Monday, February 1, 2010

it's february!

since it's february....and we're now less than 2 weeks away from valentine's day, i figured a post about love was in order.

or....a post about lust. cuz monday eye-candy is ALWAYS a plus.

see, the hubs and i are one of many couples with a "list". you know the list....the 3 celebs you totally get a free pass to hook up with, should the opportunity ever arise. it's such a goofy thing...but we've played the game since we were just dating.

we're also big fans of "which would you sleep with"....cuz clearly, we're weird.

so, who's on my list you ask?? the top 2 spots are on LOCK, but the last....i am torn.
meet the man number one, after the hubs of course, in my heart. oh make me swoon. with your blue eyes and rugged good looks...and wicked hockey skills of course, as evidenced by the glorious trilogy known as The Mighty Ducks.

plus, we go way back freshman year of high school. when i loved you once a week on my tv, as the ever-so bad rakish bad boy with a soft side, Pacey Witter. i cheered when you and joey ended up together in the finale. the season the 2 of you were fighting falling in love is my fave.

plus, now you fight creepy sci-fi things on fringe. so that's cool too.

oh mr. you entice me so. with your swagger and southern drawl. plus, you're probably the coolest rapper ever, at least to this georgia white girl. your rhymes are smarter and faster than almost anyone...and i love that you're a self-made man.

plus, who doesn't love chicken and beer?!

and now...we come to #3. how shall i ever choose? thing the hubs will let me 2 solids, and 3 alternates?

hmmmmm....chris pine. you can fly my spaceship anytime.

oh hello mike's the dirty job going? and your wry witty humor?? yummy i bet...just yummy.

and nathan...i can forgive you being a total creeper psycho on buffy...cuz you know, you rocked the drawl and all. and while i wasn't on board when it came on...i now realize the injustice served to you when firefly got cancelled.

at least now we have a weekly monday night date so i can watch you hunt down murders....and rick castle is a super good name.

so....who's on your list? agree with any of mine? who should take lucky number 3??


Pippy said...

#3 should be Chris Pine....I was never a Star Trek fan, until I saw him! yummy

Melissa said...

I agree #3 should be Chris Pine!

Bee @ BP Wedding said...

I think Chris Pine is yummy as hell. Ahh, his eyes are so dreaamyyy. I would definitely jump his... I mean, I love my fiance only. LOL. :)

Erin said...

Cristopher Bridges. He is quite an attractive man... and when I say that, it gets me all hot and bothered and brings back my younger years and memories of my love for Emmitt Smith and Charles Barkley.

Kate said...

So with you on Josh Jackson. LOVE him!

I would say Nathan for #3. Though I did see Chris Pine in a play and he looked really good!

bananas. said...

your list is awesome! from dawson's creek star to southern rapper's so diverse!

my fav though (besides the rapper because i'm all for hip hop)...mike rowe. dirty jobs is HOOLARIOUS!

Mrs. Smith said...

Lebron James. Zachary Quinto. #3's always a tossup for me too.

I vote Chris Pine for you though so we can stick with Trekkies. :)

JHill said...

Um, Ima have to say Mike Rowe, especially when he's covered in filth. Yes, please.

My top four include him, Christian Bale (even if he does wig out on random movie set flunkies), Joel McHale (loved him from The Soup, none of this new Community bandwagon nonsense), and Hugh Laurie because any guy who can rock a cane like House does is
A-OK by me.

Oh, and Indiana Jones, but he doesn't count because he's not real.