Monday, January 11, 2010

monday ramblings

first off...i've been getting crazy chapped lips the past month or so. COLDDDDD weather plus dry air does not = luscious smackers like a girl should be rocking.

so i decided to try and fix it...the hubs and i added "chapstick" to our shopping list. i got this.
and i thought "sure, carmex is good, and strawberry is good...must be a good combo."

this makes me feel like i have old lady good for the chapped, but i think i smell like my grandma. which is fine for her...cuz she's 94. i'm 26.

is it bad that i assume it works better BECAUSE it's kinda nasty?

also....i think i may be going overboard with monograms in my house. and it's only gonna get worse.

i found these precious small silver baroque-y frames at michaels this weekend. for ONE. DOLLAR.

so i got 4. three of them, i left the black on grey damask paper inside, and used my cricut to cut out "H & N" in lime green paper, and glued each letter in one. now they're sitting on my mantle.

is it bad to decorate your home the same as your wedding? cuz that's how we're rolling right now.

also got a black metal H and N, and plan on hanging them with a picture collage in our upstairs "hallway" that's really just the landing with our bedroom, office and closet room.

i CANNOT decide which wedding pics to print out.

and, during my michaels foray....i was once again lured into the $1 section. land of adorable matching stationery. i bought like....20 sets of notecards. i have a giant box full.

and thus...i wanna share the love. anyone interested in getting some snail mail from yours truly?? shoot me an email by CLICKING HERE and letting me know your name and address...and i'll start sending out some mailbox fun soon!! you might even get a little treat too =)

speaking off....check out the button at the top right, and go join the simply love swap! super excited =)


MrsSouthernBelle said...

Thank you for reminding me that I never gave you your wedding gift. Note to self: give Hayley her wedding gift!

Jess said...

snail mail is awesome. no one ever send anything anymore other than christmas cards and wedding/shower invitations.

and the dollar section at michaels is dangerous! well the whole store is, but thats not the point lol

carrie1 said...

Ehh... I hate having Chapped Lips!

But my lip saver would be the ever loved Burt Bees! If you haven't tried it.. do so ASAP.

It may sting, if your lips are super chapped, but my thoughts on that is that means its working. =)

Erica said...

I have a carmex stick sitting on my desk, and I hate it. The smell is so bad I wind up wiping it off after two minutes.

Try Neosporin lip health. There's a night one and a day one, and I love them both! They're not greasy or waxy, and they just make your lips feel great.

angela.kolachny said...

I love your blog! I'm glad I found a fellow bulldog fan on here!!!!! GO DAWGS!

teamjinfred said...

Just sent you an email :)

I second the burts bees, or go to Sephora and get the Brambleberry Rose lip tins (usually near the register in the stuff that they have on display in line) or get Philosphoy's "Kiss Me" lipgloss. They're all good.


teamjinfred said...

and I totally signed up for the swap!

Michelle and Mikey said...

Hey girl. You have an award over on my blog!