthdays. or anniversaries. or how about NOT calling people in for 3 days of the crappiest shift in the world because the regular person HAS A PAIN IN HER SIDE. a pain. in her side.

how's about she's a pain in my ass for being a little baby?!?

mkay, anyhoo!

on to happier the newest addition to my summer wardrobe. i ordered those 2 dresses from last week from i made the mistake of browsing around the site some more (bad hales, i know!).

BUT...look what it got me!
hello my pretty pretty one.

doesn't it look like a stella & dot creation? doesn't it look fancier than the $40 price tag?

and yes...i did "technically" pay $40....but i had a gift card for $25, so with that, the necklace and 2 dresses set me back only $55 total. which is awesome.

won't this look SO hot with a white tee and my sperry's?? or a white dress and some sandals. or black casual dresses? or....anything.

so what's your favorite motivational phrase?? got anything for me this monday morning?


Sweet Southern Prep said...

I loved Teacher Appreciation week when I taught. Whoa! Didn't realize they updated the site, and now the necklace is available. Going now to order it, hope it's not sold out again. In love with that necklace. Happy Monday!

Melissa said...

All those motivational phrases are cracking me up! Pretty necklace too!

Sweet Southern Prep said...

P.S. I just ordered it. Thanks so much for the heads up! You're in my post tomorrow, about it. :)

Walking With The Wheats said...

Your blog is adorable! I love it :)
Come check mine out, I am new to this blog world and trying to figure it all out!!

Jules said...

I have that necklace and absolutely love it!

brooke said...

don't you HATE THAT?!?! like when a certain place of business spends almost my entire year's salary on a loft office make over and one even SITS there?!?!?!!?


BUT love love love the necklace!!!

Mrs. Prepperoni said...

What, no "Just Do It?"

I hate your job for you, Hayles. And the Gummi Bear hates it too.

Fashion Meets Food said...

I just came across your blog and absolutely love it! I think I must go buy that necklace it's beautiful! You now have a new follower!