Thursday, January 14, 2010

spending MORE money

if you've read this blog for any amount of probably know about my love for the new york and company. at least half my wardrobe is from there....and when they send me coupons, i'm on it like white on rice.

so yesterday, i go to use my $30 off $75 coupon....that means i should spend $45 right?

yeah...i spent $83. but i saveed $117! so....that makes it okay =)

i got this sweater, but in a bright yellow...for $20. i love the flower detail!

i also got a lightweight longsleeve black cardi, and a flowy dress with a ruffled neckline...i have the dress in 2 other patterns, so the 3rd wasn't really a's a blue floral-ish pattern.

then i got 3 pairs of dangle pair with small navy blue and white will look AWESOME with a white tank this summer. and a pair with 2 enamel disks....small grey on top of yellow. i LOVE grey and yellow i'm pumped about those. and an obnoxiously rhinestoned pair...cuz it's me =)

then i got this necklace, which i'm pretty much obsessed with. in january's issue of InStyle, they showed a lucite chunky necklace on a model and i was in love. so this was a'll go with EVERYTHING!!

i wish i could find a pic of the other necklace i's so nautical and precious!! it's long, navy blue ribbons from the clasp about halfway down...and gold hardware to attached it...and then clear plastic chunky chainlinks. OMG. it's amazing.

if you want in on this kind of savings, CLICK HERE to print your coupon...the $30 off is good until saturday =)


Summer {Bisfor...} said...

i love both items! esp that necklace. may i borrow? lol.

The Budget Brides Handbook said...

Yes, I love NY & Company too. I bought that same sweater in black but i have to return it because it is too small.

Bee @ BP Wedding said...

I looooove NY&Co!! I promised my fiance that I would lay off the clothes since we are saving for the wedding but now I'm so tempted to shop! hehe. Love that sweater! :)

angela.kolachny said...

i love that sweater, I am going there TODAY! lol

The Pink Chick said...

Great finds! I absolutely love the sweater!!

Miss Kriss said...

Oh girlie, it sounds like you got a great deal on a lot of things! :) Yaaaay! I have had to seriously cut back on my shopping during all of this crazy wedding planning process, but with deals like that, I think that even I could squeeze in a trip to the mall!

Amber said...

I LOVE NY&CO! :) They always have something that I want and that fits me perfectly. Jealous of your purchases.

bananas. said...

the cardi in yellow sounds beautiful! i love yellow clothes on people. makes me smile.