Monday, January 4, 2010

spending my christmas money

every year, my grandma gives me money for christmas....cuz she's 94, and she doesn't like shopping, unless it's for herself! so yesterday, i decided to do a little ebay trolling to see what i could find.

first purchase?
this. it's a cricut cartridge. the hubs got up at 5am on black friday to order me a cricut expression machine for $188, instead of the normal almost-$300. he's a good man that one.

anyways...if you're not a craft nerd like me....a cricut is a die-cutting machine. you load cartridges, and push buttons and it cuts out stuff for you. so above is a sampling of what this one will cut out...i've already got visions of framed initials and fancy etched glasses....and some super fun notecards, if i can find a glue that doesn't suck for it.

and then....purchase #2.

my wayfarers are in the mail!! i got these bad boys for $55. rock star, right? my mind was finally made up this weekend. see...i have a bad of habit of drinking...and then stealing accessories. hats, sunglasses, visors...stuff like that. even if i don't know you...once i get a little tipsy and we start chatting...i'll take your stuff, put it on, take a picture, then give it back.
it's totally weird, i know....but i did it to a friend of mine and his wayfarers, and no lie, about 6 of our friends were all "omg hayley, those look awesome on you, you must get some!". so i did.
and i think the last bit of my money might be on an adorable etsy go with the t-rex i'm rocking today =)


Summer (BisforBrown) said...

where did you find those for 55 bucks??? love them and I am jeals!

and lovin that he got up so early for you! he hearts you a lot.

Augusta said...

My friend I scrap with has that cartridge and I love to use it when I'm with her! My sister and I have the Silhouette we use at home though. Have fun with your new machine - they're fun!!

Seersucker Scrapper said...

Love Storybook. I currently covet Sweet Treats!

Have fun with your cricut!

MrsSouthernBelle said...

Have you played with the cricut vinyl yet??

Mrs. Smith said...

I coveted the Wayfarers for many months, so that was my big purchase on our Honeymoon. You'll feel like a total rockstar every time you wear them. :)

Kristin said...

Color me jealous! I've been wanting Wayfarers FOREVER!

Kristin said...

Wait...$55??? From where???