Tuesday, April 20, 2010

not the night owl i thought i was

one more night of working opposite everyone else....one more night of fighting my every instinct to sleep, and chugging caffeine like nobody's business...but then, i'm done. boss promised this would be it...so thankfully i can use tomorrow afternoon to actually run some errands and have a little hayley time without dreading the fact that i'll leave for work at 10:45pm.

so last night while i was trying to will myself to stay awake...i did a little internet browsing!! shocking right...but i found some super cute things.

target.com is selling this as a juniors dress....but this long-legged gal could NEVER wear it sans pants. BUT i have a similar shirt that i love...and for $15 you can't beat it. so many colors...but the yellow is just too perfect for summer!

and i MUST. OWN. THIS. it has pockets, and the color is GORGEOUS. i just can't get over it....looks way more expensive than $25. and i think it will be easy to dress up with a long necklace or big earrings and heels...or just with some cute flat sandals!

and of course....you can't have fashion without RZ.

i remember when her show started and i didn't think it would be good, because all i knew about her was in magazines and she's not nearly as entertaining that way.

suffice it to say, i'm a total zoe convert...obsessed with her, LOOOOVE brad, want to live in her jewelry box.

i die.

too bad this overnight biznass doesn't earn me any extra money...just fatigue!


Salt said...

Love the top dress. It's so beachy! I don't think I ever really liked yellow much until this year and suddenly it's become one of my favorite colors. (Along with orange. What is happening to me?)

Hope Chella said...

I may have to see this show now :)

Have a great Tuesday,
Hope =)