Friday, January 29, 2010


thank GOODNESS it is friday. everyone at work has been testy this week, so this bubbly redhead has been annoyed by the extra 'tude for FIVE DAYS.
i bought myself this little cutie yesterday, from the same company my awesome t-rex necklace came from. LOVE me some gilt fuse, and since they emailed me a $10 credit good for a week...i got it for $11 shipped. rock it out.
hello new OPI collection...that's not due in stores until NEXT WEEK. why, why does ulta have OPI buy 2, get 1 free THIS week?! it's been months since i've purchased new polish...and i want more. MOOOOREEEEEE.
plus, how freaking fab is that green shade?? i love it!! i'm totally on the "anything weird" polish train....i have about 5 shades of blue, from light to dark, and tons more purple. i just thing a cutesy outfit looks way more rockstar with a little funky polish.

i'm also contemplating something like this, from the Idea Room. while i like the heart....i'm thinking of doing a circle, and not red...something i can leave up in the house. i mean...there's got to be SOMEWHERE in casa de dukes i can make this match, right?
i'm also bound and determined to at least try and remember to make a closet purge...whether it happens or not is to be determined.
oh, and last night the hubs decided to look at my "alexa rating" for my blog...apparently, i'm the 9 millionth most popular website on the WHOLE internet.
i won't even lie...i felt real cool.


MrsSouthernBelle said...

The lavender color is fun!

KLaw said...

That alexa rating is bullshit. Don't you worry your beautiful little head about it. We love you!

Morgan said...

Good find with the necklace. ADORABLE.

Whitney and the Preppy Puppy said...

Thank you for posting the wreath. I think I may try it. But instead of cutting out zillons of felt circles, I'm scouring Etsy right now looking for pre-cut ones. :-)

Iva said...

such fabulous colors!!!