Thursday, January 7, 2010

a bittersweet day for this football fanatic

tonight marks the end of college football. which is tragic for this girl. because I. LOVE. FOOTBALL. mostly just UGA football, and then SEC football, and then NCAA football. pro ball just doesn't do it for me...i always watch the super bowl...but only because it marks the real end of the season.

so while i'm sad tonight marks the also means there will be a brand new BCS national champion.
and i hope it's these guys!! ROLL TIDE!! i'll cheer for any team in the SEC in a national championship or bowl game....unless it's florida. i won't even go into my hatred...but my fellow dawg fans understand.

so, in honor of tonight's showdown in's a little selection of oh-so-adorable necklaces sporting bama's Big Al.

or just really cute elephant jewelry, for you non-sports girls =)

this one's from shizendesigns's etsy shop. i think the cutout is so different, and the hammered look is so pretty!! i might have to get this, for just $25....the shop also has different cutout shapes too...i saw a duckling that would be PRECIOUS for a new mom.

this sweet and simple charm is from amandadeer's etsy shop. i love how dainty is it...and it would be adorable layered with some other necklaces.

and this flashy, glitter obsessed, pink loving girl HAD to share this fun one from RotsinaCreations on etsy. its a little longer chain, so it would be SO cute with a plain black turtleneck sweater. or a white tee in the summer. or my grey long tank....
can you tell i'm trying to talk myself into it??


Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic said...

ZOMG! I just squealed with excitement over these necklaces! LOVE! And I must say ROLL TIDE! I like you am for anyone in the SEC but the Gators... I'm not a fan of Tebow or the rest of the Gatornation *gag*

I do love the Tide, the Hogs and the Dawgs! (These are my SEC teams... must be all the red) haha!

MrsSouthernBelle said...

Today I am a roll tide fan! I hope Tebow is at home crying in front of his tv.

Mitzi G.!! said...

I will be cheering for the SEC as well.....BUT I am a Bulldog at heart...sick em!!

The Pink Chick said...

Love the earrings! They are so cute! I am wearing my black and white houndstooth scarf today! Roll Tide!