Wednesday, January 6, 2010

channeling my inner prepster

while i love funky color combos and all sorts of kinda out-there accessories...i'm also totally a closet prepster. love pink and green, love headbands, own at least 10 strands of pearls in varying sizes and colors....i dig a lot of things.

so when i saw Preppy Paper Girl had posted about a big lilly pulitzer sale today...i gasped a little in excitement.
i've gotten notecards, circle notes, and several christmas presents from laurie. she's the sweetest lady EVER, and she's totally from my hometown i adore her. a lot. plus, she's got rockin' good deals, and literally EVERY. SINGLE. THING. i've ever gotten from her gets comments from my friends, wanting to know where i got it.

so head over to Preppy Paper Girl for 60% off her lilly stock!!

and while i was in the lilly zone, i checked out Preppy Princess....and saw these.

lilly market bags!! i LOOOVE these!! they're so cute, and i love feeling all eco-conscious (and slightly superior) when i roll up to the store with a green bag. and these are precious!! and for $ can't beat it.

check them out HERE, and have a wonderfully blair waldorf kind of day =)


Bee @ BP Wedding said...

Cute!! I LOVE green and pink! So much so that they're my wedding colors. Thanks for sharing this. I'm gonna have to go look around now. :)

LenkaLovee said...

cute! love the color combos! :)

Jo said...

Love her shop!

How do you like your Expression? My husband gave me one for Christmas and I'm just getting started. I'm looking for new ideas.


Jules said...

Laurie really is so sweet and I've been so pleased with all of her products. She made some notepads and stationary for me that I simply love!

thepreppyprincess said...

Awww, thanks so much for sending people our way Miss Deals, we appreciate it. We adore the Preppy Paper Girl as well, she does a lovely job. :)

Smiles at you!