Monday, January 25, 2010

is it feb 7th yet??

cuz i am SO. FREAKING. EXCITED. about the super bowl!! after watching the championships yesterday...i really think it's gonna be a battle of the best teams in the NFL.

oh garrett're never gonna have to pay for a drink in NOLA ever again!! i was totally cheering for the saints to beat old man favre...and mr. huntley did it all by himself!!

well...maybe not, but i always feel for the kickers when they make a clutch play...cuz they don't get much love sometimes.

and while i'm all for a team's first trip to the super bowl EVER....i gotta say...

GOOOOO COLTS!! I love this man. peyton, i forgive you for the 4 years you spent at UT, whooping up on other SEC teams. i forgive your brother for spending 4 years at Ole Miss for crying out loud.

you're tall. i'm pretty sure you're the smartest Manning (no offense to archie and eli). and are HILARIOUS. crack up, laugh till i cry funny. so bring it home again it for Indy. do it for tony dungee. do it for ME.

and in case you DOUBT peyton's hilarity....i give you this.


Mrs. Smith said...

I'm really not into football, but my contribution to the "reasons I want this team to win" conversations yesterday were these:

1. Go Colts: Hank Baskett, husband of Kendra, is a Colt.
2. Go Saints: Reggie Bush, BF of Kim Kardashian, is a Saint.

Yes, I'm ridiculous, but my husband was just happy I knew that much sports trivia. :)

Sonya said...

SERIOUSLY! That is my FAVORITE skit ever from SNL! Love that one! Makes me laugh so hard! I don't really care who wins, it would be cool for either one. I was just happy that Farve is out!

Jennifer said...

I'm giving away a little sumthin'-sumthin' on my blog, come see me!

bananas. said...

WOOHOOOOOOOO COLTS!!!! yeaaaaa peyton manning!!! KICK SOME ASSSSSS!!!! BAHHHH!!!!!

see i'm ready too. bring on the superbowl. this is going to be good!

EmilyBill said...

I LOVE the Peyton Manning SNL skit. It is one of my all time faves!